Chapter 688: Gaining at Others’ Expense

Young Master Leaf was a very harsh and unreasonable person. He had already killed plenty of Mechfolk and was obviously uninterested in talking things out reasonably. And as soon as Emperor Mech got in his way, he just attacked.


The explosive palm strike erupted forth, filled with dazzling, spectacular images of the legion of gods, as well as King Immortal-Slayer and his seventy-one brothers.

When Emperor Mech saw how devastating this attack was, he launched a palm move of his own as a counter strike. The two clashed, and a huge shock wave rolled out.

“Vastmight Mecha!” Emperor Mech roared, causing power and might to surge within his mecha.

Meanwhile, a vicious expression flashed across Young Master Leaf’s face as he said, “Detonate!”

Killing energy surged out from his dantian region as an enormous disc of pure good fortune appeared behind him, which shot forth to slam into Emperor Mech.

Crack! Snap!

Emperor Mech’s mecha exploded and he was sent tumbling backward, completely naked and coughing up mouthfuls of blood.

“Get back here!” Young Master Leaf growled as he reached out and pulled Emperor Mech over to him.

Emperor Mech didn’t even have a chance to react. 

“Talk. Why did I sense immortal-slaying power from here? Did a fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization enter your Mechfolk immortal world?”

“Y-you…” Emperor Mech stammered, seemingly at a loss for words in the face of this fiendish monster.

“Not gonna talk? Fine. I’ll kill you and soulsearch you. People like you don’t even deserve to live.” He then drew on a powerful ability and prepared to kill Emperor Mech.

“Die!” All of a sudden, Emperor Mech’s eyes flickered with a crafty gleam. Then his bones began thrumming, almost as if they were mechanical. Suddenly, his flesh and blood vanished, leaving Young Master Leaf holding a robot with glowing red eyes. The robot then spoke in an emotionless voice: “Be destroyed, enemy!”


The robot exploded, unleashing force that could easily devastate a tenth ranked immortal world.

“Hmph!” Young Master Leaf was right at the epicenter of the explosion, yet wasn’t harmed at all. In fact, not even his clothing was damaged. “So the Mechfolk actually use ancient mechanical puppets to replace them in death. Unfortunately, every Mechfolk in this immortal world is going to die today.”

At this point, Emperor Mech’s voice rang out from within the Mechwave Heaven. 

“Fortuned One?! You’re a Fortuned One!?” He sounded terrified. After all, the mechanical puppet he had just sacrificed to save himself had taken many years to complete. He could use it to gain a second life, but it would take a long time to replace afterward.

Right now, this Young Master Leaf had him feeling cold from fear.

At this point, an even more ancient voice rang out from the depths of the immortal world. 

“Fortuned One, why have you come to cause problems for us Mechfolk?” Apparently, some of the truly older ones had awoken. “Are you after that fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization? And that bastard with King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions? He already escaped, and he took the Cruiser of Civilization with him. It’s a real problem. Sir, he lured you here in the hopes that we would end up hurting each other in a fight, thus benefiting him.”

“Bullcrap!” Young Master Leaf barked. Then he laughed. “Who the hell do you Mechfolk think you are? You think you have what it takes to hurt me? That piece of the Cruiser of Civilization was being run by Mechfolk, and now you’re telling me they ‘fled’? You've just convinced me that the fragment is right there in your immortal world. Hand it over. And King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions too. If you do, I might not exterminate you. But if you don’t, I’ll crush you into bone dust.”

“There’s no need to go overboard, friend. You’re an almighty fighter, but you still don’t have what it takes to fight the Mechfolk people!”

“Fucking Mechfolk. I'm just going to wipe you out. There’s no need for an immortal world like yours to exist anyway.”

Obviously, Young Master Leaf was not in a patient mood. He waved his hand impatiently. “Brothers, attack. Destroy this immortal world and all of its despicable inhabitants.”

To Yang Qi, twentieth ranked immortal worlds were very impressive, but not so with Young Master Leaf. He was from the thirty-third ranked Tusita Heaven, so to him, places like this were lowly.

Within the depths of Mechwave Heaven, countless battleships and spell formations opened fire and the power of machines was unleashed. “Help! Mechfolk everywhere, come help defend against these fiend-devils!”

Fierce fighting was already underway.


Within the Cruiser of Civilization, Yang Qi was looking at a photonic computer screen that showed the fight playing out between Young Master Leaf’s forces and the Mechfolk.

‘They’re really fighting each other!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Hopefully they both suffer major casualties.’ 

That was one of the marvelous functions of the Cruiser of Civilization; as long as it had enough power, its scanners could reveal just about any scene, anywhere.

“Prince, you and your trashy warriors should look at this. Your Mechwave Heaven is about to be destroyed.” Yang Qi sent the images into the God-Imprisoning Brig, provoking immediate howls of rage.

“Dammit! This is a catastrophe! Heaven’s not going to let you off the hook for this, you fiend-devil!”

Yang Qi snorted coldly. “I'm a fiend-devil? Even a true fiend-devil is a million times better than backstabbers like you.” Yang Qi looked back at the screen and found that the battle was reaching a fever pitch. Young Master Leaf and his compatriots had set up a spell formation that they were using to try to assimilate the entire immortal world, and the Mechfolk were fighting back viciously. Massive shockwaves rolled out through the immortal world. Cities were destroyed, and battleships crashed. Countless warriors were vaporized.

Mechwave Heaven was truly descending into calamity.

Other battleships continued arriving, forces that were responding to the distress signals that had been sent out. Yet they all fell to Young Master Leaf and his brothers.

Young Master Leaf was unleashing destruction and death like a devil-god, wiping out everything down to the grass and the roots.

‘This is brutal,’ Yang Qi thought, shivering. ‘In tenth ranked immortal worlds and under, I'm a top expert. But I'm far, far from being a match for this guy. I need to get stronger. Fast. Otherwise, I’ll end up getting killed before I realize what's happening. I have to reach the Godmyth level. I guess my first step will be to return to the Brahman Institute and absorb as much future power as possible. That way I can call upon the powers of the Cruiser of Civilization, if I need to.

‘It’s hard to say how long the fight will last between Young Master Leaf and the Mechfolk. If I had enough power, I could keep watching, then maybe swoop in at the last minute. Young Master Leaf is vicious, but I really doubt he can hold out against all the Mechfolk in the universe. Even the legion of gods would have trouble doing that. I’ll work on my cultivation a bit, then check back to see what the situation is.’

Pouring more power into the Cruiser of Civilization, he headed back to the territory of the Brahman Immortal World.

At that point, he shrank the fragment down to the size of his hand and put it away. Then he slipped back into the Brahman Immortal World.

The Cruiser of Civilization was going to be a huge asset. Right now, his cultivation level wasn’t high enough to truly use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart; he would need to be as strong as the legion of gods before that would happen. But the fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization just needed enough power to operate. He had been authenticated by the photonic computers, which were machines that even mortals could use.

After turning back into Hu Yanmeng, he reentered the Brahman Institute without any issues and soon reached the Unknown Temple, and the divine likeness of August Patriarch Proud Dragon. Settling down, he began ‘praying’ to the divine likeness.

The other children of Brahma in the temple didn’t pay any attention.

Of course, the truth was that he was absorbing large amounts of energy from the future world. After all, this temple was where it was most abundant. No one had any idea what he was doing.

The fragment of the Cruiser of Civilization was currently in his God Legion Paradise, and as the power of the future world poured into it, the power readings in the photonic computers began to rise. Soon, the computers’ emotionless voices yet again spoke. 

[Power grade increase. New functions now available.]

[Power grade increase. Cannon of Civilization upgraded.]

[Power grade increase. Defensive shields activated.]

[Power grade increase. Hyperdrive functions reactivated.]

To Yang Qi’s delight, the Cruiser of Civilization was already becoming vastly more powerful. In fact, he almost couldn’t wait to overthrow the Brahman Immortal World and take all of the future power to use on the ship.

Of course, he had to be patient. If the Brahman Immortal World weren’t backed by the future world, it might be a different story. But he had no confidence in being able to take on the future world.

Thanks to the increase in power, the God-Imprisoning Brig grew even more secure.


One of the warriors shrieked as light suddenly shot out, destroyed his mecha, and bound him up.

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