Chapter 687: Taking the Spacecraft

As it turned out, the Mechfolk were despicable folk who were quick to forget favors and violate justice.

He had saved these patriarchs by taking them out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and hadn’t even considered robbing them of their spacecraft. He just wanted to work with them to build a good relationship with the Mechfolk as a whole. But in the end, one of their princes tried to take King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions from him.

At the very least, the patriarchs should have tried to help him make a getaway.

But instead, they went along with the prince and tried to take Yang Qi captive. And they even had the audacity to claim they were sparing his life. It was a level of ingratitude that virtually defied description.

And thus, he wouldn’t let any of them off the hook.

Although Yang Qi could be ruthless when he needed to, he was definitely not an ungrateful person. He would repay kindness with kindness, and would deliver retribution only against enemies. He despised people like these Mechfolk and wouldn't show them the slightest compassion. So he simply seized control of this piece of the Cruiser of Civilization.

After the authentication process was complete, he immediately used his command over the ship to send out streams of light that transported the prince, his warriors, and all the other Mechfolk to the brig.

He would either assimilate them or turn them into slaves to make mechas for the Sage Monarch Heaven. With experts of mechanical engineering like this, he could increase the overall fighting prowess of his people many times over.

“This is bad!” one of the white-haired patriarchs said. “He’s activated the spacecraft’s God-Imprisoning Reactor! That reactor is designed to imprison the gods! The upside is that it requires a lot of power to operate. He wasted plenty of his power saving us, so I doubt he can activate all the functions of the ship. We might still be able to break free and capture him! Fear not, Prince! Who would have guessed that this brat had such villainous ambitions! He was planning to steal our spacecraft all along! Otherwise, how could he be so familiar with its operations? We really invited the wolf into our house.”

“That’s right,” another patriarch said angrily. “He really has some rapacious ambition! But he’s no match for you, Prince. You saw right through his true nature and immediately tried to capture him. I can’t believe we trusted that fiend-devil to begin with.”

“Enough blabbering. Prince, can you and your warriors use your divine abilities and amazing combat techniques to break through the God-Imprisoning Light? With that mecha of yours, you could devastate even the legion of gods or horde of devils!”

The patriarchs were all clamoring to catch the prince’s ear.

As for the prince, he looked out at the God-Imprisoning Light holding them captive, which was only growing brighter by the moment. Scowling viciously, he said, “Bloody hell, you bastard! You actually imprisoned me? I'm a prince of the Mechfolk! Offending me is offending all Mechfolk! You would do best to just follow my orders instead of being a rebel!”

“Is that supposed to be a joke?” Yang Qi said. “Rebel? Very funny. You must have been coddled by your fellow Mechfolk for too long if you think everybody is going to follow your orders. I'm not a Mechfolk, and to me you’re no prince. You're a clown. I'm going to kill you, then wipe out the rest of the Mechfolk!”

“Help!” the prince suddenly shrieked. Somehow, he managed to project his voice outside of the Cruiser of Civilization and all the way to the twentieth ranked Mechwave Heaven. Instantly, their fleet of battleships powered up and began flying over. 

“The prince is in trouble! Open fire on that old spacecraft! Use the immortal-exterminating cannons! Fire!”


The thousands upon thousands of battleships all began firing, sending blasts of bright light toward the Cruiser of Civilization.

Yang Qi had expected something like this to happen.

“Light of Civilization, activate!” Dazzling light shot out to cover the entire spacecraft. The incoming fire was powerful, but couldn’t compare at all to the attacks of Young Master Leaf, therefore they weren’t a threat at all.

“Be destroyed!” the prince howled. “War God Profound Yang; Invincible Battle Mecha!

Cracking sounds rang out as his mecha powered up. He clenched his hand into a fist, and at the same time, a projection of a god of war appeared behind him. Without any hesitation, he slammed a fist into the God-Imprisoning Light.

The entire brig filled with bright flashes of light as the other warriors also used the full power of their mechas to try to break free.


Yang Qi trembled as though he were about to succumb to the attack.

These people were fierce, and considering the current level of Yang Qi’s cultivation base, he was only in the position to fight Shattered Gods. Unfortunately, with his mecha, this prince was as strong as a peak Nirvanic God. If it weren’t for the fact that the prince was confined in the brig, there was no way Yang Qi could do anything other than run away from him.

Not to mention all of the prince’s warriors, who also had powerful mechas and invincible cultivation bases that made them as strong as Shattered Gods.

These were people from a twentieth ranked immortal world, so it was only natural that they were top experts.

Yang Qi had spent most of his time in places lower than tenth ranked immortal worlds, so it made sense that he would have difficulties dealing with the forces of a much higher location.

Thankfully, he still had some power left that he could feed into the Cruiser of Civilization and use it to keep these people confined.


All of a sudden, an enormous figure shot out from the nearby immortal world, emanating a suffocating aura that Yang Qi immediately identified as that of a fifth division Nirvanic God.

“Who dares to rise up in rebellion?”

Numerous thoughts raced through Yang Qi’s mind. ‘I have to get out of here and into the Flatverse! Get back to the Brahman Institute! I need more universal power from the future to operate the Cruiser of Civilization. Only then can I deal with people like this!’

Right now, having the prince and the other Mechfolk imprisoned was just a disaster in the making. It took a lot of power to keep them locked down, so he needed to get back as quickly as possible before he ran out.

He sent out a host of śarīras, then shrank the spacecraft down so that it could enter the Flatverse.

Meanwhile, the enormous Nirvanic God who had just appeared on the scene reached out toward the Light of Civilization. “You're not going anywhere, brat! You can’t escape!”

Yang Qi could sense that his spacecraft was about to be snatched. Howling, he filled it with even more power, then sent it through the fingers of the hand and right into the Flatverse.

A moment later, a middle-aged man appeared, clad in an imperial robe. The experts among the fleet of battleships all recognized him. 

“Emperor Mech!” they cried, dropping to kowtow. This man was the leader and strongest expert from the Mechwave Heaven.

“My son has been kidnapped!” Emperor Mech growled. “Dammit! Send out electrocasts to all Mechfolk bases throughout the universe. Have everyone start looking for him! Whoever it was that kidnapped him will be chopped into mincemeat when I catch them!”

Yang Qi was long gone, but he had secretly left behind a spell formation made from god lightning, which enabled him to hear what was being said behind him. ‘You’re the one that will be chopped into mincemeat.’


He activated the main function of the spell formation, unleashing a devastating god lightning attack on Emperor Mech.

Not even bothering to move, Emperor Mech sent out a blast of energy that caused the lightning to collapse.

“You think some god lightning can hurt me, scum!?” he said.

However, as the lightning dissipated, a voice rang out from within it. “Of course this little bit of lightning can’t hurt you. But it's going to attract a wonderful enemy to your little immortal world. Have fun!”

Also within the lightning was some immortal-slaying power, which immediately began drifting out in all directions.

Hmph! Sensationalist talk, that’s all that is.” Despite his words, Emperor Mech still looked around cautiously. “This guy’s a nobody. I don’t know how he managed to kidnap my son, but I have a feeling that my son will be able to break free. Then he’ll slaughter that bastard. My son is a top expert, and he and his men always come out alive in the end. Send out those orders. Track them down!”

Immediately, orders began streaming out from the Mechwave Heaven to all of the various Mechfolk bases in the universe.

Even as Emperor Mech was about to recall the fleet, everything around him began trembling.


Powerful fluctuations rolled out, causing everything to turn dark as numerous rifts suddenly opened up.

“Not good!” Emperor Mech blurted. “Everyone, back to the immortal world!”

Unfortunately, he reacted too slowly. Immense energy fluctuations exploded out as a young man appeared, followed by seventy-one other young men. It was none other than the vicious and fiendish Fortuned One, Young Master Leaf.

In a most clever and vicious move, Yang Qi had used immortal-slaying power to lure them here. It was common to fight poison with poison, and when he realized how hypocritical and unrighteous the Mechfolk were, he decided to sic Young Master Leaf on them.

As soon as Young Master Leaf appeared on the scene, he looked at the twentieth ranked Mechwave Heaven and said, “Immortal-Slaying Eye!”

Everything he looked at burst into flames, including battleships and powerful Mechfolk experts.

“Damnation!” Emperor Mech blurted, activating all of the powers of his mecha to block the power of the eye and give his battleships time to fall back.

“How dare you get in my way!” Young Master Leaf shouted, then unleashed a palm strike.

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