Chapter 683: Helping the Mechfolk

After acquiring two thousand of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, Yang Qi could take power from the Tusita Heaven, Eight Tribes Heaven, Unrestrained Heaven, and Hell of Mahānata that surpassed anything from before by a hundred times over.

He had refined it, absorbed it, and transformed it into countless power stones that he usually kept stored in his God Legion Paradise.

Originally, he had planned to use them for a future breakthrough, or to improve his immortal world. But now he had the chance to save these Mechfolk and learn some of the secrets of the Cruiser of Civilization, and by extension the mechanical civilization.

Of course, his understanding of that ancient civilization actually rivaled that of most grandmasters of the Mechfolk. That was thanks to both the information he had perused in the Brahman Immortal World and the memories of the young man in yellow. Furthermore, during his time in the Brahman Institute he had gained a lot of information from the power of the future world, having absorbed it and turned it into śarīras.

As such, he actually felt something of a sense of familiarity with the Cruiser of Civilization, which was one of the most advanced products ever created.

“Those… those are power stones from the Tusita Heaven?” The patriarchs’ eyes lit up. Then they made some adjustments to the photonic computer, which sent the power stones into the Cruiser of Civilization’s main power reactor.

Instantly, the previously red lights on the photonic computer screen turned yellow, then green, indicating that the power levels had reached their current maximum limit.

Outside, the Light of Civilization flared and easily blocked the attacks of the seventy-two brothers.

“What's going on? Where did that power surge come from? Their defenses suddenly grew stronger!”

Young Master Leaf and his compatriots all had sudden ill premonitions.

“It’s nothing out of the ordinary,” Young Master Leaf declared. “They probably just had some secret power reserves. The Mechfolk always have some trick or another up their sleeves. Don’t worry. Just keep attacking. Let’s see how long they’ll last before they’re out of power. After all, I have them locked in place with immortal-slaying power. There’s no way they can escape. Multitudinous Lightning Streaks; Nine Heavens Immortal-Slaying God Lightning!

Young Master Leaf suddenly unleashed an attack consisting of streaks of black lightning, which slammed into the Light of Civilization. A rain of lightning slammed into the Light of Civilization, causing the entire spacecraft to shake violently. It seemed like Young Master Leaf was now resorting to more powerful techniques.

‘Incredible,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘He seems to have no end of dangerous techniques. Even with the extra power I've provided to the spacecraft, it can’t escape. Eventually, my own power reserves will run out and we’ll all fall into his hands.’

One of the Mechfolk patriarchs looked over and said, “Friend, thank you for the influx in power. But unfortunately, you’ve treated the symptoms but not the root cause. Sir, there’s no way you have access to unlimited power. We're still eventually going to fall into the hands of this fiend-devil. What are we supposed to do?”

“Don’t worry. I have enough power to keep us going for a bit longer. But you’re right. Even I'm going to start running low.” He thought for a moment. “This part of the Cruiser of Civilization is obviously incredible, but unless the power levels are maximized, it won’t be able to break free.”

“That’s right,” one of the Mechfolk elders said. “This spacecraft is strong enough to travel into the depths of the universe, and should even be able to get in and out of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. At least, the full Cruiser of Civilization would be able to. But this is just one piece. Another option we have would be to fire the Cannon of Civilization at these fiend-devils. Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough power.”

Yang Qi’s heart thumped a bit. “Where is this Cannon of Civilization?”

“We’ll take you there.”

The fact that Yang Qi was continuing to give them power stones had earned him the trust of the patriarchs. And now they knew that he was definitely their best chance of survival. They quickly led him to a deck in the spacecraft that held a huge photonic computer, whose power readouts were all in the red.

Beyond the photonic computer was an enormous white cannon, so long and enormous it seemed to stretch on without end. The surface of the cannon was a maze of complex symbols. They weren’t magical in nature, but rather conformed to the complex truths and natural laws of heaven and earth.

The interior of the cannon was pitch black, as though it could shoot out the darkness of hell itself. Even just looking at it, Yang Qi could tell that, if fired, this cannon could destroy any immortal world, fifth ranked or lower.

“It’s said that if fully charged, the Cannon of Civilization could devastate even the god legion kingdom. Of course, we’re running on one trillionth of the power of the full Cruiser of Civilization, so that’s not possible. Even still, the cannon can definitely unleash heaven-shaking, earth-shattering force.”

This particular bearded patriarch seemed eager to see the might of the cannon on display.

“I'm not sure the power I have can operate this thing,” Yang Qi said, shaking his head. Looks of despair appeared on the faces of the patriarchs. “This weapon is miraculous, though. It’s definitely superior to any god item. How did the mechanical civilization create things like this that could threaten even the legion of gods?” He frowned. “I'm not sure I can do it, but I’ll give it a shot.”

Even as the words left his mouth he threw out a śarīra, which pulsed with dazzling light and mysterious power from the future world. It was one of the śarīras he had formed during his session of cultivation in the Brahman Institute, and it definitely surpassed the Tusita Heaven power stones.

Future power was nothing to underestimate, and as soon as Yang Qi called on it, he felt his energy and blood surging. He wasn't sure what would happen if he used this power on the Cannon of Civilization, but he was willing to try.

For one thing, he knew that the civilization of the future world utilized science and technology to the fullest. And it seemed likely that there were kinds of power there that could be used to operate products from the ancient mechanical civilization.

Sure enough, as soon as the śarīra entered the Cannon of Civilization’s power transformer, the weapon’s photonic computer spoke.

[Power fusion complete! Compatibility level: one hundred percent! Perfect power! The Cannon of Civilization is now operational. Let the grandiose civilization awaken!]

The Mechfolk patriarchs’ jaws all dropped, and it took a long moment before any of them could react. 


“How could this be happening? The compatibility level is one hundred percent? Only almighty beings from the ancient mechanical civilization who harvested power stones from the god world should be able to do that.”

Of course, power stones could be classified in levels from low to high.

Considering how much power the Cruiser of Civilization needed, its furnaces would eat through ordinary power stones at a very rapid rate. To hear of a one hundred percent compatibility level was just completely shocking.

Upon receiving the influx of power, the Cannon of Civilization began rising up, and the countless complex designs covering its surface started pulsing with light and power. Clearly, it was preparing to fire.

“Take another śarīra!” Yang Qi said. It was somewhat of a surprise that the power from the future world was this useful. From that, it could be seen how seriously the leader of the future world was treating the Brahman Immortal World.

He threw another śarīra in, and the photonic computer’s power readouts turned yellow. 

[Power reserves full. Activate cannon. Firepower level will soon reach three one-trillionths.]

“What?” Yang Qi said. “I can get it to three one-trillionths?!”

Shocked, he threw some more śarīras in, and the photonic computer went on to describe the increase in firepower level.

“That’s enough!” one of the patriarchs said. “We’re already at the level of one one-trillionths. That’s enough to fire the cannon and force Young Master Leaf into retreat. Lock onto the target. Scan him and check the probability of landing a blow.”

A buzzing sound could be heard as a psychic fluctuation rolled out. A moment later, Young Master Leaf appeared on the photonic computer’s screen. Just about everything about him was clear to see, even how the energy was distributed in his body. Unfortunately, the areas around his head and dantian region were blurry and they were the most crucial of all.

[Power insufficient. Power insufficient. The target cannot be sufficiently assessed. Scan failed.]

“It doesn't matter,” one of the patriarchs said. “Scanning him is just a waste of time. Just open fire! This guy is too mysterious. He must have some precious treasure shielding his sea of energy and mind. That’s the only reason the Cruiser of Civilization would fail to scan him properly.”

“Fire!” one of the patriarchs howled.


The Cannon of Civilization emerged from the surface of the spacecraft, locking on to Young Master Leaf and his seventy-one brethren. Then a stream of bright white light shot out of it, screaming directly toward them.

Crack. Snap. Crash!

The fetters created by the power of monarchs all shattered. The blast of the cannon caused even Yang Qi to shiver. He could tell that if he were to be hit by that weapon, he might not die, but he would definitely suffer grievous injury to his vital energy, injuries he might never recover from.

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