Chapter 681: Mechfolk Base

Yang Qi was so astonished he nearly passed out.

Usually, he was the one who shocked people, but in this case it was the reverse. The enormous spacecraft hanging in front of him was beyond the compare of any god item he had ever seen. At least, other than the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. [1]

Even more remarkable was that the spacecraft was not a magical treasure. With a large enough crew, and enough power reserves, even mortals could operate it. After all, it was a remnant of the ancient mechanical civilization.

The Mechfolk had turned this enormous spacecraft into a base, and at the moment, a host of their patriarchs flew out into the open, all of them Godmyths. There were even some third division Incarnated Gods.

There were also ancient entities within the spacecraft that were so powerful they were impossible to assess. Yang Qi had previously been operating under the assumption that he had secured over fifty percent control over the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. But now he realized how wrong he had been.

The gigantic spacecraft hovered there glittering like some primeval god-spirit, descended to the world of men to spread culture and civilization. Dazzling light shields shot out from it, spreading in all directions to protect everyone inside.

When the Fortuned One Young Master Leaf saw the spacecraft, his eyes lit up with shock. “I can’t believe it—it’s actually a part of the ancient Cruiser of Civilization!”

All Yang Qi knew was that this spacecraft was incredibly large. He didn’t know anything about its history. In contrast, Young Master Leaf was from the thirty-third ranked Tusita Heaven, and was very experienced and knowledgeable. He was familiar with the ancient mechanical civilization, which had possessed a number of powerful objects they had used to dominate the many heavens, and even challenge the legion of gods. The Cruiser of Civilization was one such tool.

As for this spacecraft here, it was only one part of the larger Cruiser of Civilization. From that, it could only be imagined how gargantuan the full Cruiser of Civilization itself would be.

It had been designed to disseminate mechanical culture and civilization, even to the legion of gods. According to the stories, the Cruiser of Civilization had been used to travel from one plane of existence to another, locating primitive agricultural people and teaching them about technology.

Because of using such advanced machinery, people didn’t need to practice cultivation to challenge the gods. Obviously, that posed a big threat to the legion of gods, and even the host of immortals. That was why the humans who had made up the mechanical civilization were eventually destroyed.

Later, the Mechfolk picked up what was left of their civilization and continued its traditions.

Here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, there was a spacecraft left behind by the mechanical civilization. Clearly, King Immortal-Slayer and the mechanical civilization had had dealings with each other, although it was impossible to say whether they were friends or foes.

Fists balled with anticipation, Young Master Leaf said, “Attack them! Destroy the defenses of these Mechfolk! The pieces of the Cruiser of Civilization are as valuable as god items. With this spacecraft, we can return to the Tusita Heaven thousands of times stronger than before. We’ll be invincible! These Mechfolk are scum who couldn’t possibly unleash the true potential of the Cruiser of Civilization. This is incredible! I can’t believe we lucked out so much here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”


Without hesitation, he unleashed a palm strike onto the Cruiser of Civilization.

Blinding light shot out, and many of the Mechfolk who had been preparing to fly out to repel the invasion were destroyed. Some coughed up blood, while others were simply ripped to shreds.

In the blink of an eye, a whole host of Mechfolk perished.

“Mechas!” some of the Mechfolk howled, and scintillating light erupted as they suited up into their mechas. Instantly, their fighting prowess rose to incredibly high levels. Obviously, these mechas were vastly superior to any of the ones Yang Qi had purchased in the past. Compared to these, his were trash from the bottom of the barrel.

“Demolishers, stay within the spacecraft! This enemy is too powerful. Activate the Light of Civilization! Don’t let these fiends past our shields. If we don't hold the line, our base is going to be wiped out of existence!”

Truth be told, if it weren’t for the shields built into the Cruiser of Civilization, the Mechfolk would have already been wiped out by Young Master Leaf.

It was impossible to say for sure what the exact level of Young Master Leaf’s cultivation base was. He was a Godmyth, that much was clear, and he was terrifyingly powerful. Not even Yang Qi could possibly fight him. Up to this point, no spell formation, no godrelic, and no defenses of any sort had posed any challenge for him. Any expert who tried to fight him had died after only one or two moves.

But this part of the Cruiser of Civilization had stopped him in his tracks.

All of a sudden, an enormous torch appeared atop the spacecraft. Intense flames shot out of the torch, a burning power so radiant that it was painful to look at. The fire quickly spread out, covering the entire spacecraft in an impenetrable defensive shield.

“The Light of Civilization is certainly powerful,” Young Master Leaf said. “It doesn't even need a cultivation base to back it, only raw power. With enough power reserves, it can hold strong forever. Sadly, you Mechfolk obviously don’t have unlimited power, do you? Nirvanic Extinction Godfist!


Hundreds of thousands of arms suddenly appeared behind him, all of them with fists clenched. A destructive hail of fist strikes then descended onto the shield that was the Light of Civilization, causing it to tremble violently. The Cruiser of Civilization itself shook back and forth, and many of the Mechfolk patriarchs looked on with sinking expressions.

At this point, an ancient voice spoke out. “Friend, why are you attacking us Mechfolk?”

From what Yang Qi could tell, the owner of this voice was no weaker than August Patriarch Proud Wing. He was likely a fourth division Shattered God. But this group of seventy-two cultivators were the kind of people who could look down on all opponents. Anyone from a fifteenth ranked immortal world or weaker couldn’t possibly stand up to them.

And Young Master Leaf was like an invincible devil-god who could fight forever without getting tired.

“Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you call me ‘friend’! As far as I'm concerned, you Mechfolk are all trash.” Young Master Leaf obviously wasn’t interested at all in being polite. “Don’t even think of trying to escape either. No begging and pleading will do you any good. I'm going to slaughter all of you, down to your very souls!”

Young Master Leaf wasn’t the kind of person to make idle threats or engage in negotiation, nor did he rely on crafty plots and machinations. He just brought complete despair to the battlefield.

Yin Yang Heaven-Toppling Palm!

Suddenly, Young Master Leaf's palms shot out in an expression of yin and yang, like a cosmic millstone that slammed into the Light of Civilization with destructive force. 

Dzzzzz. Dzzzzz. 

In the blink of an eye the Light of Civilization began to falter.

At this point, one of the other seventy-one young ones shouted, “Young Master Leaf, let’s attack together and wipe out these trashy Mechfolk!”

“Fine, hurry up,” Young Master Leaf said. “Long delays usually lead to trouble, and there are surely other almighty beings here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Although I fear nothing, I don't want any unexpected delays.”


He attacked alongside his brethren. Seventy-two dazzling beams of light shot out, slamming into the Light of Civilization and wiping it out of existence. Before the Godmyth patriarchs of the Mechfolk could react, they were hit head on, and several of them were reduced to ashes.

As for the enormous torch that had been emitting the Light of Civilization, it was nearly destroyed. The moment the shields went down, Young Master Leaf charged forward. The Mechfolk were now in an extremely dangerous situation and were about to be completely wiped out by the savage Young Master Leaf, who never took prisoners, and was modeling himself after King Immortal-Slayer, who killed gods and slaughtered buddhas.

“Retreat into the spacecraft!” one of the almighty Mechfolk shouted. “Stay inside! And tap into the backup power reserves!” The Mechfolk instantly complied. At the same time, the spacecraft began to wriggle and distort as it used some ancient organic technology to absorb the force of the attacks slamming into it. Then, the power reserves deep in the craft were opened and immense amounts of power poured out into the enormous torch.

“The torch will not be extinguished, nor shall civilization!” shouted another of the almighty Mechfolk. “The Light of Civilization shines eternally upon the world. Your immortal dao civilization is barbaric and primitive! You seek to only benefit the individual. Our civilization of technology is superior and complete! It will fill the universe. The future is our era!”

His words seemed to contain the power of faith itself, which bolstered the Light of Civilization and prevented it from being destroyed.

“What kind of good-for-nothing logic is that?” Young Master Leaf said, clearly unfazed. “Show me how strong you are! Use all your backup power. Let’s see how long it lasts!”

“Go! Get us out of here!” the almighty Mechfolk said. The spacecraft immediately began powering up, shining with dazzling light as it prepared to skip through space-time.

Apparently, Young Master Leaf had been prepared for something like that. “Maybe outside, you would be able to get away from me. After all, the Cruiser of Civilization is one of the most powerful god items created by the ancient mechanical civilization. But in here, you’re not going anywhere. The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart is mine! Be bound!”

The power of monarchs descended like fetters onto the spacecraft, locking it in place.

1. There are quite a few words in Chinese that are commonly translated as spacecraft, spaceship, etc. The Chinese word used in this chapter is most often translated as flying saucer or UFO. In Chinese, the term doesn’t necessarily come with the bug-eyed alien imagery that flying saucer or UFO does in English. So I'm going to use the more generic word spacecraft instead. Later on, there are times when the more traditional Chinese term for “spacecraft” is used synonymously with the word here. In the end, this vessel is supposed to be reminiscent of the enormous vessels from the movie Independence Day.

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