Chapter 680: Sudden and Unexpected Disaster

It really was a sudden and unexpected disaster, and the only option at the moment seemed to be flight.

Considering how much effort Yang Qi had put into creating a secure foundation for his immortal world, it was a really depressing situation. Thankfully, August Patriarch Proud Wing hadn’t continued looking into the missing immortal worlds, otherwise Yang Qi would have definitely been stuck between a rock and a hard place.

‘Ah, whatever. These fiends are just too strong for me at the moment. Maybe if I were on my own, things would be different, but I have my people to worry about. If a fight broke out, it would definitely end with all of us being wiped out.’

After putting some more thought into the matter, Yang Qi wasn’t any more resigned to the situation, but couldn’t think of what exactly to do. The perfect situation would be to somehow set this group of people in opposition to the Brahman Immortal World and the future world.

‘First things first. I need to teleport my immortal world to a safe place. Either somewhere among the mortal worlds, or perhaps in some high-level place in the immortal worlds. Hopefully it will just be temporary.’

Yang Qi and his immortal-slaying clone carefully tapped into the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and sent the growing Sage Monarch Heaven to a remote location among the immortal worlds, a desolate place filled with endless spatial tempests, that had no other worlds floating nearby.

The tempests were particularly fierce, and as they battered the greyspace of the Sage Monarch Heaven, it trembled violently, forcing Yang Qi to use a defense technique from the Eight Tribes Godfist to protect it.

Things had been much better in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. There, his immortal-slaying clone could call upon the power of monarchs to protect his people no matter where they went. But there was no other option.

The seventy-two interlopers were simply too fiendishly powerful, and eventually they would have found the Sage Monarch Heaven and destroyed it.

‘I can’t just let those fiends run amok,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘I should go back in there and take a closer look at them. I need to figure out who exactly they are, and what their plan is. If they notice me, then I can use King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions, my God Legion Seal, my Angel Wings, and the Heaven Moving constitution if I have to flee. Maybe later I can use the power of the Brahman Immortal World to wipe them out and even assimilate them.’

Yang Qi was convinced that Brahma Echo-Silk wasn’t telling him the full truth about her plan. For one thing, he knew that unsealing Brahma’s heart would be very dangerous, but perhaps he could use that explosive force to his advantage. In the blink of an eye, plots and schemes erupted within him. Perhaps he could get the tiger and the wolf to kill each other!

‘Actually, this is perfect! They’ll definitely be sensitive to King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. When the time comes, I can just unseal my own medallions and use them as bait to lure them in.’ A crafty smile appeared on Yang Qi’s face.

“Clone, come with me. Let’s see exactly how strong these people are!”

With that, the two of them headed back into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Thankfully, King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions made it possible for them to enter the chart anywhere.


Young Master Leaf and his companions had just destroyed another plane of existence. It was impossible to say how much destruction they had wreaked so far, or how many cultivators they had killed. They were purging the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

“Dammit. How come this place is infested with so many bugs? No matter how many we kill, more seem to pop up. We must have wiped out ten thousand worlds already, but it seems like only a drop of water in the ocean. How long is this process going to take?”

One of the young men held a Godmyth patriarch in his hand, making him look like little more than a bedraggled chicken. The Godmyth begged for mercy, but was assimilated in the end. That young man was the Devouring One, who had several hundred of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans that he had originally acquired in the Tusita Heaven.

“Who cares?” said another young man, clad in a suit of armor. “The more there are, the more we kill. What are you, scared? Thanks to wiping out so many strongholds, I now have several hundred pieces of King Wilds-Horn’s suit of armor. It’s a perfect match for me, considering I'm a Guarding One. Now my defensive capabilities are exponentially stronger than before.”

Another young man who pulsed with a killing aura said, “Coming to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart really was the right choice. I already found several of King Life-Killer’s sage swords.” 

“And I found several hundred halls from the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace,” said the Resentful One.

Even as everyone excitedly discussed how they had benefited, their leader Young Master Leaf was staring off into the distance with a somewhat surprised expression on his face. 

“Young Master Leaf, is something wrong?”

“No, nothing. I just sensed a fluctuation in the essence power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Not many people could produce something like that. I wonder if someone else with a collection of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions has entered the chart.”

“What? When did that happen? Whoever it is, they’re courting death!”

“It’s like they always say: you can wear out iron shoes in a fruitless search, then find what you're looking for without even trying.”

“Let’s go, Young Master Leaf. We’ll kill this guy and get you at least three more of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. With six of them, your cultivation base will become even more unfathomable than it already is! Given some time, you’ll definitely end up as the top figure in our Tusita Heaven, a ninth division Godmyth.”

The entire group of young cultivators was getting very excited.

“Calm down. The power is very weak, and I suspect that rushing over there won’t do any good. I'd rather just wait for this person to come to me. We’re in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, after all, so we're bound to run into each other. If I release some of the aura of my medallions, he’ll sense it and come running into my hands. I’ll kill him, and won’t even give him a proper burial. After all, I am the only rightful successor of King Immortal-Slayer. In fact, I'm going to surpass him.”

Young Master Leaf waved his hand, destroying a godrelic which was home to over ten billion cultivators. All living beings there died instantly. Young Master Leaf was a merciless killer who knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it.

“Keep going!” he shouted. “There's another huge godrelic up ahead. There are even some of the Dragonfolk there! They must be from the Eight Tribes Heaven. Don't let any of them live!”

Howling, they rushed forward to attack.

Sometime later, Yang Qi appeared and saw the wreckage of the godrelic. Not even a scrap of godpower had been left behind in it. ‘Incredible,’ he thought, ‘these people are so strong!’


A chunk of debris the size of a small planet shot in his direction, moving with enough force to shatter the greyspace of an immortal world. Yang Qi reached out and grabbed it, stopping its motion. Upon inspection, he realized that it was incredibly sturdy, and tapping it caused a booming sound like a bell to ring out.

‘This was made from preheaven god-steel, yet they casually destroyed it. Even I would have trouble breaking a godrelic like this. But they destroyed it completely, and even wiped out the ancient will that was part of it.’

With that, Yang Qi continued shadowing the seventy-two interlopers.

The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was essentially an enormous space-time labyrinth, a place so solid and tough that not even Godmyths would be able to break their way through the maze.

But now, the place was being devastated.

And the seventy-two young men were going to places that Yang Qi would never have dared go because of the danger involved.

‘I can’t believe there are so many secret locations here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. For all intents and purposes, I never went beyond the border regions. Obviously, my cultivation base is just too low.’

Demi-Immortals could hardly even scratch the surface of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Demolishers could go a bit further, and Godmyths could explore its depths. Those who surpassed the Godmyth level, and were on the level of the legion of gods, could uncover an ever greater world within.

It all depended on the level of one’s cultivation base.


A barrier fell and Yang Qi saw an enormous godrelic up ahead, set into an area of magical law that was incomprehensibly tough.

Right now, he didn’t dare to draw on the powers of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions. If he did, he would definitely attract notice and get killed. For the moment, he was just relying on the speed of his Angel Wings and the constitution of a Heaven Moving One.

‘It’s too bad I don’t have the constitution of an Infiltrating One. Then I could move around without attracting any notice at all.’ The godrelic up ahead pulsed with power, and was larger than any godrelic Yang Qi had ever seen before.

It was shaped like a disk, and was silver in color. It was larger than tens of thousands of immortal worlds put together, and as it slowly rotated, it glittered with countless dazzling lights. It looked like a magical treasure, yet was not. It seemed like a god item, but wasn’t. Unexpectedly, it was an object from the ancient mechanical civilization!

And it pulsed with the auras of countless Godmyths.

Yang Qi couldn’t help but wonder who might be in possession of such a terrifying object from the ancient mechanical civilization. Whoever it was, they were extremely powerful.

Even as Young Master Leaf and his companions closed in on the thing, the disk suddenly emitted a booming voice. “This is a Mechfolk base! Who dares to enter uninvited?!” 

Contrary to expectation, the Mechfolk had a base set up in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!

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