Chapter 679: Fortuned One

Moments before, Yang Qi had been contemplating the mysteries of the future world and gaining scattered bits of enlightenment.

Eventually he exhaled, and the quintessence around him trembled with a sensation of extreme ancientness. He was finally stepping into the Antiquity-Demolishing level, causing tribulation to appear. He summoned his God Legion Paradise, which made the tribulation seem weak in comparison.

Within his sea of energy, his sage child stirred and the rage of the dao of heaven and its heavenly tribulation turned into vital energy that coursed through him. The particles inside him were like chains that wrapped around the energy and kept it locked down tight.

Moments later, Yang Qi was fully in the eighth stage of Antiquity-Demolishing, making him an immortal emperor.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t high enough. He had to at least reach Dao-Demolishing, and hopefully the Godmyth level. Therefore, he didn’t pause for even a moment, but instead continued with his cultivation, burning his own life force in the attempt.


A tremor ran through him as lightning of fate formed, and even as he prepared to push forward into another breakthrough, his soul trembled and he opened his eyes. ‘What’s happening? I have a strange premonition. And it’s not connected to me personally, but rather my immortal-slaying clone in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.’

The Wheel of Fate appeared above his head, allowing him to see into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Inside, there were fluctuations that seemed to be instigated by some event some distance away.

It was like a butterfly effect of some sort.

Apparently, something big was happening in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart—something that wasn’t an immediate threat to him, but could turn into incredible danger.


He rose to his feet and flew into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, heading to the location where his immortal world was growing. This was his foundation, his true headquarters, and he had put it here so that he could be free to act without hesitation on the outside. But now he had the same sensation one would experience when a fire broke out in one’s own backyard.

“Did anything happen recently?” he asked of his father, Yang Zhan, who was now one of the most important patriarchs in the Yang Clan and had a hand in almost all of its daily affairs.

“Nothing! Everything has been very peaceful and quiet. As you can see, everything is quite orderly. The Sage Monarch Heaven is like an enormous empire. The population has already exceeded three hundred trillion and is continuing to grow.”

It was hard to imagine what the faith power of three hundred trillion cultivators was like, but Yang Qi could sense it pouring toward him at all moments.

“I see, Father. Very well, keep things going as they are and focus on your cultivation. I expect to come across some good fortune soon, and when I do I’ll help you to reach the Godmyth level.” 

Leaving his father, Yang Qi headed to the center of the Sage Monarch Heaven to find his immortal-slaying clone.

“I sensed the same strange fluctuations,” the clone said, his brow furrowed. “It seems to me that someone very powerful is carrying out a massacre. That’s the only thing which would give rise to a killing aura like this. Based on what I can sense, there’s someone else here in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart who has some of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. Perhaps you should use the power of the God Legion Seal to lock down this part of the chart, lest this other individual sense your medallions.”

“I’ve already done that,” Yang Qi’s true self said. “Right now we need to determine what exactly is happening. We’re heading into a very critical juncture, with the Brahman Immortal World just on the brink of rising to a higher level. The passage to the future world will be opening soon, and the last thing we need is a disaster here.”

“Let’s get started, then.”

The clone and the true self immediately set to work.

The clone produced the legacy medallions which were covered with a protective golden light. Meanwhile, the Wheel of Fate turned and eventually produced an image. It looked like billions of trillions of souls howling in rage, and countless destroyed planes of existence.

“Whoever this is, he’s masking his presence. But my Wheel of Fate can see through anything and everything.” He spat some blood energy onto the Wheel of Fate and the image first grew blurry, then began resolving into spots of violet light.

There were a host of violet figures, pulsing with incredible energy. Although it was impossible to see their faces clearly, they were obviously very strong.

“That… that aura. It’s so familiar. Those magical laws, they’re from the Tusita Heaven! Don’t tell me people from the Tusita Heaven are here! That's a thirty-third ranked immortal world, and definitely not to be taken lightly. These people must be terrifying!”

Yang Qi felt himself going taut from anxiety as he realized that the situation was definitely grim.

Destiny Piercing; Tusita Heaven Magical Laws; Be Broken!” He exhaled not blood energy, but rather the same violet energy that formed the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven. After all, he had long since built up such magical laws and violet energy within himself. It swirled out to form a dazzling śarīra, which then entered the Wheel of Fate, causing intense rumbling sounds to echo out along with bright violet light. Within that light, the figures from the Tusita Heaven became clear.

‘Dear god. So many unique constitutions!’ Yang Qi’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull at the sight of the seventy-two individuals. ‘Are they even human? Well, they’re not the children of gods. That’s a Devouring One. A Resentful One. A Courageous One! They actually have a Courageous One!’

Courageous Ones were said to be the most daring and audacious cultivators that existed, and they always made rapid cultivation progress. They were always able to fight people above their own cultivation level, making them virtually invincible as fighters.

‘A Sagacious One? And that… that must be their leader. He has some of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. Three of them. No wonder he was able to get inside the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. They’re killing everyone! He must have a unique constitution as well. But which one? I've never seen anything like it before, but it seems on par with my constitution. Don’t tell me he’s an Eternal One. Or possibly a Fortuned One.’

The entire group of young men were stronger than the Shattered God Proud Wing. They were clearly bent on destruction and were not holding anything back, destroying everything in their path.

Yang Qi could tell that he wouldn’t be a match for even one of this group.

And if all seventy-two of them joined forces, they could kill him millions of times over. It seemed apparent that they wanted to take control of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and exterminate any other living beings inside.

Initially, Yang Qi had been pleased at the thought of more of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions coming to him. But that pleasure had been short-lived. Each and every one of these newcomers could bring complete catastrophe to his growing immortal world, and there was nothing he could do about it. And that wasn’t to mention the fact that their leader would no doubt want to take his own legacy medallions.

The only advantage he might have was his God Legion Seal and his Blood of the One God. With them, he could suppress the aura of the legacy medallions and remain hidden from this new opponent.

‘This is terrifying. Seventy-two people from the Tusita Heaven, all of them with unique constitutions. Wait. Are they trying to model themselves after King Immortal-Slayer and his sworn brothers? I can see already that they have a lot of the treasures originally belonging to those seventy-two brothers. The Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace. The Wilds-Horn God Armor. King Life-Killer’s swords. Imperial snakecharms. One of them actually has several hundred imperial snakecharms! That’s quite a collection.’

The one with the imperial snakecharms was a Devouring One, just like the ancient King Heaven-Devourer. If Yang Qi could get him, he would get much closer to the point of having all three thousand talismans. After acquiring two thousand, he had come to find that acquiring more was very difficult. But each one he added provided a huge boost in strength.

Now more than ever, Yang Qi thirsted for more.

Collecting King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions could lead to dangerous consequences, but there was nothing like that with King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans. Collecting more of them just gave one greater access to King Heaven-Devourer’s legacy.

‘It's too bad I'm not even close to being in a position to deal with these people. I need to keep out of their way for now, and think of a way to take advantage of them later. The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart is so huge that it would take me decades to clear it out and search it. They’re getting closer and closer to me, though. Soon, they’re going to notice my immortal world. After all, it’s nearly at the tenth rank. Worst case scenario, I guess I can just seal it up and take it somewhere else.’

He had originally assumed the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would be the safest location, but then these fiends showed up and he realized he needed to change his plans.

He obviously needed to become a Godmyth before he could face this group.

‘The one with King Immortal-Slayer’s medallions seems like a Fortuned One. How can I manipulate a Fortuned One…?’

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