Chapter 677: Leading One

In response to August Patriarch Proud Wing’s words, the Seer God Patriarchs present all exchanged awkward glances. And they were all thinking the same thing. ‘What? The thirty-six thousand immortal worlds are all spatial nexuses? Um….’

“What, is there some problem?” August Patriarch Proud Wing asked. “Did something go wrong with the preparations?”

One of the Tempered Gods stepped forward and began stammering an explanation. “Aug-August… August Patriarch, please, don’t be angry. It’s like this. Everything was going fine, except we just got a report there was a minor uprising among some very inconsequential immortal worlds, which subsequently vanished. The Titan Emperor Heaven, the Black Sand Heaven… a total of seven of them. They’re gone. We were just about to send people to investigate when this meeting was called. August Patriarch, please, you absolutely, positively must not get angry. It's not that we didn't follow instructions! This is just very, very strange! How could a bunch of immortal worlds just disappear? It would be one thing for there to be a rebellion. That’s a common occurrence. But immortal worlds are all deeply inset in the spatial tempests of the universe! How could someone move them away?”

Normally speaking, these patriarchs were tyrannical and overbearing individuals, but not now. They were so terrified they could hardly compose themselves, and were convinced that August Patriarch Proud Wing might wipe them out of existence at any moment.

“Seven immortal worlds just vanished?” August Patriarch Proud Wing said, looking surprised. “Not even an Incarnated God should be able to do something like that. It would take an incredible amount of power to move an immortal world, especially without anyone noticing. Not even I could do that. Did some consummate expert discover our plan? No, that can’t be it. If someone wanted to interfere with our plan, they would strike at the Brahman Immortal World. Why would they go and move some inconsequential immortal worlds like that?”

Meanwhile, Brahma Echo-Silk looked on, her face completely expressionless as she realized that August Patriarch Proud Wing seemed to be performing some sort of calculation or divination. ‘Whether it’s something from the future civilization, or his own energy arts, he must have a way to see through to the truth of the matter. Terrifying!’

“Take me to the location where the immortal worlds disappeared. Perhaps I can determine what happened. Considering the important things that are about to happen, we can’t afford to take this matter lightly. A single ant-hole can cause the collapse of a thousand-kilometer dike. Even the slightest slip-up could cause major problems for the master plan.”

August Patriarch Proud Wing stepped off of the throne and sent out a wave of power that gathered up all the patriarchs, including Brahma Echo-Silk, and teleported them away.

Brahma Echo-Silk’s shock only continued to mount. ‘This Yang Qi is incredible. He actually teleported an entire group of immortal worlds away as part of his plan. But to where? I assumed he would be worried about his clan in the mortal world, as well as his people in the Titan Emperor Heaven, and that I could use it to take advantage of him. But he’s not so simple a person. I have to be very, very careful in working with him. We're both out for our own self-interest, and there’s no spirit of loyalty or self-sacrifice here. Considering that I was plotting against him, he’s definitely plotting against me.’

Soon, the group of patriarchs was in the location previously occupied by the Titan Emperor Heaven, which was now nothing more than empty space and severed magical laws.

August Patriarch Proud Wing’s expression flickered as he reached out, grabbed one of the severed magical laws, and looked at it closely.

“What mighty godpower. Whoever this person is, he's terrifyingly strong.” Suddenly, six streams of bright light shot out from August Patriarch Proud Wing, which transformed into six mirrors. Their surfaces immediately began shining with dazzling light as divinations were performed, then one of them revealed an immense figure grabbing the seven immortal worlds and taking them into parts unknown.

August Patriarch Proud Wing tried to continue the divination, but the mirror shattered.

‘He can tell I'm trying to find him?’

He tried to perform more divinations, but none of them actually worked. It was as if the subject of his search existed outside of fate itself.

‘A Fateless One? I can’t believe there’s one here! But who is it?’

Even as he considered the matter, one of the other patriarchs stepped forward respectfully and said, “I'm afraid this matter must have something to do with one of the lower worlds, a place called the Sage Monarch planetary system.”

“Sage Monarch planetary system? I've never heard of it. Tell me more.”

“Well, it’s like this….” The patriarch went on to describe the rise of the Sage Monarch planetary system and how they had taken control of the Titan Emperor Heaven. Then he explained that the Brahman Immortal World had dispatched some children of Brahma to take care of the situation, only to have them fail.

“In summary, this really is our fault. We thought it was a simple matter of a rebellious immortal world. Never could we have guessed that things would end up like this. The Sage Monarch planetary system is a tiny place, but not a location to be taken lightly. August Patriarch Proud Heaven once sent a clone there to look for something. Later, he returned with a young woman, then used our passageway to return to the future world with her. Perhaps all of this is tied together. Thankfully, you’re here to take charge, August Patriarch Proud Wing.”

With that, the patriarch bowed his head and waited for a response.

‘So this is all wrapped up with August Patriarch Proud Heaven?’ Proud Wing thought. All of a sudden, a serious expression overtook his face and he felt nervousness gripping his heart. ‘August Patriarch Proud Heaven is my Senior, and even in the future his cultivation base is considered mysterious and unpredictable. No one even knows how strong he truly is. It’s possible he’s already reached the Deathless Throne and is just as invincible as the legion of gods. Considering this is all connected to him, I might as well stop investigating. He surely has all sorts of plans in place, so the best course of action would be to just report the situation to the future world. Missing a few low-ranking immortal worlds shouldn’t be a huge issue. We can just go conquer some more to take their place.’

Just like that, what could have been a major storm passed.

In that same moment, Yang Qi was deep in the Brahman Institute, smiling faintly. ‘It seems my daoist techniques have improved again. Not even August Patriarch Proud Wing, a fourth division Shattered God, can divine my location. That said, he has the dual constitutions of a Future One and a Leading One, so I don't think I could take him out in a fight. I need to increase my cultivation speed! I have to get to the Godmyth level, or at the very least, the Dao-Demolisher level.’

With that, he sank back down into a trance to further his cultivation.

Already, he could tell that his connection to the future world was giving him deeper enlightenment. His divine will was at the level of an immortal emperor, or in other words, eighth stage Antiquity-Demolishing. And now he was pushing closer to ninth stage Dao-Demolishing.

Meanwhile, his immortal-slaying clone was also working on his cultivation deep in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. The clone was currently in the immortal emperor level, slightly higher than his true self, thanks to the power of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions.

Because of the enlightenment from August Patriarch Fire Dragon and Jade-in-Stone, as well as his connection to the Sage Monarch Heaven, the clone’s power over the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart had reached a point where it could cover an area the same size as several hundred immortal worlds.

However, no one knew exactly how large the chart was. It covered endless hyperdimensions and could fit millions upon millions of immortal worlds inside.

The part that Yang Qi currently controlled might as well have been a drop of water in the ocean. There were parts further in where spatial tempests raged, and there were dangerous locations that contained primal-chaos godrelics that even immense levels of power couldn’t open. Even certain true gods who came into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart could end up trapped and killed.

After all, King Immortal-Slayer and his brethren had used the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to devastate the god world and kill too many god-spirits to count. In some ways, the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart also served as a tomb of gods.

Yang Qi had no idea how long it would be before he controlled the chart as a whole.

Considering how small the portion he did control was, he was essentially like a village chief or town mayor in an enormous empire.

Even if he had all of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions, he would need to push his cultivation base to the same level as King Immortal-Slayer himself, the Paramount God level, before he could take the chart for himself.


In another tiny corner of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, far, far away from Yang Qi’s immortal-slaying clone, a wormhole suddenly opened up, out of which emerged a group of people.

The person in the lead opened his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “I've finally reached the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Excellent! Soon, this chart will be mine and I’ll become the most powerful entity in existence! No one will be a match for me!”

He looked like a young man of no more than fifteen or sixteen years of age and he held himself with a proud arrogance. He was flanked by a host of other young ones, all of them geniuses in their own right, with powerful cultivation bases. Upon hearing the words uttered by the first young man, one of them stepped forward and said, “Young Master Leaf, you’ll definitely become like one of the gods. We’re all from the thirty-third ranked Tusita Heaven, but you, sir, are the only one with King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions!”

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