Chapter 676: Great Fanfare

Yang Qi had decided to go to the future world, but there was still a pressing matter that needed to be handled: he had to figure out what to do about his God Legion Seal. Getting more of King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions would do the trick, but Yang Qi knew he couldn’t force that particular issue. 

‘I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it,’ he thought.

When the Brahman Immortal World activated their spell formation to draw on the power of the future world, Yang Qi’s cultivation base would improve and hopefully give him a solution to the problem.

When Brahma’s heart took action and created the space-time passage to the future world, it was entirely possible that, in the resulting chaos, he could take advantage of a crisis for personal gain. And maybe he would finally be able to get an idea of what the Brahman Institute really was.

Yet again, he surreptitiously re-entered the institute.

To his shock, the mysterious power of the future world seemed to be weighing down heavier than ever. Quickly drawing on King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, he began absorbing it and using it to refine his cultivation base.

Most people wouldn’t be able to detect that power amidst all the other complex mixtures of vital energy. But considering that Yang Qi now had the constitution of a Future One, his powers of observation allowed him to immediately assess the situation and identify that specific power.

He inhaled deeply, then used the sagefire and faith power inside of him to break apart the vital energy and isolate the power of the future world. It was far stronger and more mysterious than power from the Tusita Heaven, and also purer.

Eventually, a stream of vital energy spun around the tip of his finger that looked like some sort of spirit snake. It had scales covered with complex, beautiful patterns that made them look almost like snowflakes. It was a unique product of the civilization of the future world, a combination of countless universal planes of existence.

The vital energy of the future world contained elements of the mortal worlds, the immortal worlds, the god worlds, and even primal-chaos itself. It wouldn’t be very far into Yang Qi’s future when a universal-scale explosion would occur, causing all heavens and earths, all worlds, and everything else to vanish and be replaced by a new, unified universe.

In preparation for the invasion, the future world had improved their vital energy using photonic computers, making it almost like power from the god world. It had a certain level of intelligence, but at the same time it could be absorbed by common people, providing them with immense benefits.

‘Not bad. Not bad at all….’ Yang Qi thought. After examining the vital energy from the future world, he decided it would be a good idea to send it into his own growing immortal world to speed up its growth.

Instead of using the snake-like vital energy for his own purposes, he turned it into a medicinal pill that resembled a śarīra, within which it was just possible to make out the image of godrelics from the future.

He quickly coined a name for it: Future Pill.

He continued absorbing the vital energy and sending it into the God Legion Paradise to become medicinal pills. As the process went on, his understanding and enlightenment of the future world grew.

He was now simply cultivating and waiting.

Until the future world made a move, he would focus on improving his enlightenment and getting stronger. The more he improved, the more confident he would be in being able to deal with Proud Heaven and get his mother back.

Gradually, he sank into a profoundly deep trance, to the point where everything around him vanished.

Primal-chaos vital energy swirled around him as he slowly breathed. When he inhaled, he would seemingly inflate, and when he exhaled, he would dry out and wither up. Any Godmyth who saw him practicing cultivation in this way would instantly realize that he had reached an incredibly mysterious level in which his breathing conformed to the universe itself.

The universe also breathed. When it inhaled, life flourished and expanded without limit. When it exhaled, the universe withered and became desolate, and all life ceased. In the end, after everything shrank down it would explode again. Of course, the breathing of the universe occurred over countless trillions of years.

The fact that Yang Qi’s breathing conformed to that of the universe indicated that his cultivation was similar to that of the legion of gods.

Even as Yang Qi’s cultivation reached a higher level, a meeting was underway deep in the Temple of Patriarchs in the Brahman Institute. Lately, such meetings were being held on a near-daily basis.

However, this meeting was different. It was a very formal affair in which a handful of thrones had been set up, which were clearly waiting to be occupied by extremely important patriarchs who normally didn’t show their faces. In fact, Brahma Echo-Silk was completely shocked by what she was seeing.

She had only recently been able to attend such meetings, which were normally graced by the presence of Seer God patriarchs with perhaps one or two Tempered Gods in attendance. But today, there were over a hundred Tempered Gods and all of them were on their feet, apparently waiting for an even more exalted figure to arrive.

‘I can’t believe that the puny, fifth ranked Brahman Immortal World is this powerful,’ she thought. ‘Who are they all waiting for? An Incarnated God?’

Suddenly, immense pulses of vital energy spread out as figures began to appear, standing in front of the empty thrones. Their auras were so powerful they seemed capable of wiping out entire immortal worlds. Obviously, they vastly surpassed Brahma Echo-Silk’s level of strength.

‘Dear lord, there are nine Incarnated Gods!’

Even more shocking, however, was the fact that the nine Incarnated Gods didn’t sit down. 

‘Don’t tell me that someone stronger than an Incarnated God is coming?!’


Even as the thought passed through her head, an immense pressure suddenly weighed down and a swirl of paper talismans appeared, all of them shaped like dragons. A figure appeared on the central throne, a strong-looking young man with delicate features. He was dressed in simple robes decorated with starlight and wore no headgear. In fact, he didn’t have long hair either. He had a buzz cut, and his eyes were so sharp and burning that they seemed capable of immolating immortal worlds.

‘Who is this guy? He’s so strong that I feel like I'm suffocating.’ Brahma Echo-Silk quickly bowed her head, shivering subconsciously as she dropped to her knees along with the other Seer Gods.

‘He's got to be in the fourth division. That would make him a Shattered God! Only a Shattered God could put such pressure on me. Dear lord. Not even our thirteenth ranked Glorious Treasure Heaven has any Shattered Gods. How could a fifth ranked place like this have one? People like that only appear in fifteenth ranked immortal worlds or higher!’

“We offer respectful greetings, August Patriarch Proud Wing!”

“August Patriarch, you’re finally back from your hundred-thousand-year session of meditation. At long last, our Brahman Immortal World can accomplish the grand task at hand!”

“The ancestors’ plan of a hundred thousand years is finally going to come to fruition!”

All of the various patriarchs present were offering similar words of praise to this August Patriarch Proud Wing.

“It’s good to see you all,” August Patriarch Proud Wing said. He waved his hand slightly and caused a stream of devil power to roll out, quieting everyone. It was immediately clear that he was a natural-born leader, with intrinsic leadership abilities.

‘So, he’s a Leading One. And he has the aura of a Future One. Two special constitutions. How terrifying. As a Leading One, he can innately compel the hearts of his followers and lead his forces anywhere in the universe, against any type of enemy.’

Brahma Echo-Silk’s heart was already pounding with fear.

Looking around, August Patriarch Proud Wing said, “For some time now I've been in the twentieth ranked Honored Capital Heaven. After breaking through to the Shattered God level, I had hoped to continue achieving further breakthroughs. However, the other August Patriarchs requested that I come here to take charge. We have a very important task at hand—that being the invasion of the future world. Although most of you are from this world, at the end of the day you are essentially citizens of the future world. The future world will conquer this present world and acquire a most important artifact for the ultimate leader of our world. And that artifact will lead to the civilization of the legion of gods. If you succeed in activating the spell formation and drawing the forces of the future world here, you will have performed an incredible service and will forever remain protected and secure. Understand?”

Everyone present felt affected down to their very souls by his words, immediately joining voices to respond, “We understand!”

“Good. Now, tell me the latest developments. Has anything not gone according to plan? Was there any trouble in uniting the immortal worlds? Each of the thirty-six thousand immortal worlds are important nodes in the massive spell formation. We need those thirty-six thousand nodes for the formation to be complete.”

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