Chapter 675: Invincible God Might

“Spare us, oh exalted Yang Qi! Sir, you’re our supreme patriarch, an invincible Godmyth! Do you really need to cause problems for paltry low-level immortal worlds like ours? Please, let us go. It’s been hard enough to stay alive up to this point.”

“That's right, oh exalted one. Please, let our immortal worlds off the hook and spare our lives.”

“Mercy! Mercy! We’ll offer any tribute you want, just don’t destroy our immortal worlds!”

The lords of the six immortal worlds were ready to offer complete and utter allegiance. They, and all of their court officials, grand princes, chief elders, and the like, dropped to their knees to beg and pray to Yang Qi.

In response, he gave a cold harrumph. “I'm not planning to destroy your immortal worlds, I'm saving them! The Brahman Immortal World is about to experience a major transformation that requires essence and power from many lower immortal worlds. Once the process starts, they’re going to become a black hole that devours the thirty-six thousand worlds beneath them. I'm going to teleport you to safety. At the same time, I'm going to take the magical laws of your immortal worlds and add them to the Titan Emperor Heaven and my Sage Monarch planetary system. Doing so will create a larger, combined immortal world. In the end, you won't die, you’ll actually become stronger. Understand? Of course, you’ll all owe me your faith as a result.”

“Oh, well that’s wonderful.” The lords of these immortal worlds knew that they had no alternatives, and therefore they kowtowed to Yang Qi. There was no way they could compare to someone who could literally lift up immortal worlds. If they resisted him, it would only end in their deaths. Besides, he was offering to save their lives, and all they had to do was give him their faith.


Lifting up all of the immortal worlds, Yang Qi opened a space-time wormhole, which pulsed with the power of monarchs. Obviously, his plan was to place the Titan Emperor Heaven and the surrounding six immortal worlds into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to keep them safe.

“Now for the Sage Monarch planetary system!” Yang Qi tore open a rift and reached down, lifting up the Sage Monarch planetary system like grabbing a fish out of water. Truth be told, it had such strong magical laws that it already surpassed the Titan Emperor Heaven and was just as impressive as any other immortal world.

Without hesitation, Yang Qi sent it into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart as well.

Then Yang Qi himself vanished, leaving nothing behind but empty space.

Seven immortal worlds and a planetary system had vanished, just like that.

Yang Qi also reached into the Hell of Mahānata and took his kingdom from there, placing it alongside everything else in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Inside the chart, Yang Qi drew on numerous magical laws and powers to ignite the greyspaces of all the immortal worlds.

The living beings from inside came out and watched the process, mixed emotions on their faces.

The countless immortals looked like streams of ants, with so many billions upon trillions of them that they were impossible to count. To them, Yang Qi was like the most sovereign of imperial figures. Even his Elder Brothers and Sisters, his father, Empress Jadefall, and everyone else he knew all viewed him as being beyond human. He was a god, a creator of worlds.

After all, what type of godpower did it take to uproot so many immortal worlds and toss them into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? What kind of might? What kind of true energy?

Yang Qi drew upon the virtual godhood of hundreds of Tempered Gods, creating a nearly liquid stream of power that flowed into the immortal worlds.

Slowly but surely, the six worlds, the Titan Emperor Heaven, and the Sage Monarch planetary system were all merging together. Magical laws connected and a brand new immortal world emerged.

It looked like a godspore floating in the middle of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, pulsing with power like a god about to be born.

At this point, Yang Qi blurred into motion, appearing outside of the Sage Sword Heaven near Castle Heaven-Devil.

The final level of the castle contained numerous Incarnated God fiend-devils, as well as a sealed passage leading to the Unrestrained Heaven. After assimilating Jade-in-Stone, as well as the Heaven Moving One, Brahma Erudite, Yang Qi could easily slaughter such Incarnated Gods.


A tomb cracked open and boundless devil will spilled out, which Yang Qi immediately crushed and burned with an intense flame. A scream rang out as a heaven-devil śarīra appeared, pulsing with virtual godhood.

One after another, Yang Qi slaughtered the heaven-devils. In the end, he put an end to one hundred and eight of them. It was a number of heaven-devil śarīras that even a tenth ranked immortal world would never be able to produce or collect.

He also collected all of the god items that had been sealed in with the fiend-devils. After bringing everything back to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, he used the one hundred and eight śarīras to create a hexagramic foundation for the pulsing godspore that was the new immortal world, which slowly rotated as it grew.

'Excellent. The Sage Monarch Heaven is finally taking shape. My ultimate goal is for it to be a tenth ranked immortal world upon completion. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be a simple task.’ Addressing the congregated immortals, he said, “Everyone, please enter the primal-chaos spore and begin working on your cultivation. And begin setting up spell formations to prepare to push it to a higher level. In roughly a thousand years, it will emerge from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and take its place in the spatial tempests of the universe as a tenth ranked immortal world!”

Next, Yang Qi unleashed a burst of godpower and began setting up various spell formations.

‘Time to connect to the Eight Tribes Heaven!’

Draconic true energy appeared behind him, which swirled forth to make a dragon spell formation shaped like eight different dragons. Immediately, more power was poured into the growing Sage Monarch Heaven.

The power of the Eight Tribes Heaven was on par with that of the Tusita Heaven. Both were thirty-third ranked immortal worlds, with power that could be of immense help to a newly-forming immortal world.

Yang Qi was using all of his resources, all of his accumulated treasures, and all of the godpower he had built up to aid the process. Furthermore, he held nothing back to set up more contingency plans. He and his clone used all of the magical power they could muster to create space-time labyrinths in the surrounding area of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

‘It’s too bad I only have three of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions. Even one more would definitely help me locate the core of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. With the core under my control, I could seal this place down so tight that not even the legion of gods could break in!’

Having only three of the medallions was a low level of power; getting even one more would provide a boost of severalfold.

Unfortunately, he currently had no idea of how to track down any of the other medallions.

And that meant that once the current ten-thousand-year time period ended, the monarch chart would naturally open, and people would be able to enter. Yang Qi had that much time to try to find more legacy medallions and use them to completely lock down the place.

Already, the Yang Clan was organizing the influx of immortals. Some were made slaves, others were ordinary citizens, and some became nobility. Some were recruited into the armed forces, while others were assigned as kings to rule over other immortals. The Sage Monarch Heaven was set up like an enormous empire, a place of complete order and structure.

For the moment, his people were safe.

Now that his contingency plans were all in place, he could muster the gumption to cause a scene in the Brahman Immortal World. And whatever godrelics, treasures, powers, or corpses he acquired could be sent right into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to aid in the growth of his own immortal world.

Strictly speaking, what Yang Qi was currently working with was simply a plane of existence, not an immortal world. When he truly raised it to the level of an immortal world, the dao of heaven would surely react with fury and send tribulation. And tribulations sent against immortal worlds surpassed those sent against cultivators in just about every way imaginable.

Not even the tribulations of hundreds of trillions of Demolishers all put together could compare to the kind sent against a new immortal world.

And that was what happened when a holy land of true cultivation from the mortal world tried to become a first ranked immortal world. But Yang Qi wasn’t doing that—he wanted to go directly to the tenth rank. What kind of heavenly tribulation would that involve?

Not even Yang Qi’s Wheel of Fate could tell him. All he did know was that if he tried to become a Godmyth in his own newly forming immortal world, the tribulation would likely destroy the place, thus he didn’t dare to make the attempt.

For the moment, he left the Sage Sword Heaven alone. It was a seventh ranked immortal world, led by Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit, and adding it into the mix would be difficult. For now, he was limited to fifth ranked worlds. That said, he could still benefit from resources sent down from the Sage Sword Heaven.

As he looked out at his work, Yang Qi nodded in satisfaction. ‘It’s time to really make a splash. I'm very curious to see how powerful the future world really is. I'm coming for you, Proud Heaven. I’ll track you down, even if I have to come to the future world. And I'm going to kill you.'

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