Chapter 674: Contingency Plans

Thus, Yang Qi finalized plans with Brahma Echo-Silk. Things were chaotic now in the immortal worlds. The Brahman Immortal World was in communication with the future world, and was planning to rise to a higher level. If Brahma Echo-Silk’s plan worked, they would free Brahma’s heart, open a way to the future world, and go there to look for treasure.

The civilization of the future world was very different from that of the present, and would likely provide many opportunities to improve their cultivation base. Most relevant of all, it was said that in the future world, it was possible to acquire true godhood and thus become an actual god.

Virtual godhood and true godhood were completely different. When one pushed beyond the ninth division of the Godmyth level and acquired true godhood, they could become a true god. And supposedly, the mighty photonic computers under the control of the ruler of the future world could create godhood, thus becoming truly deathless—a true god.

The Godmyth level relied on virtual godhood, but true gods were different. And what was false could not compare to what was perfect and true.

If Yang Qi really was going to go to the future world, he couldn’t be lax in any way. He had to find a way to hide his God Legion Seal, which currently was a task so difficult it might as well be impossible. Thankfully, he had time. With the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions, he might have a chance. Hopefully it would work, because he had to find his mother, his Master, and his Aunt Susu.

As fate would have it, another part of the God Legion Seal existed in the future world, which meant that, eventually, he would have no choice but to go there. Of course, the potential trip to the future world wasn’t the only thing he had to worry about. He also had to come up with contingency plans. He needed to decide what to do about the Titan Emperor Heaven, his clan, and everything else under his control.

And he had to make sure the Sage Monarch planetary system was well-hidden. If he went off to the future world, all it would take would be for one powerful enemy to come along and everyone he knew could be wiped out of existence. Throughout the years, he had made plenty of enemies, including an Incarnated God from a high-level immortal world. At the moment, none of his friends or family in the Sage Monarch planetary system were Godmyths, which meant that they were all in very dangerous circumstances.


After concluding matters with Brahma Echo-Silk, Yang Qi left the Brahman Immortal World and headed back to the Titan Emperor Heaven. The first thing he did was meet with Empress Jadefall, who was shocked by all the recent developments.

“What? You’re saying the Brahman Immortal World is going to ascend to a higher level by working with the future world and simultaneously destroying countless lower worlds? No wonder we’ve been getting orders to deliver resources to them. They even want our magical laws and immortal world essence. So it’s all a big, despicable conspiracy. What are we going to do?”

“We’ll be fine. I have the power to teleport immortal worlds now, and I've come back with the express purpose of putting contingency plans into place. Also, I have a plan to deal with both the Brahman Immortal World and the future world. Their conspiracy won’t come to fruition.”

“Where exactly do you plan to teleport us to?” Empress Jadefall could never have guessed that Yang Qi would try to pull off something as audacious as this. Teleporting an immortal world was a virtually unimaginable undertaking. After all, immortal worlds were usually fixed within the void, entrenched deeply in space-time like an enormous tree rooted in the ground. Teleporting a world could lead to irreparable damage, or even outright destruction, just like it could to a towering tree that was ripped out of the soil.

“I'm going to use the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart,” Yang Qi replied. “It’s going to be tough, but I'm confident I can do it. I'm also going to bring along the Sage Monarch planetary system and all the other planetary systems I control. Furthermore, I'm going to take the other nearby immortal worlds, such as the Hanging Heaven, Black Sand Heaven, and the like, and assimilate them all. I’ll take them, plus the seventh ranked Sage Sword Heaven and all the immortal worlds it controls, and use them to bolster the immortal world essence here. It will provide an increase of a thousandfold or more, and might even be enough to upgrade our immortal world.”

“That should work,” Empress Jadefall said. “I never would’ve guessed you would do something like that. In that case, we don’t have much time to work with. We should get started immediately.”

“Calm down. First, I want to get you to the Godmyth level.” Yang Qi laid his hand on Empress Jadefall and true energy began to course into her, filled with the power of deathless godliness. Instantly, streams of virtual godhood began building up in her, and although it wasn’t pure, it was more than sufficient for her purposes. It immediately gave her new insights and enlightenment into the quintessence of godhood. And of course, considering she was a Reincarnated One, she completely surpassed ordinary people in this regard.

Yang Qi knew that in the primeval age, she had started out as a porcelain godspore, and as a Reincarnated One, if she could eventually unlock all of her potential she would compare to the legion of gods.

Crash! Rumble!

Yang Qi’s cultivation base made him so incredibly strong that he could dominate tenth ranked immortal worlds, so helping Empress Jadefall was a simple task for him. Within moments, she was entering a state of ancestral awakening. Porcelain godlight streamed out of her, wrapping her up like a cocoon until she transformed back into a porcelain godspore, covered with countless streaming magical symbols and pulsing with the mysterious magical laws of primal-chaos.

Porcelain purifies all blemishes,” she murmured from within the godspore. Godliness began to coalesce, crystallizing into virtual godhood.  

As Yang Qi watched, he nodded. ‘This is what I would expect of a Reincarnated One. Definitely stronger than Heaven Moving Ones, Fraudulent Ones or Inspiring Ones. It’s too bad that she still can’t completely unlock her potential.’

Snap! Crack!

Three days and nights passed. Eventually, Empress Jadefall opened her eyes, looking as beautiful as a goddess. Smiling at Yang Qi, she said, “I’ll soon reach the Godmyth level. Many thanks for your help. I wouldn't have been able to do this with only the resources of the Titan Emperor Heaven to work with.”

“It was my pleasure,” Yang Qi said. “It’s a good thing I have magical laws from very high level immortal worlds to work with. Now I’ll go assimilate the Black Sand Heaven, the Five Blooms Heaven, and of course the Hanging Heaven.”


Yang Qi became an enormous blur that seemed like an ancient god, perhaps even Titan himself. After leaving the Titan Emperor Heaven, he reached out with fingers splayed like heaven-propping pillars to grab its greyspace and lift it up from its spot.

Crack! Snap!

The Titan Emperor Heaven was deeply rooted by the magical laws of the universe that held it in place within the surrounding spatial tempests. But as he lifted it up, it sent shockwaves rolling out to hit other surrounding immortal worlds. Countless ninth stage Dao-Demolishers from the surrounding immortal worlds shot out into the open.

“What’s going on? How could this be happening?”

“My god! Is something lifting that entire immortal world up?”

“What force could possibly lift an immortal world out of the void? Don’t tell me some Godmyth patriarch has come! Wait. According to the oldest daoist texts I've read, not even Godmyth patriarchs should be this strong.”

“It must be the ancient god Titan waking up! This is the power of the legion of gods!”

“But why would he lift the Titan Emperor Heaven up?”

They had recently been completely vanquished by the Titan Emperor Heaven, so at the moment, the assumption that the place was being destroyed had them feeling delighted, to say the least.

As Yang Qi hovered behind the Titan Emperor Heaven like a heaven-god, he said, “You pieces of trash are really useless. You’ve already admitted your inferiority to the Titan Emperor Heaven, and now you have no choice but to face my wrath and be absorbed!”

He reached out toward the Hanging Heaven, Coiling Arc Heaven, Black Sand Heaven, Megaplexus Heaven, Five Blooms Heaven, and Kestra Mural Heaven, and with seemingly no effort, he severed their connections to magical law and ripped them out of their place within the spatial tempests of the universe. Shocked to the core, the Dao-Demolishers immediately flew over and began kowtowing for mercy.

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