Chapter 673: Limited Time

Brahma Echo-Silk was actually Goddess Treasure from the Glorious Treasure Heaven, an Incarnated God who had possessed the original Brahma Echo-Silk.

It was no surprise to Yang Qi.

“I'm no ordinary individual either,” Yang Qi said. “I'm an Inspiring One from the tenth ranked Martial Blood Heaven. I'm also an Incarnated God. Although our immortal world can’t compare to your Glorious Treasure Heaven, we're still nothing to look down on.” To reinforce his claim, he released a bit of the aura of an Inspiring One.

“What? So you were possessed as well? Perfect! We’re cut from the same stock, you and I. Alright, I’m going to arrange for you to get an identity in the Brahman Immortal World, that way we can work together more easily toward our goals.”

“Wrong. I'm not possessed. I actually joined forces with an Inspiring One some time back, and he gave me some of his will to add to my arsenal of tools.” Not wanting to belabor the point, Yang Qi quickly continued, “That said, the Inspiring One I dealt with was a weasel. He tried to scheme against me, until I turned the tables. The point is that I want to make sure you realize that I'm not just some nobody from the Titan Emperor Heaven. I have full access to the power of the Martial Blood Heaven.”

Yang Qi was mainly just trying to make Brahma Echo-Silk feel that he was something of a threat. After all, most of what he was saying was complete nonsense.

“Incidentally, I already have an identity in the Brahman Immortal World. I'm one of the children of Brahma, Hu Yanmeng.”

Yang Qi’s features rippled until he once again looked like Hu Yanmeng. Smiling, he continued, “What do you think? If I can get enough virtual godhood to reach the Godmyth level as Hu Yanmeng, then I’ll become an official patriarch too.”

“Very good,” Brahma Echo-Silk said. “Although the children of Brahma aren’t important enough to be privy to the core secrets of the Brahman Immortal World, it does qualify to you to officially work for me.”

“That’s fine,” Yang Qi said, nodding.

“First I’ll take you to the Temple of Patriarchs to look around and get the lay of the land. That will make things easier for you when the time comes to make a move. Besides, when the future world sends power here, it will be a good chance for us to achieve cultivation breakthroughs as the immortal world rises to a higher level.” The corners of Brahma Echo-Silk’s mouth lifted up in the smile of a Fraudulent One.

In the end, Yang Qi didn’t care if she was lying to him. It was the nature of Fraudulent Ones to deceive those around them, and never tell the truth. In the end, he could always open a way to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and escape there, if the need arose. He would beat this woman at her own game, whether she called herself Brahma Echo-Silk or Goddess Treasure.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

She led the way as they flew back into the Brahman Immortal World and toward the Temple of Patriarchs, a location Yang Qi had never been to. It hung in space above the Brahman Institute, looking down on everything below. The entire institute was visible from this vantage point, making it very easy to keep tabs on the children of Brahma there.

It also made it obvious that the talisman that was the institute actually wasn’t particularly large, and that its true core was the third floor of the Scripture Pavilion.

Rumor had it that mysteries of the legion of gods were hidden there.

Turning to Brahma Echo-Silk, he said, “Wasn’t part of your reward a trip to the third floor of the Scripture Pavilion? Did you see any of the ancient records of the legion of gods? What are they like?”

“There are some records in there from the legion of gods, and although they’re impressive, they’re only there for show. The most impressive thing on the third floor is a heart. It’s no ordinary heart; it pulses with immense power that forms the bridge between the present world and the future world. And that heart isn’t dead either. It’s bound tightly by power from the future world, which keeps it in check.”

Opening his Lord's Eye, Yang Qi looked down into the Scripture Pavilion and could see something pulsing on the third floor.

“Don’t tell me that’s the heart of the god Brahma?” Yang Qi murmured.

“That’s exactly what it is,” Brahma Echo-Silk replied coldly. “And the heart still beats.”

“A beating heart….” Yang Qi shivered. He had assimilated the arm of the Jade Emperor, which had been cut off by King Life-Killer’s sage sword and was in fact dead. Virtually all of its soul and energy had drained away, yet even the tiny scrap that remained had been formidable. If it had been a full and complete arm, then there was no way that Yang Qi could have assimilated it, and in fact, trying to do so would have killed him.

And here there was a live, beating heart? How much power would it contain? After all, Brahma had been far stronger than the Jade Emperor.

“The heart of the god Brahma is extremely important to the future world,” Brahma Echo-Silk explained. “Years ago, Brahma fell to King Immortal-Slayer in battle, and his corpse was chopped into several pieces that were then scattered into different space-time aspects of the universe. According to the stories, his head ended up in the future world while his heart remained in the present. It's the connection between his head and his heart that allowed the future world to create the passageway here. I suppose I should give you some more details about what the future world plans to do. Right now, you could say that the passageway between the future world and the present world is actually illusory. But they want to strengthen the connection between Brahma’s heart and head to make that passage real and permanent.”

“Changing a virtual passageway to a corporeal passageway….” Yang Qi immediately realized the significance of such a change. One was a passage created by pure power, and the other was physical.

He couldn’t help but admire the ingenuity of the future world. They planned to use the body parts of a god to create a permanent connection between the future and the present. It was definitely something that ordinary individuals would never even think to do.

Even more shocking, the remains belonged to a god who was technically still alive, just in a state of deep slumber. If that god were to be overstimulated and eventually woke up, who could possibly comprehend the fury he would unleash?

Yang Qi shook his head. ‘The future world isn't afraid of a god like this? And to think that the Titan Emperor Heaven has the sealed eye of Titan, who is actually dead. If he were alive, who knows how strong that eye would be?’

To mortals, a tiger would be considered extremely dangerous even if it were asleep, and in fact, most animals wouldn't dare to approach it. As for a dead tiger, it could be used to frighten weaker entities, but any intelligent beast would likely just treat it as food.

Gods were the same.

Brahma Echo-Silk continued, “My specific plan is to wait until the moment when this immortal world is rising to a higher level, and in that moment, loosen the seals on Brahma’s heart, freeing it. After being awoken, the heart will surge with power and fly to the future world of its own accord, breaking through space-time and leaving a passageway in its wake. We can use that moment of chaos to follow Brahma to the future world. Understand? When Brahma’s heart and head combine in the future world, it will throw the future world into chaos, which is when we can take advantage of a crisis for personal gain. I already have lots of contingencies in place for when we're in the future world; it shouldn’t be a problem to get back here after we achieve our goals.”

Although Brahma Echo-Silk had clearly put thought into her plans, Yang Qi could already see some weak spots.

“Your entire plan revolves around breaking the seals that currently suppress Brahma's heart. But how are you going to do that? That sealing mark is definitely incredibly powerful, and not the kind that can easily be damaged. If that part of your plan fails, the entire thing fails.”

“You’re right,” Brahma Echo-Silk said. “But I have my ways. Besides, I have you to help me now. Didn’t you say you can draw on the power of the Martial Blood Heaven? With the powers of two immortal worlds working together, just about anything is possible.”

Yang Qi shook his head. “I don’t think even two immortal worlds working together will be enough. Don’t think me a fool. If Brahma’s heart is really still alive, it has power that could easily destroy a twentieth ranked immortal world.”

“That’s true. But in the moment of the immortal world’s ascension, the sealing mark will be infused with immense levels of power. At the same time, Brahma’s heart will be struggling harder than ever to get free. In other words, we can help release the heart. With the slightest push on our part, it will destroy the seals, shatter the Brahman Immortal World, then pierce directly into the future world. It’s like the old saying a single ant-hole can cause the collapse of a thousand-kilometer dike. Surely you're aware of that principle.”

Brahma Echo-Silk waved her hand and a painting appeared which depicted the specific location of the sealing marks. They were made of countless magical symbols, filled with the power of godrelics and natural law.

“This is a depiction of the sealing marks. Study it well, and when the time comes we can join forces to destroy them. If we draw on the full powers of our immortal worlds, we’ll instantly be hundreds of times stronger than normal. That’s assuming that you really do have the support of the Martial Blood Heaven.”

Clearly, Brahma Echo-Silk didn’t quite trust everything Yang Qi had told her.

“Alright, fine,” Yang Qi said, chuckling. “I can definitely use the power of the Martial Blood Heaven to help you. Okay, we're going to work together to save all of the endless immortal worlds. We’ll stop the future world from invading and earn a lot of favor with the dao of heaven.”

“Perhaps, perhaps not. The dao of heaven has no emotions. Even if we help it it won’t necessarily feel any gratitude.”

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