Chapter 669: Slaughtering a Heaven Moving One

The atmosphere was tense in the Brahman Immortal World. Emissaries were being sent to all sorts of immortal worlds to gather resources, including the Titan Emperor Heaven.

Thankfully, Empress Jadefall had a very strong character, and whenever emissaries came, she always managed to stall and buy time. As for the children of Brahma who had been assigned to deal with the Titan Emperor Heaven, they were still unable to extricate themselves from the dangerous situation Yang Qi had arranged for them.

Truth be told, Yang Qi didn't care much about the Titan Emperor Heaven anymore now that he had the Sage Sword Heaven, which was a vastly superior place. However, he didn't want to lose the Titan Emperor Heaven. If some other immortal world came along and took it, it could lead to the deaths of everyone in it, including Empress Jadefall.

If worse came to worst, Yang Qi could always shrink it down and put it in his God Legion Paradise. His cultivation base was now strong enough for him to do such a thing with a first ranked immortal world. As he got stronger, he would be able to do it with higher-ranked immortal worlds.

Producing a magical treasure that resembled a flat disc, Yang Qi said, “Hu Latu, this is an animadestiny magical treasure I got from a Tempered God monster I killed. It’s called the Anarchodevil Gyre. With it, you can transform yourself into a majestic anarchodevil, which will boost your cultivation base to the point where you can conquer every obstacle. Take it. You should be able to use it to beat Dao-Demolishers with nine lineaments. You might even be able to hold out against Godmyth patriarchs. Also, I'm going to impart the Eight Tribes Godfist to you.”

Yang Qi did just that, and Hu Latu’s cultivation base immediately became four or five times stronger than before.

“Go back to your clan and take a look around. Find some people you think would be of use to me and recruit them. Pretty soon, I'm going to destroy the Brahman Immortal World and seal the passageway they’ve opened to the future world. Got it?”

Hu Latu promptly kowtowed. “Of course, Milord. As your loyal servant, I’ll handle everything.”

“Very well, you’re dismissed.” Closing his eyes, Yang Qi thought, ‘Brahma Echo-Silk. Ah, Brahma Echo-Silk. I'm very curious to see where you’re really from. You’ve surely got a very complicated background. How did you fool that divine likeness of Proud Heaven into giving you virtual godhood? Not even I could have pulled off something like that. Don’t tell me that you have a second identity. Are you also a Fraudulent One?’

Yang Qi had sensed a strange aura that he suspected could be that of a Fraudulent One. That was a special constitution type that was even more impressive than an Inspiring One.

At the moment, Yang Qi had combined four of the special constitutions. Fateless One. Reincarnated One. Future One. Slashing One. He also had a fraction of the vital energy of an Inspiring One. Technically speaking, that put his collection at the level of five constitutions. Combined with the power of his God Legion Seal, it made him capable of unleashing very profound and mysterious transformations. Next, he planned to kill Brahma Erudite and add the constitution of a Heaven Moving One to his collection. And later, he would use his pawn in the Sage Sword Heaven to get the Infiltrating constitution of the second brother Shadowless Slasher. And hopefully, he could cooperate with Brahma Echo-Silk to get the constitution of an Enlightened One.

With all of that, he would be even more invincible than ever and could perhaps travel to the future world and get another part of the God Legion Seal. After all of that, he would also need to travel into the ancient past to get the third piece.

He knew now that, ever since he had acquired the God Legion Seal he was destined to eventually be at odds with whoever had the other parts of the seal.

There was really little choice in the matter. Either he would get the seals from those other individuals, or they would kill him.

‘Before going to see Brahma Echo-Silk, there are two things I need to do. First, kill Brahma Erudite and get the constitution of a Heaven Moving One. Second, assimilate the devil will of Jade-in-Stone.’ His plans set, Yang Qi vanished into thin air.

He had been able to redirect the attacks of the Inspiring One to hit Jade-in-Stone over and over again, weakening him severely.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi wasn’t completely confident in being able to completely vanquish Jade-in-Stone. Therefore, he decided to start by taking out Brahma Erudite. Perhaps with the constitution of a Heaven Moving One, he would have a better chance against Jade-in-Stone.

He was a blur as he shot through the Brahman Immortal World, tracking down the branding mark he had left on Brahma Erudite, until he found him in a mansion grotto.

The grotto was located on a towering mountain that rose high into the sky and stretched deep under the ground. It fairly pulsed with high-level universal power and was covered with all sorts of warding magics.

‘Nice place,’ Yang Qi thought. It was definitely a blessed land for cultivation, and although it wasn’t in the Brahman Institute itself, it still had large reserves of godpower. Apparently, it was a minor godrelic, the kind that was perfect for meditation on the profundities of the Godmyth level.

The defensive spell formations were hardly an obstacle to Yang Qi. After passing through them, he saw Brahma Erudite, sitting atop a god item and meditating.

Brahma Erudite was from the enormous Brahma Clan, which had controlled the Brahman Immortal World since ancient times. The most common surname in this immortal world was Brahma, and as for Brahma Erudite, he came from a very important and influential branch of the clan. He had been showered with cultivation resources since he was young, and was also a Heaven Moving One. Because of that, his cultivation progressed rapidly. As a Heaven Moving One, he could move much more quickly than average cultivators. In fact, the reason for the name of this constitution type was that he could move more quickly than the magical laws of the dao of heaven would permit.

In terms of raw speed, Heaven Moving Ones could match Yang Qi with his Angel Wings, which made it easy for them to escape from bonds, pass through spell formations, and slip past warding magics.

Because of that, Brahma Erudite was able to easily enter all sorts of godrelics and acquire the treasures therein. That was what had pushed him all the way to the brink of the Godmyth level. Sadly, in terms of pure strength, he wasn’t even close to Yang Qi, who was essentially as strong as a Tempered God.

In fact, Yang Qi had already defeated an Inspiring One who was an Incarnated God. Considering that, Brahma Erudite was like a stray dog compared to Yang Qi.

Brahma Erudite sat there doing his breathing exercises, godpower flowing into him and being crystalized in preparation to break his dao heart. When that happened, he would be ready to enter the Godmyth level. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite at that level yet.

Most cultivators who had a godly-class energy art could crystalize godpower and turn it into virtual godhood. Without doing so, entering the Godmyth level was impossible.

Grinding his teeth, Brahma Erudite muttered, “Damnation! I can’t believe that Brahma Echo-Silk got that virtual godhood. And it was pure, flawless virtual godhood! Now she's a Godmyth matriarch. I have to get to that level. This just isn’t fair! I got this Godjade Prayer Mat from one of the patriarchs, which improved my cultivation speed by tenfold, and I thought that was amazing. But compared to Brahma Echo-Silk, I'm like nothing. And then there are the damnable Hu Latu and Hu Yanmeng. I can’t believe they insulted me the way they did. I'm going to kill them and wipe out their entire clan!”

“Is that so? You're going to wipe out my clan?”

Brahma Erudite’s eyes snapped open, and he found a young man standing in front of him.

“Hu Yanmeng!”


He leaped to his feet, a vicious gleam in his eyes that was mixed with profound surprise. “I have a host of deadly spell formations protecting my mansion grotto. This place is an impenetrable fortress! How did you get inside?”

“You did set up a lot of defenses,” Yang Qi said coolly. “Sadly, they’re complete trash as far as I'm concerned. Weaker than tofu. And your cultivation base is trash too. That said, your constitution is unique, and that's what interests me. You should feel honored, actually.”

Brahma Erudite’s expression turned even more vicious as killing intent burned in his heart. “You… what happened to you, Hu Yanmeng? You must have come across some good fortune. But aren’t you afraid of getting killed? We’re not in the Brahman Institute right now, so if I kill you, nobody will ever know.”

“You want to attack me?” Yang Qi laughed. “Good, you frog in a well. You’ve bitten off a bit more than you can chew, my friend. You see, I'm not Hu Yanmeng. And considering you’re about to die, I guess I’ll show you my real face.”

“What!? Who are you?!” All of a sudden, Brahma Erudite felt like he was suffocating as Yang Qi unleashed his true aura.

“My name is Yang Qi. I killed Hu Yanmeng and took his identity. Originally, I was planning to wait until you were in the Godmyth level before I took your Heaven Moving powers. But other factors have forced me to move up my timetable. Therefore, I'm going to kill you now. Sorry.”

“So, you’re an evil villain. And you’ve got a lot of guts. Well, once I spread word about this, you’re definitely dead!” All of a sudden, Brahma Erudite burst into motion, moving so quickly it was impossible to track his movement.

But then he let out a muffled shriek and stopped moving.

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