Chapter 665: Secrets of the Brahman Immortal World

Of course, Yang Qi had long since begun to gather believers and use their faith power, which was one of the purest types of power within heaven and earth, a blessing from countless living beings. In ancient times, the paramount Sovereign Lord had received such blessings from the countless gods beneath him.

The blessings of the legion of gods were what led to the creation of the God Legion Seal. That seal had been scattered into the past, present, and future. As a result, it was not possible for it to be united at the moment. Of course, the faith of the gods vastly surpassed the faith of ordinary living beings.

The stronger the cultivation base and soul of those who offered faith, the greater the power it would provide. Thus it could be imagined how beneficial it was for Yang Qi to have the faith of a second division Tempered God. Going forward, his cultivation would undergo significant transformations. Furthermore, his immortal-slaying clone would be able to benefit from the boundless power of faith, enabling him to have greater control over King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions and pushing him closer to the point of being able to resurrect the will of King Immortal-Slayer.

Inexorable Slasher’s initial reaction to the sagelight shooting toward him was to resist it. Truth be told, he was already full of crafty plots and machinations, and was hoping to get revenge one day. However, he also realized that he had no options right now. Therefore, he did not resist. The light entered him, and within moments his thoughts of vengeance faded away and he became a true believer.

“My Lord!” he said, and it almost seemed as if he had gained one of the three thousand special constitutions and become a Pious One. Prostrating on the ground, he said, “My Lord, you are the most glorious of monarchs. Henceforth, I will devote myself fully to you and exercise utmost faith. Your blessing will bring glory to all creation. Even if I have to sacrifice my own life, I will see to it that your will and majesty are protected and defended.”

“Good,” Yang Qi said. Waving his hand dismissively, he said, “Now stand off to the side.” Yang Qi could already sense himself growing stronger, thanks to having a new, powerful believer. Furthermore, he had complete control over Inexorable Slasher’s thoughts; the man would now do anything Yang Qi wanted without the slightest hesitation or resistance. He would even go so far as to kill himself.

‘Perfect. I can send this faith power to my immortal-slaying clone, which will help him control King Immortal-Slayer’s soul when it fully awakens. Otherwise, his will would probably try to possess me.’ Yang Qi was fully aware that King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions were not like the God Legion Seal; instead, they were a disaster waiting to happen.

“Inexorable Slasher,” Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit said, “now that you’re a true believer of Daoist Brother Yellow, why don’t you tell us where to find your second brother, Shadowless Slasher? He needs to be killed, or become a true believer of Daoist Brother Yellow. Otherwise, he’ll be a danger to us and our immortal world.”

The God-Slashing Sword Sect had always been run by three brothers. The eldest brother was Traceless Slasher, the Slashing One.

The second brother was Shadowless Slasher, who was rarely seen in public. In fact, no one knew where he was. However, anyone who refused to comply with the God-Slashing Sword Sect’s teachings and rules would end up dead at his hands. As for Inexorable Slasher, he was the one who handled most of the daily affairs.

“The truth is that Shadowless Slasher also has a unique constitution that makes him no weaker than a Slashing One. He’s an Infiltrating One, and at the moment, he’s undercover in a tenth ranked immortal world, working toward becoming an Incarnated God. Unfortunately, not even I know which world it is, and I have no way to contact him. My Lord, why not use me as bait to lure him back here? Then you could have an Infiltrating One as a true believer.”

Yang Qi nodded. “That sounds like a good plan. You three brothers are really incredible. One of you was a Slashing One, and one is an Infiltrating One. Seems you’re the only one without a special constitution. Your parents must have been very unique. Fine, wait here for your second brother. When he makes contact with you, I’ll know. Eventually, I can add the constitution of an Infiltrating One to my collection.”

Turning to Sword Seventeen, he said, “I'm going to leave you in charge here. I’ll set up a passage leading to the Sage Monarch planetary system to allow people from there to come here for training. Select the best and most talented disciples from the Sage Monarch Society. The Titan Emperor Heaven is too small and weak to allow for true growth, but the Sage Sword Heaven is different. Also, take any resources or magical laws from here that you need and send them to the lower world. We need to start building up the power and reserves to push the Sage Monarch planetary system to the level of an immortal world.”

“Of course,” Sword Seventeen said. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” Just being in the Sage Sword Heaven had already improved Sword Seventeen’s cultivation base, and he would only continue to grow stronger as he cultivated his profound sword technique. He would definitely be able to handle matters well.

As for Yang Qi, he was already as strong as an Incarnated God, so it was an easy task for him to open a passageway to the lower world.

For the Sage Monarch planetary system to have an infusion of power and resources from a seventh ranked immortal world caused its magical laws to grow stronger. Golden planets formed everywhere in the Sage Monarch planetary system, which cultivators of the dao could use to forge flying swords and other magical treasures that were innately immortal items, filled with immortal energy.

Countless disciples of the Yang Clan cheered, and the leaders, such as Yang Zhan and all of Yang Qi’s sworn siblings, couldn’t help but contemplate what future glories would come.

“Excellent. Perfect.” With the passage having been opened. Eldest Brother and the others from the Invincible Society came to the Sage Sword Heaven and began gathering resources.

Meanwhile, Yang Qi took the magical treasures he had acquired from Castle Heaven-Devil and handed them over to his father to be distributed to the Sage Monarch Society and the Yang Clan.

With that upgrade, Yang Zhan would easily be able to defend against ordinary Godmyths, or at least escape with his life.

Everything went smoothly. Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit took care of most daily affairs, and was supported by Inexorable Slasher.

Many days passed. The disciples of the Sage Monarch planetary system underwent their training, and all of them grew stronger as a result.

By this point, the Sage Monarch planetary system had reached a level that was in no way inferior to an immortal world.

There were tens upon tens of thousands of other immortal worlds that were subservient to the Sage Sword Heaven, and it was also possible to gather resources from those places to help the growth of the Sage Monarch planetary system.

Godrelics and spell formations were bolstering the Sage Monarch planetary system, and there were immortal slaves who constantly worked to strengthen its greyspace. The core of it all was the Sage Monarch Collegium. When the time came, Yang Qi planned to have his immortal-slaying clone send Jade-in-Stone there, along with the virtual godhood of the hundreds of Tempered Gods, to fuel the drive to become an immortal world.

However, the work underway didn’t need his supervision. His clan and sworn siblings would handle it all, and in the process it was possible that some of them might even become Godmyths.

‘I need to get back to the Brahman Immortal World. Originally, I thought I could overthrow the place myself, but based on what that Inspiring One said, it seems that the place really is actually an outpost for the future world. There must be many experts hiding there. I have to be very careful. The future world is a civilization that combines science and technology with the daos of immortals and gods, and that leads to terrifying power.’

Yang Qi blurred into motion and left the Sage Sword Heaven. It was time to start unlocking the secrets of the Brahman Immortal World.

His mission had been to go to the Regal Event Heaven and steal King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans from August Patriarch Fire Dragon. It had been two years since that mission had been handed out, and not only had Yang Qi succeeded, he had gone on to conquer a seventh ranked immortal world. It was a completely shocking development that he obviously couldn’t reveal publicly.

Upon arriving at the Brahman Immortal World, he once again disguised himself as Hu Yanmeng, child of Brahma.

Considering how much he had advanced since leaving, his view of the Brahman Immortal World was now different. He could see that in the very center of the Brahman Institute, there was a sealed passageway, which he knew led to the future world.

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