Chapter 661: A Conspiracy


In one short moment, countless puzzle pieces clicked together in Yang Qi’s mind. Catastrophe was coming, and although he wasn't sure of every specific detail, there were many aspects that he could extrapolate. 

He had long since felt as if something immense were looming over him, hanging there, ready to fall and crush him. No amount of thought or calculation had provided him with any insights about it, but now, a few short words from this nameless expert had revealed just about everything.

As it turned out, experts from the future world were planning an invasion! The past, present, and future were the three major linchpins of time, and normally travel between them wasn’t possible. The karmic relationships that connected them were contingent on great daos and magical laws, and theoretically speaking, tampering with such forces could lead to the destruction of everything.

Only the legion of gods could successfully cross the river of time and travel to the past, present, and future. Occasionally, Future Ones and Past Ones would appear, but they were extreme rarities. Furthermore, they couldn’t produce any measurable change in history. However, if large numbers of them took action together, it could cause a major collapse and throw the river of time into absolute chaos. It could turn everything primeval and lead to ultimate extinction.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi knew that such circumstances would definitely come.

And it was all because of the God Legion Seal.

That seal contained the blessings of the legion of gods, and was a god item belonging to the Sovereign Lord himself. It existed in three parts, one of which was in the primeval era, in the past. The second existed in the present, with Yang Qi. And the third was in the hands of some expert in the future.

Thanks to the urgings of time itself, those three pieces would eventually combine. However, to do so would require crossing the river of time, and would need an overlap of past, present, and future.

‘No wonder!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Now it makes sense why Proud Heaven would create the Brahman Society and stir up trouble in the Brahman Immortal World. That's why he wanted the Brahman Immortal World to resemble the future world. It's because the future world is planning an invasion. Proud Heaven is a Future One, and the Brahman Immortal World is where he’s laying the groundwork for the invasion!

‘So that’s how it is. So that’s how it is! No wonder I can't find Mother, Aunt Susu, and my Master, the Invincible Dugu. Proud Heaven must have taken them with him to the future world. They're not even in my present time! If they were, my Wheel of Fate would have picked up on at least some clues by now. I suppose it's also possible they could be in the past, but one thing’s for certain; they’re not here. Unfortunately, there are still so many unknowns. I wonder if working with this guy would help clear up some of the important secrets….’

The man in the primal-chaos robe was an Incarnated God, and for some reason Yang Qi felt inspired to work with him.

‘Hold on!’ he thought. All of a sudden, his God Legion Seal stirred and he felt as if he were waking up. ‘I normally have such a strong mind. What's going on here? I don’t even know this guy’s name, but suddenly I'm thinking of teaming up with him? He has a special constitution. He’s the Inspiring One who was working behind the scenes with Traceless Slasher to control the Sage Sword Heaven. And he comes from a tenth ranked immortal world.’

At this point, Yang Qi burst out laughing. Feeling very relaxed, he said, “So, you’re the Inspiring One. You nearly fooled me, and I almost fell for your inspiring power. Well played. So, where exactly are you from? Depending on where it is, I might think about working with you. By the way, don’t try to use your powers on me; they won’t work. You see, I have a special constitution as well.”

“You have a special constitution?” The Inspiring One was clearly shocked to see that Yang Qi had come to his senses. “Not bad. Not bad at all. Only people with unique constitutions can slough off my powers so quickly. Yes, I'm an Inspiring One, and I can tell you exactly where I'm from. I'm one of the top leaders from a tenth ranked immortal world called the Martial Blood Heaven. I want to control as many immortal worlds as possible as I prepare to defend against the invading armies of Future Ones. It won’t be long now before space-time is fractured and their forces come to our world. Things will get very bad when that happens. Many immortals will be enslaved, and even people like myself will face immense catastrophe. You see, the people in the future world have carried on the core teachings and doctrines of the ancient mechanical civilization. But they’ve done more than that. You know the old saying indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant, but is bluer than the plant itself. That perfectly describes the future world. They took the daos of immortals, devils, wretches, buddhas, and dragons, and combined them all. They're terrifyingly strong, and as part of their journey here, their people gain the invincible constitution of Future Ones.”

Suddenly, another wave of Inspiring One power entered Yang Qi’s mind, urging him to cooperate, but this time he was ready for it.

“That’s a pretty big secret,” Yang Qi said. “As a matter of fact, I know of an immortal world that was likely founded by a Future One. Presumably, he plans to use it as a starting point for the invasion. Why don’t the two of us join forces to destroy it, and take out anyone working for that Future One?”

“What? You know of a place like that?” The man smiled. “Tell me which immortal world it is, and I’ll definitely go destroy it. To forestall is better than to amend, as they say.”

“Well, that’s simple. It's a fifth ranked immortal world that’s currently building its power to rise to the seventh rank. Who knows, considering how miraculous and ambitious they are, perhaps they’ll reach the tenth rank. You might want to keep this confidential, but it's called the Brahman Immortal World. It was founded by Proud Heaven, who is a Future One. What do you think? I'm making a good faith offer to work with you here. Otherwise I wouldn’t reveal such a big secret.”

The Inspiring One burst out laughing. “So, you're an enemy of the Brahman Immortal World. Look, I learned a long time ago about them. It's not some secret. At least, not to us people in the know. That said, the Brahman Immortal World isn’t a place to casually cause problems for.” Expression turning cold, he continued, “Although they’re only a measly fifth ranked immortal world, it just so happens that one of our patriarchs went there some time ago, a third division Incarnated God. And he never returned, which indicates he perished. Do you understand what that means? An Incarnated God perished! We don’t know exactly how he died, but do you think it's an easy thing to put an end to someone like that?”

“Oh?” Yang Qi’s heart was already starting to pound. He had previously assumed that because the Brahman Immortal World was a fifth ranked location, he could easily crush it. But now this Inspiring One was telling him that things weren’t going to be that easy. With his current cultivation, taking on the Brahman Immortal World might lead to his own death. It made sense, considering that the place had been set up as a stronghold by a Future One and was imbued with the power of the future world.

“Listen, boy. I'm not going to bicker about the fact that you killed Traceless Slasher. But I can’t abide you defying me. Are you going to work with me, or not? I’ll definitely take care of the Brahman Immortal World, eventually.”

Yet again, the Inspiring One reached out to Yang Qi with his powers, this time doing nothing to try to hide it. “We’ve had our eyes on the Brahman Immortal World for a while now. And we’re very familiar with the Proud Heaven you mentioned. He’s an important person in the future world, a very powerful individual with millions upon millions of clones that he uses to control everything under heaven. If he weren’t so powerful, how do you think a place like the Brahman Immortal World could exist right under our noses? If you don’t join us, it’s highly likely that Proud Heaven himself will eventually take note of you and try to take your constitution. In fact, maybe he already has you in his sights. Once he does, he won’t rest until he devours you. Another upside to working with us is that we’ll help you search the Brahman Immortal World for the secret passage leading to the future world. If you travel to the future, you can gain the status of a Past One, which is nothing to look down on. It might even push you to the Godmyth level. It would be incredible tempering! Your cultivation base is impressive as it is, so if you became a Godmyth just about anything would be possible for you. The only downside is you need far, far too much power—more than you’ll ever get on your own.”

His words were incredibly enticing as they tugged at Yang Qi’s heart.

Unfortunately, Yang Qi knew that agreeing to work with an Inspiring One would be like asking a tiger for its skin. In the daoist texts he’d read, the ones penned by Godmyths, Inspiring Ones always used people like cannon fodder. They could sense the feelings and thoughts of others and use them to fabricate complete falsehoods. No one ever benefited by cooperating with them. They were always untrustworthy villains who brought doom to those who got close to them.

There was no way that Yang Qi would ever trust the words of an Inspiring One.

“My apologies,” Yang Qi said, his expression hardening. “I’m afraid I have to reject your offer. I'm not impressed by tenth ranked immortal worlds. Maybe if you were from a thirty-third ranked world like the Tusita Heaven, Unrestrained Heaven, Mourn-Parting Heaven, or the like, I might think about it. But no, I won’t be working with you. So please leave, and also forget any thoughts of causing trouble for the Sage Sword Heaven. Incidentally, I’ll be reaching the Godmyth level soon, and I don’t need your help to do it. Work with you? I'm not stupid. You would be plotting against me from the beginning, and I probably would never reach the Godmyth level.”

“What?” the man said, his face flickering with killing intent. “And if I don’t leave?”

“If you don’t leave?” Yang Qi said. “Then you’ll die.”

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