Chapter 658: Taking On a Slashing One

Who would ever have guessed that Traceless Slasher, a Slashing One, would have ninety-nine of King Life-Killer’s sage swords? He had more than Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit! For years, legends said that anyone who found the seven lost swords would push their dao of the sword to a higher level. Their sword technique would reach a peak state that could dominate, and even absorb, all other sword techniques.

The fact that Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit had found fifty-six had been shocking enough. Considering how many more Traceless Slasher had, what level did he currently stand in?

No wonder his ambition was to take control of the world and raise it to a higher level. As an Incarnated God, he could likely acquire more of the sage swords and become even stronger. Maybe he would even be able to reach the Deathless Throne.

“I'm willing to acknowledge allegiance….”

“Me too.” 

Following Sectlord Emptydeath’s lead, more of the experts and leaders began dropping to their knees and kowtowing. They knew that with ninety-nine sage swords, and the constitution of a Slashing One, Traceless Slasher was unstoppable.

In fact, he could kill everyone present with the slightest wave of his hand.

A wise man submits to the circumstances, and in order to preserve their own core teachings and doctrines, and avoid destruction, they were all willing to bow their heads.

In the shortest of moments, the tables were turned. The other sects were all indicating that they would join Traceless Slasher in opposing Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit.

“Acknowledge allegiance? Or not? What’s your decision, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit? If you don’t, you die. There is no third option.” Traceless Slasher pointed his sword at her, clearly ready to make a move at a moment’s notice. The immortal world essence at play weighed down heavily, causing the sun and moon to go dim, twisting and distorting the magical laws, and even affecting space-time.

An extremely unsightly expression overtook Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit’s face as she realized that she was absolutely incapable of standing up to Traceless Slasher’s cultivation base.

The other sectlords began chiming in.

“Come on, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit. Are you really going to refuse to acknowledge allegiance? Do you want to die?”

“That’s right! Maybe you got fifty-six of King Life-Killer’s sage swords, but Traceless Slasher has even more than that. You’re like a firefly trying to compete with the full moon. There’s no way you’ll win. Cast your sword aside and surrender. Putting the interests of our immortal world first is obviously the right choice.”

“Being united will advance all of our interests.”

“Hurry up and surrender. If you don’t, your entire Ice Spirit Sword Sect is going to be slaughtered and sent to the Yellow Springs!”

The only sectlord who wasn’t putting pressure on her was Sectlord Emptydeath. “Oh exalted Traceless Slasher, please, kill this woman. She obviously won't submit to you, and if she escapes, she could spread word to other immortal worlds of your master plan and ruin the whole thing. You can’t let her free.”

Reaching out to Yang Qi with divine will, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit said, “What do I do?”

Yang Qi sighed, then strolled out and looked over at Traceless Slasher. 

“I can’t believe you lucked out like this, Slashing One,” he said. “I guess I have no choice but to interfere. I'd hoped to support Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit from the shadows, but sadly that’s not an option now. At least now I can jump right to the part where I take your Slashing constitution and cultivation base.”

Suddenly, everything in the area began spinning as the surrounding immortal world essence rushed in Yang Qi’s direction. A primal-chaos elder-snake lunged out and began to devour it rapidly.

“What? Another expert? And you have King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans?” Traceless Slasher backed up a bit. “So you’re on her side?”

“That’s right,” Yang Qi said, his energy pulsing with such power that everyone was forced to edge away from him. “All you have are King Life-Killer’s sage swords. Of the seventy-two sworn brothers of ancient times, he ranked fourth. In first place was King Immortal-Slayer, followed by King Heaven-Devourer, then King Mourn-Parting. Do you really think that ninety-nine of King Life-Killer’s sage swords could possibly do anything to two thousand of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans?”

“Two thousand?!” Traceless Slasher said. Suddenly, a sinister smile played out on his face. “Well, this is perfect. Getting those treasures will make my plan even easier to carry out. I hereby call upon the mighty will of the Sword God to turn all of the millions upon millions of immortal worlds beneath me into a sword dao civilization. Then, the great Sword God can finally be resurrected! Immortal World Essence; Paramount Rift; Ancient Founder; Boundless Heavenly World; Sword God of the Void; Come!

All of a sudden, Traceless Slasher leaped up into the air and transformed into a divine sword, pulsing with godpower and a mighty will.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi realized that he was in a very dangerous situation.

‘The boundless will of the Sword God? Supposedly, one member of the ancient legion of gods was the Sword God, who was killed by King Life-Killer. Later, King Life-Killer used his flesh, blood, and soul to forge his sage swords. Now Traceless Slasher is drawing on that Sword God’s core teachings and doctrines! He wants to create a grand sword dao civilization, and use the sacrifice to resurrect the Sword God. Terrifying! Simply terrifying!’

As Yang Qi realized what was happening, his Wheel of Fate spun like mad, causing the power of fate to surge within him.

‘Who cares about some Sword God? He was killed, right? Now he's stirring up trouble and trying to act like the Sovereign Lord? He thinks he can control all the gods of the many heavens? As far as I'm concerned, the will of the Sword God is like a candle just waiting to be snuffed out!’

Yang Qi threw his hands wide, releasing an explosion of magical laws.

Dragon of Fate!


Streams of fate power transformed into a savage dragon that swept out like a chain to wrap around and seal the enemy’s sword energy.

“That’s not going to work!” Traceless Slasher growled. “Sword Dao God-Spirit; Boundless Legion of Gods; I Accept the Dao of Gods; Sharpness Ascendant; Slash Everything to Bits!” As the incarnation of a sword, he slashed back and forth, destroying the Dragon of Fate, then shot up into the sky, a mighty expression of will that made it seem like the Sword God was once again about to appear in the world.

Let the Sword God Come! Welcome the Heavenly Sword!

Suddenly, the emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate, and desire swirled out as an expression of sword light that bore down on Yang Qi.

Seven Killings, Seven Emotions; One Sword, Seven Stances; One Stance, One Emotion; Seven Emotions Combined Causes the Gods to Fall![1]

Traceless Slasher was unleashing a dao of the sword based on the seven emotions, something that could cause even the legion of gods to perish.

Yang Qi wasn’t fazed, and in fact, seemed like an invincible monarch hovering in the air. As he drew on the power of the God Legion Seal, the golden imp appeared, surrounded by a golden sphere of light that resembled an egg. The incoming sword energy slammed into that golden light and faded away. Then Yang Qi unleashed his primal-chaos elder-snake. “If that’s all you’re capable of, Traceless Slasher, then sorry, it's not good enough. You might want to turn the Sage Sword Heaven into a tenth ranked immortal world, but if I consume your power that's not going to happen. In fact, I'm curious how much power there is for the taking here.”

“Bastard!” Traceless Slasher growled, his face a mask of fury and rage. Then he vanished, reappearing a moment later directly behind Yang Qi. “Lifespan of Heaven and Earth!

Sword light shot out that seemed to move slowly, but actually traveled millions upon millions of times faster than the speed of light. In fact, anyone watching would likely cough up blood just from the sight of it.

The light began to grow thicker and stronger, filling the world until, without any warning, it snapped down to the size of a single strand of hair!

Yet, in that size, it was even more dangerous.


The tiny strand of sword light slashed through the projected light of the God Legion Seal. Normally speaking, the move of Lifespan of Heaven and Earth should never have been able to do such a thing; unfortunately, Yang Qi’s overall cultivation level was still too weak. He was still only a fifth stage World-Demolisher. Traceless Slasher was vastly higher than him in terms of cultivation base, and was also being supported by the will of the Sword God. In the blink of an eye, his attack was about to hit Yang Qi.

Yang Qi didn’t seem shocked at all, though. He merely said, “Excellent!”

He reached out with a quickness that surpassed even the sword light, revealing might and skill that surpassed any arts of fighting from the mortal world. This was more like the realm of the legion of gods and the godly laws of the Sovereign Lord.


He grabbed the sword light, forcing it to stop moving!

Traceless Slasher appeared again, his eyes red with fury! Yang Qi had grabbed the ninety-nine sage swords, and it seemed impossible to wrench them out of his grasp.

1. The seven emotions are a key concept in Chinese culture, relating to medicine, relationships, etc.

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