Chapter 657: Slashing One

Traceless Slasher was the top figure from the most famous organization in the Sage Sword Heaven, and he had the unique constitution of a Slashing One. But not even he could handle Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit.

Who was Traceless Slasher? He was the pillar of this entire immortal world; without him, the God-Slashing Sword Sect wouldn’t have the reputation it did. The sect had killed experts from countless other immortal worlds and was very famous. Because of them, and specifically Traceless Slasher, it was said that the immortal world would soon rise to the tenth rank.

Whenever a fight broke out and Traceless Slasher showed up, things would immediately calm down.

Yet, this time, he was powerless against Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit.

Sectlord Emptydeath was so shocked he nearly passed out, and was staring at Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit as if she were some sort of freakish monster. As for her, she ignored him as surely as if he were a corpse. She simply stood there, radiating an icy energy that filled the area.

But Sectlord Emptydeath knew that it didn’t mean he was off the hook. Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit would definitely want to settle accounts, and it filled him with the inclination to try to flee.

Of course, the onlookers were discussing the subject.

“What? Traceless Slasher attacked Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit, but it didn't do anything? When did she become so strong? Traceless Slasher is one of those mysterious Slashing Ones. His dao of the sword vastly surpasses other ordinary techniques, making him an impossible foe to fight. I heard that even though he’s only a Tempered God, his cultivation base is so strong that he can defeat Incarnated Gods in battle. Not even someone from a tenth ranked immortal world would be able to beat him.”

“That’s right. Traceless Slasher’s cultivation base is heaven-shaking and earth-shattering. He’s impossible to beat in a fight. So what exactly is going on here? Is it something to do with King Life-Killer’s sage swords?”

“King Life-Killer’s sage swords are mysterious and unpredictable. But my guess is that it's because Traceless Slasher didn’t use a deadly move. Let’s see what happens next. We can't get involved with the matters of the God-Slashing Sword Sect and the Ice Spirit Sword Sect.”

The sectlords, experts, and leaders from the other sects would normally follow the orders of the God-Slashing Sword Sect without question. But now they were holding back.

They could all see that Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit’s cultivation base was incredible, and they knew that offending her could be a fatal move.

“What’s this?” a voice said, sounding somewhat puzzled.

Everyone present felt like they were suffocating, as power weighed down that seemed capable of ripping them to pieces. A young man appeared, seemingly only fifteen or sixteen years old. He wore silver clothing that glittered dazzlingly, and he glowed with silver light that pierced the eyes of those who looked in his direction. He didn’t have a sword on him—probably because he himself seemed like a sword incarnated, a sword that could devastate all heaven and earth.

Traceless Slasher had finally shown his face.

After looking Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit up and down, he waved his finger, sending a burst of power into his brother Inexorable Slasher, causing his wounds to stitch up, and healing his injuries.

From that alone it was obvious that his cultivation base made him hundreds of times more powerful than Inexorable Slasher.

When Traceless Slasher spoke, his voice echoed with deafening loudness. “I never could have guessed that you would achieve progress like this, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit.”

“Oh, it's nothing really,” she replied. “I just happened to come across King Life-Killer’s sage swords. They gave me a bit of King Life-Killer’s sword techniques, as well as some of his will. He wants me to rule the Sage Sword Heaven and spread the glory of the Life-Killing Sword Dao. Why are you targeting me, Traceless Slasher? Your little brother wants to dismantle my Ice Spirit Sword Sect and turn my disciples into slave girls. I obviously had no choice but to fight back. Look, if we both end up hurting each other in a big fight, that’s not going to benefit you, is it?”

In the past, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit had acted like a lackey around Traceless Slasher, but not anymore, now that she had Yang Qi’s support.

“What, you want to take over the Sage Sword Heaven?” Traceless Slasher’s eyes glittered with rage. His master plan had always been to unite the eighteen sword sects under his own leadership, change their name, and begin gathering faith from the entire Sage Sword Heaven to turn it into a tenth ranked immortal world.

At that point, the immortal world essence would rise to a higher level and he would finally have the chance to become an Incarnated God. Reaching that level would be a major accomplishment. After all, it was hard enough for an ordinary person to reach the Godmyth level, and then cultivate all the way to the third division and become an Incarnated God. But Traceless Slasher was a Slashing One, and that meant the process would be even more difficult. The only way for him to do it was to increase the rank of the immortal world he was part of.

For Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit to come along and vie for power with him meant that all of his plans were being threatened, and there was no way he would simply go along with that.

“You think you can just come along and take over the Sage Sword Heaven? Sorry, but it’s not that simple. For one thing, you have to have the support of the other sects. The reason I called this meeting today is because I wish to unify all of the eighteen sword sects. Then I’ll gather together all of the immortal worlds we control and sacrifice them, destroying their essences and all of their cultivators to power a unique type of sword cultivation. The Life-Killing Sword-Sacrificing Art. With the resulting power, we could rise to the level of a tenth ranked immortal world! Well? What do you all think?”

Everyone was completely flabbergasted, and initially just exchanged awkward glances.

As a seventh ranked immortal world, the Sage Sword Heaven ruled over countless first, second, third, and fourth ranked immortal worlds. There were tens upon tens of thousands of them, all filled with the most plentiful and abundant resources, as well as innumerable living beings.

In what seemed like the most insane of suggestions, Traceless Slasher was suggesting that they destroy all of them to improve the level of the Sage Sword Heaven.

Not even Yang Qi would consider something so demented. After all, even the Titan Emperor Heaven, a first ranked immortal world, was still full of living beings and immortals. The idea of literally destroying even a single world like that seemed like madness, much less hosts of them.

And if such an act were not perfectly executed, it would likely lead to interference from other high-level immortal worlds, and likely, war.

“Let me point out that if anyone interferes with my plan, you will face my wrath. Think this through, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit. This is all for the good of the Sage Sword Heaven. You wouldn’t oppose the advancement of our world, would you? Perhaps you came across some good fortune, but you’ll never reach the Incarnated God level unless you work with me. If you help me push our immortal world to a higher level, then you will have a hope of eventually reaching the Paramount God level.”

There was something odd and enticing about his voice, something that caused the expressions of many of the people present to turn blank.

Even Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit seemed to be considering his words carefully.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi’s voice rang out within Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit’s mind. “Be careful. He’s using a psychic disorientation technique to enchant you and infect you with his own dao of the sword.”

“Hunh?” she murmured. In the blink of an eye, she was awake. Shivering, she smiled faintly, raised her voice, and said, “Clever bastard. I underestimated, you, Traceless Slasher. Your cultivation base is even more profound than I realized. You snuck your sword energy into your words, hoping to force us to agree to your plan. And I bet you planned to include all of us in your sacrifice, didn’t you? Unfortunately for you, I have King Life-Killer’s sage swords, therefore that little trick won’t work on me.”

“Fine!” Traceless Slasher said, eyes glittering at the realization that Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit had freed herself from his spell. “So, you can actually negate my ability. But did you really think that you're the only person with some of King Life-Killer’s sage swords?”


All of a sudden, a streak of sword light shot out of the rift that was the God-Slashing Sword Sect. The light split into ninety-nine separate beams which came to hover around Traceless Slasher. Shockingly, he had ninety-nine of King Life-Killer’s sage swords!

“Surprised? There are seven thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven of King Life-Killer’s sage swords. Our founder had seven, and that was enough to be completely domineering. I happened to explore a godrelic recently, and acquired ninety-nine of them. Based on the profound techniques I gained from the swords, I assumed I was more than prepared to unify the eighteen sects and our immortal world. Who could have guessed that you would suddenly cause problems, threatening my master plan? Sadly for you, I'm going to crush you and take those sage swords.”

Traceless Slasher’s sword energy suddenly roiled out, causing the immortal world essence around him to vibrate as he connected to it. In the blink of an eye, he was the immortal world, and the immortal world was him.

“What? You’re controlling the immortal world essence?” Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit said.

“Yes, exactly. Submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish. Sectlords, what is your decision? Will you acknowledge allegiance to me, or not? If not, you’ll be destroyed. I’ll take your nascent divinities, your flesh, and your blood, and sacrifice it to the essence of our immortal world.”

Everyone reacted with visible shock.

Then Sectlord Emptydeath dropped to his knees. “I acknowledge allegiance. Oh exalted Traceless Slasher, you will soon reach the Deathless Throne and become a god! Now please, execute this Sword Bitch Ice Spirit!”

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