Chapter 652: Sage Sword Heaven

Yang Qi was now very, very rich. He had taken the quintessence energy of hundreds of Tempered Gods, and combined their virtual godhood into a batch of enormous power.

He couldn’t assimilate it, but he could take it into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and use it to create a spell formation to crush the monster, Jade-in-Stone. Afterward, he could slowly begin absorbing it and eventually break through to the Godmyth level.

In the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, power flowed into the jade-colored tomb, becoming more and more paper talismans. The godly laws at play were so strong that Jade-in-Stone was completely suppressed, and at the same time, filled with terror.

Trembling, he said, “You… you’re crazy! Demented! I can’t believe you killed all of those Tempered Gods!”

“That’s nothing,” Yang Qi replied. “I'm going to assimilate you too, and then I’ll become a Godmyth. Afterward, everything in Castle Heaven-Devil is going to be mine.” Yang Qi knew that leaving Jade-in-Stone alone in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was just asking for trouble. After all, there were still plenty of old-timers holed up in various nooks and crannies of the place, and if they somehow freed him, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

But now Yang Qi had plenty of capital to work with. The virtual godhood he had built up would be of immense assistance to his immortal-slaying clone as well, and would push him to an enigmatically high level. No longer did the clone need to search for god items and treasure hoards; he could just sit atop the jade-colored tomb and absorb power from the virtual godhood. Immortal-slaying power swirled within the legacy medallions, causing the clone’s physical body to advance in dramatic fashion. His aura was growing stronger and his blood was being converted into the blood of King Immortal-Slayer, which was redder than red, like the blood of millions upon millions of universes condensed down into its purest form.

Jade-in-Stone’s terror mounted. “You've got a lot of guts, boy! I can’t believe you’re cultivating the God Legion Seal and King Immortal-Slayer's legacy medallions at the same time! Maybe you’re using a clone, but you two share the same soul! Things might seem fine now, but when you reach a high level it will be like cultivating water and fire together. Don’t you understand? When the will of King Immortal-Slayer fully awakens and sees your God Legion Seal, he’ll try to possess you. I'm like nothing compared to King Immortal-Slayer; even if you reach the Deathless level, the level of the ancient legion of gods, you still won’t be a match for him. King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy is actually a curse. A curse, you hear me? Anyone who gets those legacy medallions ends up dying a horrible death! Your destiny gets taken by the medallions and turned into power to resurrect King Immortal-Slayer. Look, I’ll give you one chance to avoid that. Just let me free and I’ll explain the details!”

Yang Qi laughed out loud. “Poor you, Jade-in-Stone. You really think I don't know the danger here? Let me tell you, as long as I don’t collect all the medallions together, they won't know about the God Legion Seal. And even if I do collect them, I have my ways to handle them. Look, stop worrying about that. Too much worry on your part might interfere with me assimilating you. Although, even if you were stronger than you are, and even if you had craftier plots and machinations, you still won’t escape the fate of being assimilated. Understand? Just settle down and enjoy this wonderful turn of events.”

The ruthlessness of Yang Qi’s words caused rage to explode in Jade-in-Stone’s heart. “I'm going to escape! And then I’ll go to your Sage Sword Heaven and turn everyone into either slaves or monsters. I won’t even spare the chickens and dogs!”

His words were an actual curse, filled with magical power.

“Keep cursing. It's only going to make me stronger. The more rancorous energy you throw my way, the better.”



Back in Castle Heaven-Devil, Yang Qi waved his sleeve, finally sending Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit out into the open. Opening her eyes, she looked around and said, “What happened? Did that fiend-devil attack me?”

“Yes, it did. The devil in the tomb tried to make a move on you, but I saved you. It's all over now. I crushed him, and also cleared out the first and second levels of Castle Heaven-Devil. You can go back to the Sage Sword Heaven now and seize power. Once you do, I want to make a big attack on the Brahman Immortal World.” Yang Qi didn't bother trying to mask his ambitious intentions.

“So you're at odds with the Brahman Immortal World. Fine, no problem. That's a fifth ranked immortal world, and they’re currently stockpiling resources to try to reach the sixth rank. Compared to a seventh ranked world like the Sage Sword Heaven, they’re nothing. In fact, we would have attacked them eventually, whether you asked us to or not.” It was only at this point that Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit registered everything Yang Qi had just said. “Hold on. You cleared out the top two levels? Completely? And you subjugated that other devil? How?”

“The details aren’t important,” Yang Qi replied. “Suffice it to say that I’ve performed a great service for your immortal world. The devilish tribulation you feared will not come. You acquired fifty-six of King Life-Killer’s swords, and now I'm going to help you reach the Tempered God level. Once you get back to the Sage Sword Heaven, you’ll be the top ruler. And with me backing you, no one will dare to make a move against you.

“I'm also going to call that friend of mine over to practice sword cultivation with you. He can be your apprent—wait, that wouldn’t be appropriate. He already has a Master. Perhaps you can step in for his Master to train him a bit. He can be your Junior Brother.”

Considering that Yang Qi and Sword Seventeen were fellow disciples of the Invincible Society, if Sword Seventeen became the apprentice of another Master, then that would mean Yang Qi would have to show respect and defer to that new Master. And that wouldn’t do.

Rumbling sounds echoed out as a passageway opened and Sword Seventeen leaped out, sword in hand. He radiated incredible sharpness, making him seem like an unsheathed sword. He seemed connected to heaven, conforming to that ancient expression of the dao of sword: Man is Heaven; Heaven is the Sword; the Sword is the Dao; the Dao is Me.

Man, Sword, Heaven, Dao. It was a combination of four that was similar to the Success, Steadiness, Destruction, and the Void of the five phases.

Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit sized up Sword Seventeen and instantly realized that he had a lot of potential. “Such energy! Your sword technique is so incredible I'm at a loss for words! The only problem is that your cultivation level is low.” 

“Boss!” Sword Seventeen said. He had followed Yang Qi’s summons and come directly to him via the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. He was already an immortal general, a fourth stage Origin-Demolisher. That made him invincible in the lower world, capable of crushing any holy land of true cultivation that he went to. Unfortunately, in immortal worlds he wasn’t necessarily that impressive.

Yang Qi had explained the situation to Sword Seventeen before he arrived. Of course, Yang Qi had grown so powerful that his Elder Brothers and Sisters had long since stopped addressing him as Junior Brother, and usually called him ‘boss’.

“Sword Seventeen, are you willing to join the Sage Sword Heaven?” Yang Qi asked.

“Of course, Boss! As long as I can cultivate the boundless dao of the sword, I’ll do anything you ask.” Sword Seventeen’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit, revealing how much he thirsted to advance his own dao of the sword.

“Good. I’ll step in for your Master to train you. I accept you as my Junior Brother." Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit knew she had to accept the situation whether she agreed or not.

It was obvious that Yang Qi was putting one of his own people with her in an attempt to start building a power base. Later, he would ascend to even higher heavenly worlds, leaving behind this follower to grow stronger and eventually take over the Sage Sword Heaven.

Considering everything he had done, it was only natural that Yang Qi would expect her to accept the situation.

One thing Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit didn't understand was that, considering how strong Yang Qi was, why he didn’t just attack the Brahman Immortal World himself. Why was he resorting to plots and schemes?

“Very well, the matter is settled,” Yang Qi said. “Now, I’ll help you pass your heavenly tribulation!” Yang Qi placed his palm on Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit’s back and sent power from the virtual godhood he had acquired. Instantly, her true energy surged.

The tribulation of a Tempered God appeared, and not an ordinary one at that. She cultivated a powerful dao of the sword, therefore the dao of heaven was strongly opposed to her. Suddenly, a boundless divine sword appeared, which shattered into countless streams of sword energy that covered her, Yang Qi, and Sword Seventeen. “Mass Extinction Murderous Heaven-Dao Sword Energy!

It was a sword light that would devastate any ordinary second division Godmyth. As for Sword Seventeen, he immediately began coughing up huge mouthfuls of blood. Yang Qi waved his finger, sending some true energy into him to heal and stabilize him, then protect him.

“Elder Seventeenth Brother, this is a Godmyth level tribulation for a top expert in the dao of the sword. I've created an empyrean energy shield around you to protect you. Go into the tribulation for some training. The benefits will be unimaginable!”

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