Chapter 646: Bloodsea Heaven-Devil

The detonation of the hundreds of thousands of banners was a trump card that sent hordes of heaven dragons, true dragons, and the like against the evil, miasmic blood sea, wiping it out of existence.

This was a bloodsea heaven-devil, and as soon as the attack hit it, it howled in rage and forced its crumbling blood throne back into its original shape.

Bursting with devilishness, it shouted, “Foolish humans! How dare you ambush me! Freeing me is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made. Don’t you realize that I'm a Tempered God!? The blood sea is paragon, and it controls reincarnation! It controls everything! All creation will be overwhelmed with blood! You two are no exception! Prepare to be sacrificed to my blood sea!

Blood Sea Cosmos!

Blood Fills Rivers and Mountains!

Blood Splatters on Heaven and Earth!

Blood Devils Cometh!

Blood World Ruins Arise!


It attacked without regard for its own life, its sea of blood reforming overhead. It seemed invincible, almost as if it hadn’t wasted even a tiny drop of vital energy.

‘Crap, this thing really is ruthless!’ Yang Qi thought, his heart starting to pound. He had hoped that the detonation of the Eight Tribes Devil-Suppressing Dragon Banners would at least hurt this monster. Yet, contrary to expectation, it only seemed to anger it. Obviously, it was turning into a very dangerous situation.

Perhaps if it was a simple duel, Yang Qi wouldn’t have been as worried. But if this thing started destroying the god items on the other altars and freeing more devils, the fight would turn deadly very quickly.

Imperial Snakecharms, Activate! Infernal Deity Spear Formation! Flame of Hope! Eternal Heavenly Aria!

Countless formations activated. The primal-chaos elder-snake lunged forward with a gaping maw to devour the sea of blood, converting it to Heaven-Devouring True Energy that helped Yang Qi recover from his vital energy losses.

Millions upon millions of Infernal Deity Spears shot toward the fiend-devil, bursting with the aura of the primeval infernals.

“What’s that? The Infernal Deity Spear?! That’s the legendary weapon of the infernal deities, which can dominate everything in hell. It’s the bane of all devil-gods! How did you get it?”

The mere sight of the spear caused the bloodsea heaven-devil’s face to become a mask of terror. “No! That spear can’t hurt me. I'm a heaven-devil from the Unrestrained Heaven! I'm different from other devils. The Unrestrained Heaven is a combination of an immortal world and a hell. We have the benefits of both places! There's no way the Infernal Deity Spear can do anything to my Heaven-Devil Blood-Sea Without-Limit God-Dao!”

Blood World: Form!


A blood-colored greyspace that resembled a kingdom of gods appeared, spreading out rapidly to defend against the Infernal Deity Spears.

The fact that this bloodsea heaven-devil could summon a virtual kingdom of gods indicated that it was at the absolute peak of the Tempered God level. Virtual kingdoms such as this were not true kingdoms of gods, but they were extremely powerful in terms of defensive capabilities. That said, they couldn’t match up to Yang Qi’s God Legion Paradise.

If Yang Qi were a Godmyth, then this bloodsea heaven-devil’s virtual kingdom of gods would take no effort at all for him to defeat. Unfortunately, right now Yang Qi’s level was too low. He was still just a fourth stage Origin-Demolisher. He was an immortal general that wasn’t even on the same level as an immortal marquis, much less a Tempered God.


The numerous projections of the Infernal Deity Spear slammed into the virtual kingdom of gods, and although the greyspace was cracked and damaged, it held strong and the bloodsea heaven-devil wasn’t hurt at all.

Myriad Sword Attack; Slaughter the Nine Provinces!

It was in this moment that Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit activated her sword formation, launching an extremely powerful attack on the virtual kingdom of gods.

“I'm gonna defile you, slut!” the bloodsea heaven-devil howled, its eyes burning with hatred. “Bloodying Heaven Sabers!


Boundless blood-colored light shone out, swirling through profound and enigmatic paths until it transformed into a host of brutal and deadly-looking sabers. These were Bloodying Heaven Sabers, forged in the depths of a sea of blood, whose most casual slash could devastate universes.

The clash of metal on metal could be heard as the Bloodying Heaven Sabers clashed with Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit’s sword formation. The force of the blow traveled backward to Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit, slicing strips of flesh off of her arms with brutal efficiency.


She coughed up a mouthful of blood, clearly unable to stand up to the forces at play.

God Legion Battle Robe!” Yang Qi shouted. In this moment of extreme danger, he flicked the sleeve of his God Legion Battle Robe, sucking in the Bloodying Heaven Sabers.

“You’re quite the formidable opponent,” the bloodsea heaven-devil said, a maddened, but serious, light flickering in its eyes. “But if you think you can deal with me, you’re wrong. I'm going to make you wish you could die, and then I'm going to free all my compatriots!”

All of a sudden, the bloodsea heaven-devil seemed to pulse with even greater power than before, as if he were about to unleash a devastating attack.

Yang Qi’s heart sank. He could devour the attacks sent against him and convert them into vital energy for himself with his primal-chaos elder-snake, so he could continue fighting for quite a while without worrying about being defeated. However, if the bloodsea heaven-devil slipped out of his grasp and started freeing its fellows, it would be a disaster.

Laughing maniacally, the bloodsea heaven-devil screamed, “Prepare to die!” 

Then it shrank down into a sphere no larger than a fist. Blood-colored light flared as it transformed into an evil devil embryo!


The sphere exploded, and all of the spell formations, altars, space, vital energy and everything else in the area began vibrating.

Blood Sea Detonation! Blood Murder Godflight! Blood Void Nirvanic Extermination! Blood Sea Without End!” In the blink of an eye, a host of energy arts unique to bloodsea heaven-devils were unleashed.

Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam!

All of Yang Qi’s spell formations were crushed out of existence, and the god items keeping the altars sealed began to shake as powerful expressions of devil will seeped out of them.

When Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit saw what was happening, she was overwhelmed with regret. ‘Finished. We’re finished! If those monsters get free, our Sage Sword Heaven is going to be destroyed. I shouldn’t have gone along with this guy’s plan. He’s too rash!’ 

Even as it seemed the bloodsea heaven-devil would get free and begin releasing his comrades, Yang Qi’s cold voice rang out. 

“Trying to run? To where? You want me to use my trump card? Fine! You’ve forced my hand!”

Off to the side, Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit sensed a boundless and holy aura expanding, accompanied by golden light. Before she even realized what was happening, she instinctively dropped to her knees to offer obeisance.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a golden figure blur toward the bloodsea heaven-devil and smack it!

The heaven-devil let out an agonized shriek as the blood-colored light surrounding it shattered and it was transformed into a listless and weak devil. Yang Qi then waved his hand and opened a huge portal that erupted with the power of monarchs, which immediately wrapped up the heaven-devil.

“Finally subdued this thing!” Yang Qi said, dropping down cross-legged. Waving his hands out in front of him, he sent out streams of dazzling godlight.

Seven days and nights passed as a golden sphere formed in his hands. Inside the sphere was a struggling, blood-colored figure who screamed and howled, causing the sphere around it to ripple and distort. Obviously, the bloodsea heaven-devil was not yet fully suppressed.

“What’s going on?” Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit said, shivering. Obviously, if Yang Qi lost control, it would lead to a horrific outcome.

“I’ve temporarily sealed this bloodsea heaven-devil. However, it will take more time and effort to assimilate it. And not just a day or two. More like a year. Thankfully, it won't be freeing any of the other Tempered God heaven-devils.” In the end, Yang Qi had been forced to use the God Legion Seal. And now he knew that, at least in his current state, he couldn’t casually pick fights with Tempered Gods. That said, after he assimilated this bloodsea heaven-devil, he would be much stronger.

“So now what do we do?”

“Nothing. Let me clear out the devil energy in the area and stabilize my cultivation base. Then I’ll strengthen all the sealing marks. Why don’t you look around for the remains of that matriarch you were looking for, and King Life-Killer’s swords. Then we’ll leave. Thanks to my help, you’re going to be the most powerful and influential person in the Sage Sword Heaven, aren’t you?” After teaming up with Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit, Yang Qi had gained an ally in the form of the Sage Sword Heaven, a seventh ranked immortal world. It seemed that the destruction of the Brahman Immortal World was imminent. Of course, Yang Qi knew that now was not the time to reveal his true identity. There were surely some old-timers in the Sage Sword Heaven who, if they knew who he really was, would cause major problems. Therefore, he needed to rely on Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit to accomplish all of his aims.

“Find King Life-Killer’s swords?” At first Sword Matriarch Ice Spirit was visibly delighted, but then she frowned. “Unfortunately, I don’t think the swords are here. We probably need to go down another level….”

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