Chapter 636: Big Fight

“Did you really think those five phases are the only energy arts I have? Actually, I just used them as a ruse. Take a look at my real trump card!”


Yang Qi’s Angel Wings unfurled and he unleashed the Hand of the One God, sending out a fist strike with such speed that, before August Patriarch Fire Dragon could react, it was right on top of him.

In the long night, thoughts run wild; how can the dao of immortality be obtained?

There were nine stances that made up the Hand of the One God, and the final stance was Immortality! All creation turned pitch black, creating a sea of suffering that no person could possibly cross and ensuring that the other shore of pāramitā would never appear for all eternity.

This fist strike vastly surpassed the five phases godlight. It was an energy art from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, something that even the ancient Brahma would have acknowledged as superior to him.

In the blink of an eye, August Patriarch Fire Dragon found himself in incredible danger. As a top expert of cultivation, he immediately realized that Yang Qi was someone who could not be easily dealt with. In fact, he was no weaker than a Godmyth patriarch.

“Paragon Seal!” he shouted, throwing his hands out in front of him and sending a paragonic sealing mark out to meet the incoming fist strike. The two moves collided and Yang Qi staggered backward, leaning to the side as if he might fall. To any observer, it would seem obvious that he was unable to stand up to the full-powered attack of a Godmyth patriarch.

‘This is my chance!’ August Patriarch Fire Dragon prepared another attack. Flames enveloped his body as his fingers curved into hook-like claws that slashed toward Yang Qi's chest. Clearly, he wanted to rip his heart out then slash him to pieces.

“You fell for it,” Yang Qi said with a cold smile. Suddenly, he vanished, and an enormous spell formation flared to life. Vital energy exploded in all directions, throwing everything into disarray as primal-chaos planets popped into being and dropped down toward August Patriarch Fire Dragon.

“A formation made from King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans?” August Patriarch Fire Dragon said. A broad smile appeared on his face. “You moron! I can’t believe you think you could use the talismans to trap me. Do you know how many more of them I have than you? Talisman Transformation!”


Rumbling sounds echoed out as a thousand talismans swirled around August Patriarch Fire Dragon, combining with him as he transformed into a primal-chaos elder-snake. Opening his mouth, he prepared to consume the descending primal-chaos planets. In the blink of an eye, the formation collapsed.

“What?” Yang Qi blurted, spinning in place. Then he flapped his Angel Wings and sped away in the opposite direction.

“You think you can get away?” There was no way that August Patriarch Fire Dragon was going to let a genius like Yang Qi slip through his fingers. He wanted to devour him and stabilize his path to the Deathless Throne. At this point, having extra snakecharms would just be the icing on the cake.

Yang Qi didn’t respond to his words. He just fled at top speed, leading to a chase that quickly turned into a days-long affair.

As the days and nights passed, Yang Qi would occasionally stop to fight August Patriarch Fire Dragon. Each time, he always had the disadvantage. His cultivation level was just too low. He could handle everything up to ninth stage Demolishers, but when it came to Godmyths he just wasn't strong enough. Thankfully, he had gone into the fight fully prepared, and although August Patriarch Fire Dragon had the advantage, he wasn’t in a place to defeat him.

But in the end, August Patriarch Fire Dragon was an invincible Godmyth. And considering he had some of King Heaven-Devourer’ talismans, it was an easy thing for him to use them to replenish his vital energy. So if things kept going on the way they were, August Patriarch Fire Dragon would eventually come out on top. Even as the fight dragged on, he grew more and more confident in being able to secure victory.

“You thought you could hook a big fish, didn’t you, brat. Instead, you brought catastrophe down on your head. You didn’t hook a fish, you hooked a dragon!” Over and over, August Patriarch Fire Dragon lashed out in the hopes of getting his hands on Yang Qi.

If he could only capture him, he could use any number of godly-class energy arts to seal him. Unfortunately, Yang Qi’s Angel Wings made him very fast and slippery.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi said, “I'm done playing games, August Patriarch Fire Dragon. Keep your imperial snakecharms safe until I come back for them!”

An enormous spatial portal appeared in front of him, which he ducked into and then vanished.

“Hmm?” Surprised, August Patriarch Fire Dragon sent some divine will out to check the portal, which he found to be very strange, and was likely a trap. However, he was the kind of person who believed that true confidence stems from superb skill, and felt that he had nothing to fear. Besides, there was no way he was just going to let his prey escape. ‘I don’t care where you try to hide. You won't be able to escape my clutches.’

Transforming into a primal-chaos elder-snake again, he shot into the spatial portal.

A moment later, the portal winked out of existence.

Yang Qi looked around and found himself in a place that abounded with the power of monarchs. Then he turned and waited for August Patriarch Fire Dragon to arrive.

Sure enough, August Patriarch Fire Dragon was following close behind. Upon arrival, he looked around suspiciously. Considering the energy of monarchs that he sensed, he was already certain that he was in some sort of magical treasure.

Walking forward, he looked at Yang Qi and said, “Where are we, brat? Inside some sort of god item? You think that you can trap me in here or something? What a laugh. To me, your divine abilities aren’t worth a thing! You’re just throwing your life away, and wasting a god item as well.”

“I think not,” Yang Qi said, chuckling. “You really are an ignoramus, aren’t you, August Patriarch Fire Dragon. You don't know what god item this is? Well let me tell you, not even someone from the legion of gods would be able to take it away from me. Take a moment to examine your surroundings. Do you sense the power of monarchs? Is that something you can fight against?”

“The power of monarchs?” August Patriarch Fire Dragon’s face twitched a bit as he took a moment to inhale deeply and analyze the power around him. All of a sudden, four words appeared in his mind. “Is this the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart?”

“Exactly. We're in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart! Let me ask, do you really have a plan to escape from a place like that?”

“What? The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart? Impossible. It only opens once every ten thousand years, and it opened up just a short while ago.”

“If I couldn’t open an entrance at will, then how did we get here?” Yang Qi asked. “How else could I fight you? I lured you in here because there are plenty of things in here that I can use to my advantage. So now, let’s see what you're capable of.”

“You can open an entrance to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart any time you want? No wonder you have so many imperial snakecharms.” It only took a moment for August Patriarch Fire Dragon to recall various legends and stories he had heard. “This is amazing! You're really a miracle. No wonder you managed to evade me, a Godmyth patriarch. And no wonder you thought you could take my talismans. Unfortunately, I need to kill you to get everything I want. So prepare to die! It took me tens of thousands of years to cultivate the Myriad-Dragons Holy-Pilgrimage Faith-Master God-Dao! See how you fare against an invincible dragon god!”

He threw his hands above his head as he performed a powerful summoning. Instantly, dragon god power erupted and he was surrounded with deathless godliness. His power rocketed to tenfold its previous level, and he looked at Yang Qi with vicious, greedy eyes.

The Myriad-Dragons Holy-Pilgrimage Faith-Master God-Dao was an ancient divine ability of the heaven-dragons.

Supposedly, the heaven dragons were almost like god-spirits. Some were even born as immortals, and, in the past, many had become Godmyths who could rival the legion of gods.

Right now, August Patriarch Fire Dragon was using a secret magic to connect to a certain mighty immortal world that was legendary in every aspect of the word. It was called the Eight Tribes Heaven! Supposedly, the Eight Tribes Heaven was filled with ancient heaven dragons and god dragons. It was an immortal world that existed on the same level as the Tusita Heaven.

“Ah, what a pity, August Patriarch Fire Dragon. Not even divine abilities like that can harm me. In the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, you can’t achieve cultivation breakthroughs. In contrast, I have partial control of this place and have access to power that will lead to breakthroughs.” Yang Qi waved his hand, and suddenly numerous passageways opened up around him, connecting to the outside.

“It’s time to break through to the third stage, Thought-Demolishing. And then the fourth, Origin-Demolishing!”

At long last, Yang Qi was facing his tribulations and making a breakthrough.

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