Chapter 629: Meeting of the Children of Brahma

“Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, open!”

With the power of three of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions, Yang Qi’s immortal clone was now far more powerful than the young man in yellow had ever been. Not even a ninth stage Dao-Demolisher would be able to threaten him.

As he immersed himself in the immortal-slaying power, a portal appeared above his head, which was a passage to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

“Eldest Brother, Second Elder Brother,” the clone said, “I'm leaving the Sage Monarch planetary system in your hands for now. I’ll head into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to search out good fortune, and hopefully the core of the chart. If I get that core, I’ll finally control the entire chart. The Sage Monarch planetary system’s foundation is secure, so if you run into any problems, just seek out Empress Jadefall. Although she’s often busy with important matters, she’ll do anything necessary to help out here.”

With that, the clone flew up into the passage and disappeared into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

In addition to searching for treasure in general, the clone would especially be on the lookout for more parts of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace and imperial snakecharms.

Considering that the clone could now freely enter and exit the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, it made complete sense for him to conduct such searches on his own, leaving his true self free to attend to other matters.

Right now, his true self was in the Brahman Immortal World, in the Scripture Pavilion. Although the three legacy medallions were not in his possession, he and his clone were inextricably linked; therefore, it would be an easy thing for him to get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart if necessary. He could just have his clone open a passage from inside.

The session of cultivation on the second floor of the Scripture Pavilion lasted for a full year. That was how long it took Hu Latu to gain the enlightenment he needed from the five phases essence power.

When the process was complete, he exhaled, and three streams of godlight streamed out of his mouth, pulsing with the vital energy of fire, water, and wood.

If word of this got out, his position within the children of Brahma would rise dramatically and his clan would greatly benefit.

Both Hu Latu and Hu Yanmeng were from a noble clan in the Brahman Immortal World, except, that clan was far from being one of the most powerful. But with two powerful children of Brahma like this, everything would be different.

That said, Yang Qi had no plans to help the Hu Clan. He couldn’t care less if they survived or thrived and had no desire to wrap up his karma with theirs.

“Come on, let’s go. Now that we’re done with our cultivation, the time has come to make a scene and start rising through the ranks.” With that, Yang Qi and Hu Latu left the Scripture Pavilion.

Just before leaving, Yang Qi suddenly had the urge to go back and see what the third floor was like. But then he drew on his Wheel of Fate and received a strong warning not to follow through with the idea. It was too dangerous.

Obviously, there were profound secrets kept on the third floor. It was said that the third floor contained ancient writings from the legion of gods, including recollections, prophecies, and historical records.

Such things would be very useful to Yang Qi, but at the same time he would never take the warnings of the Wheel of Fate lightly. Later, when he had a higher cultivation base, and controlled the Brahman Institute, the measly third floor of the Scripture Pavilion would definitely be on his list of destinations.

‘I wonder if there are other children of Brahma with unique constitutions,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘If there are, I doubt there are many. That said, the children of Brahma should essentially contain the most elite forces of all of the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition. And they squabble worse than princes in a mortal empire. If I do find someone with a unique constitution and a fight breaks out, I’ll definitely kill them and devour their power. And the first one on my list is that Brahma Erudite.’

During the year which had just passed, nothing of note occurred within the Brahman Institute. Generally speaking, time was not something that people in immortal worlds worried about. As long as a given immortal world wasn’t destroyed, its people wouldn't die, and although they weren’t technically deathless, they could basically live forever.

To such individuals, the endless passage of time was something they were used to. Sometimes people would sit in meditation for a thousand years, thus a single year was like the snap of a finger.

After leaving the Scripture Pavilion, Yang Qi decided to tour the Brahman Institute and get used to its layout. After all, he knew that in addition to being built from a god item, the depths of the institute contained a divine likeness of Proud Heaven, which would likely be of much help in determining where he was.


Before Yang Qi could begin his search, the thunderous pounding of drums filled the air, and at the same time an ancient voice spoke from his identity medallion.

“All children of Brahma shall gather in the main square for your centennial meeting. Everyone is required to attend!”

During the centennial meeting of the children of Brahma, the top talents would be revealed, rewards would be handed out, and new missions and tasks would be assigned.

Yang Qi’s heart began pounding a bit as he headed in the direction of the main square. It was an enormous plane of existence, with seats that had numbers on them corresponding to the identity numbers of each child of Brahma. Yang Qi and Hu Latu were in the very last spots, clearly identifying them as the newest recruits.

Before long, an immense energy filled the entire square, making it seem almost like the legion of gods had arrived. They were the children of Brahma, some of whom had hints of deathless godliness on them. Yang Qi could also sense the presence of people with unique constitutions, although he wasn’t sure exactly who they were. When all of the children of Brahma were together in one place, they pulsed with a power that could shake worlds.

There were roughly a hundred thousand of them, and it took only one short hour for them to gather. Unfortunately, there were just too many people for Yang Qi to fully assess all of their auras.

Obviously, each child of Brahma was a legend of their own, with colorful histories full of stories that seemed like myths.

‘Incredible,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Only ten thousand of these children of Brahma would be more than enough to destroy the Titan Emperor Heaven and the Sage Monarch planetary system. In fact, probably only a few thousand would do.’

And if these children of Brahma teamed up against him, he wouldn't stand a chance.

Now more than ever, he was glad that he was here undercover and no one knew who he really was. If he couldn't handle the children of Brahma, how would he deal with the old-timers?

As the hundred thousand children of Brahma gathered, some unleashed their minor worlds and others brandished god items. Clearly, they were all attempting to put on an impressive show.

Looking around, Yang Qi identified at least a few dozen who he didn’t think he could beat in a fight.

‘There’s no need to get nervous,’ he told himself. ‘I'm still consolidating my power. Plus, my clone is in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, and eventually I’ll be able to use that as a weapon, too. Once I reach the immortal marquis level, I can use the Sagely Sacrifice. And then these children of Brahma will just be fuel for my cultivation!’

He kept his energy sealed tight; he definitely didn't want anyone knowing about the progress he had made with the five phases godly-class energy arts.

Closing his eyes, he visualized the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

It was actually larger than the entire Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition, hanging somewhere within some unknown plane of existence. Considering the recent transformations to his immortal clone, it seemed most proper to call him an immortal-slaying clone. Right now, that clone was in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, searching for treasure and god items and battling immortals he encountered.

There were many top experts stuck inside, but now Yang Qi’s clone was hunting them down and killing them to ensure that none of the benefits within the chart were wasted on outsiders.

As the clone found god items, he would break them down and send the godliness through the void to Yang Qi to improve his cultivation base.

All of a sudden, Yang Qi felt his Wheel of Fate tremble, as though some immense danger were approaching. Quickly severing his connection to his clone, he looked around suspiciously. Everything began shaking, and all of the children of Brahma suddenly felt like they were suffocating.

A Godmyth had arrived!

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