Chapter 628: Blending into the Brahman Society

‘The five phases, complete! Eighty-one cycles of reincarnation. Five-colored godlight that can overwhelm all creation. Preheaven five phases quintessence energy to form the full and complete Cardinal Grand Brahma Five Phases Energy Arts! Although this can't compare to my Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, it’s still shockingly deadly. And it contains numerous profound mysteries that will aid me in my enlightenment of the universe and the creation of immortal worlds.’

It only took a moment for Yang Qi to use the knowledge and experience he had gained from the Godmyth level books, combine it with the power of his God Legion Seal, and push the Cardinal Grand Brahma Five Phases Energy Arts all the way to the perfect peak.

He had instantly surpassed what any child of Brahma throughout history had done.

Normally speaking, one could not reach the level of eighty-one cycles of reincarnation without being a Godmyth. Even less possible was reaching the perfect level of the five phases, with five-colored godlight. To reach the perfect five phases, and also have eighty-one cycles of reincarnation, was something for the legion of gods.

However, within the God Legion Seal was a trace of the blood of the god Brahma, as well as some of his core teachings and doctrines. Because of that, anyone with a God Legion Seal might as well have been a direct descendant of Brahma with his blood pumping in their veins. The end result was that Yang Qi’s cultivation in situations like the present would go incredibly smoothly. If word got out, it would throw the entire Brahman Immortal World into pandemonium.

Obviously, that wasn't what he wanted, so he didn’t plan to reveal his success with the five phases. In the fight earlier, the Heaven Moving One Brahma Erudite had used three of the five arts, and that had been difficult enough to deal with. Without his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, Yang Qi would have been in a tight spot.

Right now, he had five of the godly-class energy arts, and if he released them all at once there probably wasn't anyone in the Brahman Society who could match up to him. That said, the wiser course would be to rise through the ranks slowly but surely, and only gradually reveal his true strength.

Right now, he had all of the five phases godlight in his God Legion Paradise, making it impossible for anyone to see them, even the book-immortals and book-demons.

The fact that he was in front of the five phases painting was no surprise; many children of Brahma would come to study it in the hopes of reaching a higher level of power with the Cardinal Grand Brahma Five Phases Energy Arts.

At a certain point, Yang Qi called Hu Latu into the God Legion Paradise, and when he realized what had occurred, he reacted with visible shock. 

“Congratulations, Milord! You succeeded with the five phases energy arts! Soon you’ll be able to dominate the entire Brahman Immortal World, and after that, the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition!”

“It's thanks to my God Legion Seal, that's all,” Yang Qi said. “I couldn't ever have done it on my own power, nor could a Godmyth have. Okay, prepare yourself to be baptized as I impart five phases true energy into you. Work for a few months and you’ll definitely reach the level of mastering three of the five.”

The level of five was something only Yang Qi could accomplish. After all, according to the legends, even the founder, Proud Heaven, had only ever succeeded at combining four. Rumor had it that the most famous of the children of Brahma was also at the level of four.

Even as Yang Qi waved his hand to send five phases true energy into Hu Latu, he pondered the matters at hand. He wasn’t holding back in helping his follower. That said, he had benefited a lot from the books on this second floor. In fact, he was now reaching the point where he felt like he might soon form his dao heart.

‘That Brahma Erudite’s energy arts were incredible. Apparently he's a Heaven Moving One, and is in the top hundred in the children of Brahma. I wonder how strong Brahma Echo-Silk is.’

At the moment, he was still only a second stage Space-Demolisher, also known as an immortal warrior. However, his enlightenment was more like that of a fifth stage World-Demolisher.

When he finally went for his next breakthrough, the results would be incredible.


In the lower world, a passageway had been created in the center of the Sage Monarch planetary system that led to the Titan Emperor Heaven. It was almost like a bridge, allowing immortals to easily come to the lower world, and vice versa. Of course, the Yang Clan kept the entrance closely guarded. Only people who had performed great services for the Sage Monarch planetary system would be allowed to go up as a reward.

As Yang Qi’s immortal clone sat in meditation, working on his cultivation, a stream of five phases godlight suddenly appeared and entered him.

Even though Yang Qi was on the second floor of the Scripture Pavilion in the Brahman Immortal World, after his breakthrough with the five phases energy arts, he could pass through the seals of the immortal world around him and create a secret passage to funnel power to his clone.

Almost immediately, heavenly tribulation began brewing as the clone’s energy arts grew stronger. Endless lightning fell on him as he rose to fifth stage World-Demolishing.

At the same time, he mastered the use of three of the five phases arts, which was nothing to scoff at.

The clone currently had access to virtually endless faith power, which would eventually be used, along with the essence of the Sage Monarch planetary system, to push it to the level of an immortal world. The clone would be the spirit of the immortal world, its guardian. Right now, he was only a fifth stage World-Demolisher, yet was already strong enough to deal with enemies three levels higher than himself.

Of course, that wasn’t enough.

After seeing the Brahman Immortal World, Yang Qi knew full well that the Sage Monarch planetary system didn’t have a solid enough foundation. With his true self gone, all it would take would be an enemy with nine lineaments on their dao heart to completely destroy the place. Right now, the most important task at hand for him was to improve his cultivation base.

‘The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart abounds with godpower!’


All of a sudden, his clone erupted with boundless levels of energy. Unexpectedly, it was the power of an immortal-slayer!

In the ancient era, immortal-slaying power was a peak level of power that rivaled the legion of gods. It could be used to slaughter immortals and cow the millions upon millions of immortal worlds. In fact, even all of those immortal worlds working together had been nearly wiped out by King Immortal-Slayer.

Yang Qi’s clone didn't have the God Legion Seal, thus he couldn’t cultivate the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. Therefore, Yang Qi wanted to see if he could accept the legacy of King Immortal-Slayer and control the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

As the immortal-slaying power wrapped up Yang Qi’s clone, it turned into a pitch-black suit of armor, covered with magical symbols made from blood. In fact, those symbols almost seemed to have been splashed onto the armor from slain immortals. It was also surrounded by hosts of immortal souls.


Numerous arms sprang out from the armor, all of them holding magical devices and weapons such as sabers, swords, spears, pitchforks, halberds, banners, flags, nets, hooks, and staves and the like. All of them looked vicious to the extreme.

A smile appeared on the immortal clone’s face. ‘Wow, immortal-slaying power really is incredible. Look at what it's done to me! It’s just too bad I can’t use this power to the fullest right now. Well, given enough time, I’ll reach that level.’

Yang Qi’s clone had transformed on a deep level, with even his genes having become new. Before, he had been an impressive figure in the mortal world, but nothing special in terms of immortal worlds. Although he might have been stronger than some ordinary immortals, there were plenty of people there who could outdo him, especially people with unique constitutions.

But with immortal-slaying power, he now had a constitution like that of the ancient King Immortal-Slayer. He was now the absolutely strongest person in the Sage Monarch planetary system, and would be impressive even in immortal worlds.

“Come forth, Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”

Suddenly, the clone exploded into a haze of draconic larvae, which swirled through the air, then combined, wriggling and twitching as they reformed his body. These were immortal-slaying dragons, things that were very similar to the godmammoth particles from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

After the clone's body was reformed, he reached out and three medallions appeared in his palm, which were none other than King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions.

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