Chapter 625: Unique Constitution

Anyone who could cultivate the Cardinal Grand Brahma Five Phases Energy Arts to the level of eighty-one cycles—in other words, to unleash the power of Success, Steadiness, Destruction, and the Void eighty-one times—would end up having a shocking cultivation base. In fact, such a person would likely be a Godmyth.

Most times, even just reaching the level of four tribulations made one a genius.

For example, Hu Latu, despite using the Heaven-Devouring śarīras to expunge his heterogeneous true energy, could not yet fully gain enlightenment of the four tribulations. As for Yang Qi, given the level of his cultivation base, he could now reach the level of a few dozen cycles.

And once he got the rest of the five phases godly-class energy arts, he would quickly be able to reach the level of eighty-one.

When that happened, he would be able to fight for a leadership spot in the society.

“Not bad,” one of the patriarchs said. “Not bad at all. You two really can cultivate both fire and water techniques, and can ignore the dangers of heterogeneous true energy. I hereby appoint you as children of Brahma. Starting now, you occupy a very high position within the Brahman Society, almost like princes in the mortal world. Understand?”

“Yes sir!” Hu Latu said with an excited salute. Inside, Yang Qi was chuckling coldly, but followed Hu Latu’s lead. There wasn’t any need to cause trouble in the Brahman Society. Yet.

“Children of Brahma are a rarity in the Brahman Institute,” another patriarch said. “There are only a few tens of thousands. Some of them are very famous and skilled, but since you’re new, your status among them will be low. Be sure to adhere closely to the rules of etiquette, being polite and modest to your superiors. Of course, there will be missions and tasks that involve competition with others. Be warned: such competition can be brutal. Many children of Brahma die in such situations!”

‘Considering how massive this immortal world is,’ Yang Qi thought, ‘the fact that there are only a few tens of thousands of these children of Brahma makes them really rare. Fierce competition is only natural.’

The population of the Brahman Immortal World was so incredible that it was essentially impossible to use numbers to describe it. A single city could easily have a billion people in it, with some larger cities having populations of over ten billion. And the cities were virtually innumerable. That wasn't to mention the countless illusory kingdoms which also existed there, populated primarily by clans of old-timers from the Brahman Society. Even the leaders of the society would find it hard to calculate how many people there were in total.

Considering that the Brahman Society controlled the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition, it was impossible to say how many geniuses would eventually be identified.

For example, the Titan Emperor Heaven had Princess Jadefall, a Reincarnated One. It begged the question of what types of people might be out in the other immortal worlds, and how powerful the Brahman Society really was, considering that all of those people would follow their commands.

The Brahman Institute only seemed to get more and more mysterious as Yang Qi learned more about it. Furthermore, it was obvious that taking action against it wasn’t a good idea.

“Very well, the two of you can go into seclusion in the private meditation chambers you have been assigned as students in the Brahman Institute. Any spirit pills or medicinal herbs you need will be provided. You’re dismissed.”

Two identity medallions flew out into the hands of Yang Qi and Hu Latu, each of which were inscribed with a set of numerals written in the script of the immortal world.

Yang Qi had #93,841, and Hu Latu had #93,842.

Obviously that indicated their place within the children of Brahma.  From the look of things, it wouldn’t be long before there were more than a hundred thousand children of Brahma, princes who were all future leaders of society.

“Those identity medallions contain teleportation formations, as well as spatial coordinates for the important places in the Brahma Institute. You’re free to go anywhere you wish, with the exception of a few restricted areas.”

“Yes sir!” Yang Qi and Hu Latu said, then drew on the teleportation formations to travel to their mansion grottos, which were located deep within the folds of space-time in the institute. The grottos had numerous spell formations set up to gather high-level universal power for cultivation purposes. All sorts of five phases power and godliness were available.

‘This place is great,’ Yang Qi thought as he looked around. There were no ornamental rocks or decorative water features, just abundant spirit energy and a greyspace filled with natural spell formations.

There were also passageways leading to locations filled with good fortune and treasure.

“Milord, now that we have our mansion grottos, we should definitely go to the Scripture Pavilion! From what I heard, it contains all sorts of ancient records and energy arts. You should be able to get the other energy arts of the Wood God, Earth God and Metal God.”

“Alright!” Sending his divine will into the identity medallion, Yang Qi found a map of the entire Brahman Institute. When looking at the institute as a whole, it resembled a paper talisman, twisting and distorting within the void. It almost seemed like something the legion of gods had left behind, a spirit talisman that had later been converted into a school.

‘What an incredible talisman!’ Yang Qi thought. ‘The Brahman Immortal World seems different from other immortal worlds. They have the Brahman River as an impenetrable outer defense, and then this Brahman Institute is actually a talisman of some sort. I think this is going to be the perfect place for me to reach Dao-Demolishing.’

Right now, he was a second stage Space-Demolisher, and each breakthrough required an astronomical level of power. Obviously, going all the way to the ninth stage would be no easy task.

‘The Brahman River! The Brahman Institute! Two god items. I have to figure out a way to get them. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be easy. But where else would I find high-level god items like this?’

It seemed highly likely that those two god items were the ultimate foundation of the Brahman Immortal World as a whole.

‘Right. The Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart! Once my cultivation level is high enough, I’ll get a new aspect of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth called the Sagely Sacrifice, which will allow me to gain power by sacrificing virtually anything in existence. With the Sagely Sacrifice, I could theoretically sacrifice an entire immortal world—for instance, these two god items. And the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart will help me do that.’

Yang Qi’s eyes glittered with bright light at the prospects which were open to him.

In the blink of an eye, he and Hu Latu went to the Scripture Pavilion. It was an entire plane of existence of its own, an enormous wooden structure that looked like a pyramid from some ancient and advanced civilization.

“Milord, as children of Brahma, we can cultivate any energy arts or immortal skills we want. Even godly-class energy arts will be ours for the taking, as long as we can deal with the resulting heterogeneous true energy. Considering your cultivation base, you shouldn’t have problems with any of them.”

“I'm not interested in energy arts or immortal skills,” Yang Qi said. “When you have gold, why would you care about lousy copper or weak iron? Come on, let’s see if they have those other five phases arts. I’ll help you to get at least three or four. Maybe even five, if you can handle it. And we’ll definitely push toward the level of eighty-one cycles of reincarnation.”

“What? Many thanks, Milord!” If it weren’t for the fact that they were right at the entrance of the Scripture Pavilion, Hu Latu would have dropped to his knees to kowtow in thanks.

Continuing to chat, they entered the Scripture Pavilion, and were instantly assailed by the fragrant aroma of books. There was a seeming infinitude of bookshelves, stretching off in all directions.

As for the books, they radiated the aura of immortal-spirits and were filled with the powerful expression of will from those who had created them.

Some such creators had incredible cultivation bases. Some were written by Dao-Demolishers, or other types of immortals. At a glance, Yang Qi confirmed that there weren’t any that were written by Godmyths.

He was itching to get his hands on something like that. Considering his level, if he could gain some insights into the mysteries of Godmyths it would provide a lot of help to his own cultivation.

The truth was that nobody in the institute really cared about these books, most of which contained immortal skills. Children of Brahma were generally such geniuses that none of them would be interested in low-level abilities like that.

However, there were some things present that Yang Qi felt could benefit him. For instance, there were books with information about the Mechfolk, as well as the ancient mechanical civilization.

With divine will, it was possible for Yang Qi to quickly scan large amounts of books and gain information from them. It was a shocking thing considering that these books had been written by powerful immortal-spirits and other experts. Normally, the immortal script they used was not the type that could be easily scanned with divine will. But Yang Qi was already so strong that he could fight multiple Godmyth patriarchs. Thus, he was in a much better position to gain knowledge from the books.

Slowly but surely, they proceeded to the second level of the Scripture Pavilion.

Just as they were about to step off the stairs, intense rumbling sounds filled the area. A powerful aura erupted, causing them to physically tremble. It wasn’t a result of spell formations or a warding spell, but rather the mere aura of the books that filled the second level.

Before they could even get their bearings, a cold snort echoed out. “Are you two pieces of trash new children of Brahma or something? Get back down to the first level. The second level is filled with books written by Godmyth patriarchs. Their energy could destroy your souls! You don't qualify to be here!” As the words rang out, a tall, strapping figure appeared in front of Hu Latu and Yang Qi, a man who had unusually sturdy legs.

Yang Qi quickly called on his Wheel of Fate, which revealed to him that this burly fellow had a unique constitution!

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