Chapter 621: The Brahman Society

The Sage Monarch planetary system was on its way toward becoming an immortal world.

In the Titan Emperor Heaven, Empress Jadefall administered the surrender of the six other immortal worlds, making decisions about how to redistribute their population, wealth, and essence. As a result, the Titan Emperor Heaven’s warriors grew stronger, while the imperial court was being strengthened and its territory expanded.

They were on their way to glory.

Eventually, Yang Qi left the Titan Emperor Heaven along with Hu Latu and the surviving emissaries from the Brahman Society.

Their destination was the heart of the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition, where the Brahman Society was strongest and its members abundant.

In some ways, the Brahman Society was like a scourge to the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition, controlling it with an iron hand. It was the strongest force within the alliance, by far, and had been founded by a clone of Proud Heaven. Hopefully, a trip to its headquarters would reveal some of his secrets. According to Yang Warpatience, in its depths there was a divine likeness of Proud Heaven, which Proud Heaven himself would sometimes visit to give orders to the society. However, it had been nearly ten thousand years since anything like that had happened, and the new leaders of the Brahman Society had firm control over the organization.

Yang Qi was convinced that if he could get inside and find that divine likeness, it would give him some of the clues he sought. In fact, perhaps if he used the Wheel of Fate on it, he could determine where Proud Heaven’s true self was.

Right now, Yang Qi was only a second step Space-Demolisher, an immortal warrior. But he had some of the power of a Future One and some of the power of a Reincarnated One. Combined with his powers as a Fateless One, he was reaching a point where few could be his match.

He would soon become a third stage Thought-Demolisher, an immortal officer. And after that, he would become a fourth stage Origin-Demolisher, an immortal general. But for now, instead of breaking through, he focused on combining the three major types of power he had.

At the same time, he was researching King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions and the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. His current plan was to wait until his breakthrough to leave his animadestiny soul branding mark on the chart. If he did, he would be able to fully control it.

The moment in which he overcame the tribulation and broke through would be when his life force burned the strongest, and that would be the ideal time to do the branding. He didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities that heavenly tribulation would bring.

After he fully assimilated the two other kinds of power he had acquired, he would enter the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and face the tribulation.

Generally speaking, it was impossible to achieve cultivation breakthroughs in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. Who knew how many people throughout history had ended up trapped inside, eventually wasting away in death. But Yang Qi had to achieve the breakthrough there to acquire the approval of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and seize control of its core.

After all, there were still six of King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallions out there, and if someone got them it could be a big threat to him. They could even force the three medallions he had to fly out of his control and form the unified command medallion.

Then he would lose control of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, which would put him in a dangerous situation he might not be able to escape without calling on the God Legion Seal.

At the moment, the God Legion Seal and King Immortal-Slayer’s medallions were diametrically opposed, which meant that, at the moment, he couldn't fully control the three medallions he had. The slightest slip-up would lead to them escaping. And considering how dangerous they were, he didn’t want to leave them with Empress Jadefall. Only when he was absolutely sure he could suppress them, and also knew everything about them, would he attempt to fuse with them.

A streak of light emerged from one wormhole, then entered another. The process happened over and over as Yang Qi and the members of the Brahman Society left the Titan Emperor Heaven and advanced toward their destination.

This was Yang Qi’s first time being able to see so many other immortal worlds. The space between immortal worlds was vastly larger than similar spaces in the mortal world. Yang Qi felt like a tiny fish that had just jumped out of a gutter and landed in a mighty river.

There were immortal worlds everywhere. Each one was the size of tens upon tens of millions of planetary systems from the mortal world put together, hung within raging spatial tempests and pulsing with immense gravitational forces that Yang Qi could feel tugging him toward them.

“Milord,” Hu Latu said, “that’s the Swan Magnet Heaven, whose magnetic light can attract all types of metal, even those within your flesh and blood. It's dangerous to get close to, unless you cultivate protomagnetic divine abilities. To anyone else, even a sixth or seventh stage Demolisher, it can mean death. It’s generally considered a deadly location that no one will go to. Nonetheless, there are some extremely powerful individuals who explore the place to search for preheaven protomagnetic quintessence energy to turn into spirit medicines.”

“That’s right,” said another of the emissaries. “Considering we're at the Swan Magnet Heaven, it means we’re close to the headquarters of the Brahman Society. Truth be told, the headquarters is surrounded by a deadly location that even ninth stage Dao-Demolishers won’t enter. It’s called Lord Brahma's Ambuscade. The Swan Magnet Heaven is like an auxiliary defense of sorts that we’ll need to skirt to get inside.” [1]

“Interesting. The magnetic light really is strong, isn’t it?” Yang Qi waved his hand and a sea of protomagnetic godlight swirled out toward him.

Hu Latu and the others went pale from fear. “Er… Milord… sir, only a Godmyth should be able to draw out the essence of an immortal world safely!”

“It’s nothing,” Yang Qi said, waving his finger to send out more than eight hundred talismans that transformed into a primal-chaos elder-snake that began devouring the immortal world essence. Soon, Heaven-Devouring śarīras appeared, one after another, all of them filled with protomagnetic light that could vanquish numerous other types of true energy.

“Here, take these Heaven-Devouring śarīras as a reward. They’ll help you neutralize the negative effects of the godly-class energy arts I've given you and advance your cultivation bases. I have the feeling I'm going to be in the Brahman Society for quite a while, and you’ll be my main assets. So the stronger you are, and the higher you can rise within the Brahman Society, the better.”

“Yes, Milord!” Hu Latu said. “I'm a Dao-Demolisher, and have a fairly high status in the Brahman Society. My dao heart has three lineaments, but with the help you’ve provided I should be able to increase it to four very soon. To truly be powerful and glorious in the Brahman Society, you need five lineaments or more.”

Nine was the limit for lineaments in the Dao-Demolisher level. And once the dao heart shattered, one would either become a Godmyth, or die. Rumor had it that, considering how many innumerable immortal worlds there were, there were always ninth stage Dao-Demolishers with nine lineaments, trying to reach the Godmyth level. However, the success rate was staggeringly low.

In fact, many experts kept their cultivation level capped and would never attempt a breakthrough. No amount of outside assistance could help—not even adding god items or the legacies of ancient gods.

But those who succeeded in reaching the Godmyth level would be far, far closer to the Deathless Throne.

The Deathless level was above the Godmyth level. All members of the ancient legion of gods were in the Deathless level. They started out as Lesser Gods, then moved on to become Common Gods, Greater Gods, Consummate Gods, Perfect Gods, and then Paramount Gods. Above them, and above everything, was the creator of the great dao, the creator of civilization, the Lord who could destroy universes, the Lord of All Gods, the Father and Monarch of Divinities.

Yang Qi nodded. “Let’s wait here until you cleanse yourselves with those śarīras.”

After a few days of cultivation, the Brahman Society emissaries were all ruddy-faced from their energy arts advancement. That was especially true of Hu Latu, who had successfully formed his fourth lineament.

“Let’s go,” Yang Qi said. “Take me to the headquarters of the Brahman Society, this Lord Brahma's Ambuscade.”

“Yes sir!”

Although Hu Latu had killed some of his fellow emissaries, it was an easy thing to explain. He would just say that they were ambushed along the way to the Titan Emperor Heaven by some powerful enemies. Yang Qi had used his energy arts to change his appearance and assumed a new name: Hu Yanmeng. [2]

Hu Yanmeng was actually one of the other emissaries Hu Latu had killed.

Thankfully, Yang Qi had absorbed the man’s quintessence energy after he died, which meant that not even a Godmyth would be able to see through his disguise.

They skirted the Swan Magnet Heaven and continued on through the void until they reached a bleak location that seemed ancient and wild, filled with dilapidated palaces, mountains, continents, planets, and bones.

1. I know ‘ambuscade’ is not a very common word. It means ‘an ambush’.

2. Hu is the same relatively rare surname as Hu Latu, which means “exhale, breathe out, shout, pant, call”. Yan means “prolong, extend, delay” and Meng means “ferocious, fierce, violent, brave, suddenly, abrupt”.

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