Chapter 614: Crushing the Buzz Cut Kid

‘This guy actually summoned the soul of King Immortal-Slayer?’ Yang Qi was more than a little shocked. The shadowy figure behind the kid in yellow was an immortal of boundless power who had even slaughtered ancient gods, and seemingly radiated insurmountable power.

God Legion Seal: Slaughter King Immortal-Slayer!” There was no time for thought or contemplation. Leaping into motion, Yang Qi sent the power of the God Legion Seal rocketing toward the enormous, shadowy figures.

Unfortunately, by this point the young man in yellow had already broken free of the golden cage and was obviously attempting to make a break for it.

“Trying to run? It won’t be that easy!” Princess Jadefall appeared, transforming into a porcelain godspore as she shot forward to block the path of the young man.

“Bitch!” the young man snarled. Yet no matter what he did, he couldn’t get past the porcelain godspore. Finally, he threw back his head and let out a howl of anguish. He had sacrificed a mass of quintessence-blood to call the soul of King Immortal-Slayer, but not even that was enough to escape this critical danger.

He was a Future One, and with his advance knowledge of how events were to play out, he was usually able to turn all sorts of misfortunes into blessings. He could seek out luck and intentionally avoid calamity.

But none of that could help him when dealing with Yang Qi.

As a Fateless One, who didn’t exist in the future, he was a constant variable. The young man knew that because of all the factors at play he was in great peril.

“I'm not going to let you come out on top! I'm a Future One! Future Essence: Space-Time Transposition!” 


Space-time power erupted out of the young man, an immense force that pierced into the void to travel back to the future. 

“Trying to go back to the future? Sorry, but you're dealing with me. And that means you’re doomed to die!” The God Legion Seal surged with power and the golden imp appeared. This time, his facial features were visible as he reached out, creating a golden wormhole that sucked in all of the space-time power. In the blink of an eye, it was totally gone.

“The power of the God Legion Seal?! I refuse to accept this!”

The young man in yellow sagged in defeat, fully aware that he had delivered both himself and Chancellor Demi-Immortal right into Yang Qi’s hands. Another golden cage appeared, which dropped down onto him.


The three legacy medallions of King Immortal-Slayer flew out of him; they were so opposed to the God Legion Seal that they were attempting to escape on their own initiative.

“Jadefall, grab those medallions!” Yang Qi shouted. “They’re our ticket to opening the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!”

Princess Jadefall immediately complied, lunging forward and slapping a sealing spell onto the legacy medallions.

“Don’t fuse with them!” Yang Qi said. “They’re infected with an ancient curse, so whoever fuses with them is doomed to die a violent death, and then they move on to a new host. It's an endless cycle that I suspect is actually a trap. I think the medallions are absorbing the destiny of numerous geniuses to eventually bring King Immortal-Slayer back into the world! Just keep them safe for now and we’ll study them later. I can probably use the God Legion Seal to suppress the spirits of the medallions and fully unlock their secrets. Then, maybe we can harness the true power of the legacy inside.”

Princess Jadefall had been just about to fuse with the medallions, but upon hearing Yang Qi’s warning she simply put them away.

King Immortal-Slayer had been the greatest enemy of the ancient legion of gods, and also the greatest enemy of the immortal worlds. He wanted to slay anything and everything then establish his own, new system of order and civilization.

The young man in yellow and Chancellor Demi-Immortal were both locked down, and Princess Jadefall had the legacy medallions. Proud Warpatience and the crown prince were stuck in the spell formation. The situation was already starting to wind down, so Yang Qi called for Hu Latu to emerge.

“It’s you people?” the crown prince murmured in shock. He and Proud Warpatience stared wide-eyed at Yang Qi, Hu Latu, and Princess Jadefall, then over at the young man in yellow. From the short fight that had played out between the young man in yellow and Yang Qi, it was obvious that both of them were as strong as Godmyths.

And that was power far beyond anything they could handle.

Whether it was the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the legacy medallions, or the God Legion Seal, they were vastly beyond even god items.

“What about us?” Yang Qi said coolly. “We put on a little show and snagged us a Future One. We’ll deal with you after him. You’re like turtles in a jar now. Either acknowledge allegiance to me, or die. Your choice.”

“This is outrageous!” the crown prince said. “You plotted against us? I'm the crown prince of the Titan Emperor Heaven! However things play out, you’re still a loyal member of the court!”

“Titan Emperor Heaven? You think I care about that backwater?” Yang Qi laughed. “Compared to even these Brahman Society emissaries, your entire imperial dynasty is like a stray dog, or even worse. I don't see why it even needs to exist. Once I’m done here, I’ll go back, put the emperor to death, and give Princess Jadefall control. A new immortal world is about to rise up to control the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition. And that will be a true reason to hold our heads high.”

“Come on, Yang Qi,” Princess Jadefall said. “After we get back, we can force father to resign. There’s no need to kill him.”

“There is no such thing as familial love when it comes to imperial power,” Yang Qi said, his voice brimming with a decisiveness that could sever nails and chop iron. “Fathers and sons fight and kill each other all the time in such situations. If you want to found a dynasty that lasts for all time, you have to rule with a hard heart. Besides, that emperor of yours was perfectly happy to see me dead. He handed me right over to the Brahman Society without even a thought to seeking justice.” Yang Qi frowned. “Look, for the sake of your face, I’ll spare him. But I'm still going to remove his energy arts and turn him into a mortal.”

Princess Jadefall didn't respond. In the end, she knew that there wasn’t any other option.

“Are you people even human?” the crown prince growled. “By the way, what's your real name? Yang Qi? Or Titan Dragonguard?”

“It’s Yang Qi, not Titan Dragonguard.” He laughed. “I’m from the lower world, the founder of the Sage Monarch planetary system, conqueror of all. I'm going to take over your puny Titan Emperor Heaven and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

“You!” Proud Warpatience said, his expression twisting with rage. “You’re the son of my Master, Proud Heaven! You’re Yang Qi! Why are you doing all of this?”

“Proud Heaven? You think I'm his son? That's a pretty good joke. I'm a Fateless One, born out of primal-chaos. I don’t have anything to do with Proud Heaven. But he kidnapped my mother, and I'm going to get her back and kill him in the process.”

“Yang Qi?” the crown prince said. “Princess Jadefall, he's not even a true member of the imperial house! You knew this all along, didn’t you? And you joined him in his rebellion?”

“Rebellion?” Princess Jadefall replied. “In immortal worlds, the law of the jungle prevails. Besides, our Titan Emperor Heaven is the lowest of the low when it comes to immortal planes, and we get bullied constantly. But Yang Qi can change that. The only thing you morons know how to do is fight among yourselves. You’ll never be able to rise up and accomplish anything. Proud Warpatience has been colluding with the Hanging Heaven for years, Crown Prince, and you knew it all along. In fact, you considered him to be your follower. Now that is rebellion.”

“Enough, Jadefall,” Yang Qi said. “There’s no point in bickering with them. Just assimilate them. We’ve gone all in, so now we have to see it through to the finish. Brace yourself, Proud Warpatience. I'm about to use one of the most wicked, vicious devil arts from hell to soulsearch you. You’ll wish you could die, but I won’t let you.” 

Proud Warpatience glared at Yang Qi and said, “I’m going to fight you to the death, Yang Qi! My Master, Proud Heaven, will make you pay for this. You're a Fateless One and that slut Jadefall is a Reincarnated One, so he’s going to devour both of you!”

Clenching his fists, he lunged forward aggressively.

In response, Yang Qi snorted coldly and smashed a palm onto Proud Warpatience’s head. Of course, Proud Warpatience was no match for him and was instantly sealed.

Without wasting any time, Yang Qi flew over and sent another palm strike at the crown prince, filled with countless variations and rumbling with power that could destroy the heavens and crush the earth.


The crown prince didn’t even have time to react.

The palm landed on the top of his head, and Yang Qi locked on to his dao heart and pulled it out into the open.

“My dao heart! I spent hundreds of thousands of years perfecting it!” He sagged weakly. “Mercy! Spare me! I’ll just disappear, and you’ll never see me again. Don’t kill me! I’ll even work for you if you want!”

“The only enemies I trust are dead ones,” Yang Qi said, and crushed the dao heart. As the power coursed into him, he began inching toward yet another breakthrough.

Meanwhile, the crown prince screamed, and a moment later, was dead.

Yang Qi tossed him and his hammer into the Heaven and Earth Furnace, where they turned into deathless godliness that strengthened his Blood of the One God.

Yang Qi had truly taken out all of his enemies in one blow.

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