Chapter 610: Threats

Yang Qi’s voice was deafening, booming into the hearts and minds of everyone present and leaving them so shaken that they couldn’t speak. When he spoke, it was almost like a heaven-god making a pronouncement from above.

It was a completely invincible proclamation, the kind that could destroy the dome of heaven and shake the world.

Everyone was completely stunned, even the emperor. Never in his wildest dreams could he have guessed that ‘Titan Dragonguard’ would be this strong. Despite being sealed in a cage by emissaries from the Brahman Society, he could still project his voice through the void to the Titan Emperor Heaven and threaten the top experts there.

Even the eighth stage Antiquity-Demolishers were physically shaking.

And he wasn’t done speaking. “These people from the Brahman Society are fools to think that they can lock me up, and in fact they fell right into my trap. Whichever of you lay a hand on any of my subordinates will find your entire clan in the direst of circumstances.”

As he continued speaking, the soundwaves of his voice turned into magical symbols that swirled in the air next to Princess Jadefall, eventually forming into a projection that resembled Yang Qi in every aspect. It was an out-of-body incarnation of incredible power.

Although it only had about a tenth of the power of his true self, that was still a terrifying level of strength. And the fact that he could create a clone like this so easily indicated that he could return to its side at any time he wished.

The sight of the clone left everyone mute from shock. As for the people who had been calling for his henchmen to be arrested, they broke out in cold sweats and exchanged awkward glances.

The emperor was also visibly shaken, and was staring at Yang Qi’s clone.

“Your Imperial Majesty,” the clone said coldly, “the Brahman Society has viciously bullied our imperial court, and I'm going to make them pay dearly for that. Don’t worry, I’ll advance the interests of our immortal world as I do. It’s my duty to fight for our glory.”

“If that’s your intent, wonderful,” the emperor said, his voice quavering as if from fear. “This session of court is over. Everyone is dismissed.”

Still stunned, the gathered ministers and officials gave a formal voicing of thanks, then left.

Thus, a most bizarre and unusual event ended.

Not long after, Proud Warpatience, the crown prince, and various other grand princes and ministers were all gathered to discuss the situation. Slowly but surely, the crown prince’s stupefaction transformed into an expression of vicious ferocity. 

“I never could have guessed that Titan Dragonguard would have divine abilities like that. It’s terrifying! His cultivation base is exponentially stronger than the last time he used it. How could this have happened?”

“It must be because he and Princess Jadefall joined forces in their cultivation,” Proud Warpatience said. “That said, he shouldn’t have grown so strong so quickly. I wonder if he has a special type of constitution. It doesn’t seem likely.”

“Proud Warpatience, your Master Proud Heaven had a clone in the Brahman Society for a while. Is he still there? Were you the one who got the message to the Brahman Society? Is that why they came to arrest Titan Dragonguard?”

“Exactly, Crown Prince,” Proud Warpatience said. “The Brahman Society was actually founded by a clone of my Master, Proud Heaven. He also left behind plenty of disciples and followers. Unfortunately, my Master later disappeared into the void in search of his deathless kingdom. Afterward, the Brahman Society evolved, and eventually, many of the disciples loyal to him were purged and expelled. But there are still loyalists in positions of power. And of course, I have contacts there. Because of that, the Titan Emperor Heaven is currently safe within the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition. Nobody will cause any problems for us.”

“Well, that’s good,” the crown prince said. “Well, maybe Titan Dragonguard can handle a few emissaries, but there’s no way he can take on the Brahman Society as a whole. We need to make sure he ends up getting killed. If he doesn’t, and his cultivation base continues to advance, who could possibly stand up to him? He will definitely come back eventually to wipe us all out.”

“I’ll make the arrangements immediately,” Proud Warpatience said. “I’ll reach out to my contacts in the Brahman Society and ask them to send someone to execute him immediately. Afterward, we can track down his treasure and make sure that you can crush Princess Jadefall.”

“Excellent. Go take care of it all.”

The crown prince waved his hand dismissively, and Proud Warpatience rose to his feet and vanished without a trace.

After he was gone, the crown prince looked around at everyone else present and said, “Did you see that? Did you see how loyal Proud Warpatience is?”

“I still think he’s secretly planning to betray you,” one of the ministers said. “He knows his place, but he’s deeply ambitious. For example, he called on the help of the Brahman Society without notifying you, Crown Prince. And we can’t underestimate the network of agents and followers left behind by his Master Proud Heaven. That said, they’re the perfect tools to use against Princess Jadefall and Titan Dragonguard. Who knows, maybe if they end up at each other’s throats, we can swoop in at the end and be the ultimate victors?”

“True,” the crown prince said. After a moment of thought, he continued, “Very well, pay close attention. Continue to recruit more men to our cause. I'm going to go see if I can figure out how Proud Warpatience is contacting the Brahman Society. I’ll also see if I can determine what’s going on with Titan Dragonguard and the Brahman Society. Maybe if they’re fighting, I can figure out a way to benefit from it.”

With that, he faded away into nothing.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Demi-Immortal and the young man in yellow were hidden elsewhere in the imperial city, using a special technique from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart to eavesdrop.

“Let’s go,” said the young man. “If Yang Qi is fighting with the Brahman Society, maybe we can take advantage of the situation to strike a fatal blow.” 

“You really think that the Brahman Society can't handle him?” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said, his eyes glittering. Apparently, he thought that the time had come to make his big move.

The young man snorted coldly. “At this point, I don’t think even a Godmyth could kill him. Those emissaries seemed really impressive, but he can probably kill them with the most casual move.”

“There’s no possible way! How could his cultivation base be improving so quickly?”

“He and Princess Jadefall definitely practiced dual cultivation together. By combining the powers of a Reincarnated One with a Fateless One, he achieved spectacular cultivation base progress. If you don’t believe me, just look.” He waved his hands through the air, causing the image of a moon to fly out.

As the moon shone, it revealed a sweeping, universal image, which quickly zoomed forward until it revealed Yang Qi and the Brahman Society emissaries.

Yang Qi was in the cage and they were interrogating him as they moved along, occasionally using magical techniques to torture him. From the look of it, Yang Qi seemed trapped and unable to escape from the cage.

“Yang Qi is usually so aggressive,” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said. “Why would he allow them to humiliate him like that?”

“You really think it’s that simple?” replied the young man, his voice as cold as the winter wind. “Look more closely.”

A moment later, Chancellor Demi-Immortal gasped as he realized that the Yang Qi inside the cage was actually an illusion. He was using some sort of magical technique to confuse the hearts and minds of the emissaries, who had absolutely no idea what was really happening.

Then he noticed a shadowy figure lurking above them, which none of the emissaries could see.

Of course, it was Yang Qi.

Obviously, he was in a position to kill all of the emissaries with the mere wave of his hand.

“Well, what do you think? The time has come to leave the Titan Emperor Heaven. If we stick around here, we’ll never catch up with Yang Qi.”


The two of them flew up into the sky and vanished.

A moment later, another shadowy figure appeared and resolved into Princess Jadefall, her eyes glittering with a strange light. 

‘The aura of a Future One! Yang Qi was right. It’s someone just like Proud Heaven, lurking right here in the Titan Emperor Heaven. We definitely need to take his power. If we got King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy and the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, why would we possibly need to fear the Brahman Society? In fact, if we wiped them out we could control the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition. It would be impossible to say how many godrelics, god items, and other resources we would control then. There might even be other special bloodlines to be found.’

Princess Jadefall was obviously a very ambitious woman, and she didn’t hesitate to pass the new information on to Yang Qi.

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