Chapter 607: Porcelain Godspore

As Yang Qi studied the power of the Reincarnated One that was Princess Jadefall, he saw countless powerful entities rushing toward a porcelain godspore in the hopes of taking it for their own. Primal-chaos heaven-rocs, dragons, phoenixes, elder-snakes, and all other types of creatures were there. There were also primal-chaos elder-gods joining in the fight.

It was a shocking scene, especially when the primal-chaos elder-gods unleashed their massive divine abilities and magical powers. They were all godly-class energy arts, completely rare, filled with magical symbols and curse power, as well as magical laws that could sunder heaven and crush earth.


Claps of thunder rang out in his sea of consciousness, making it seem like it might crumble at any moment. The primal-chaos aura here surpassed what any ordinary immortal could possibly contain in their sea of consciousness.


He bellowed in rage, forcing the aura into submission and crushing the wills of the primal-chaos elder-gods.

Once again, he could see clearly.

As the primal-chaos entities struggled, the porcelain godspore began weakening, and soon it was engulfed with flames.


A crack spread out on its surface and countless enormous hands appeared as the elder gods reached forward to try to take the godspore. But then a porcelain-colored stream of light shot out from within the godspore.

Within the light was a wailing baby girl, who only appeared for a moment before vanishing without a trace. The hosts of primal-chaos elder-gods and other primal-chaos entities had no way of capturing her.

After the girl vanished, everything went still and quiet.

At the same time, a massive blast of power erupted, shaking all heaven and earth—it was the power of a Reincarnated One. 

‘Wow. So as a Reincarnated One, Princess Jadefall is actually that same porcelain godspore from the ancient primal-chaos?’

After coming to this realization, Yang Qi drew upon the will of the One God that existed within his blood and the God Legion Seal in his forehead trembled. Then it flew out into the open in the shape of a golden imp, who sent golden light streaming directly into Princess Jadefall’s head. At this point, Princess Jadefall opened her eyes and instantly realized that the golden imp was something she couldn’t possibly struggle against. In fact, she could tell that no one in the Titan Emperor Heaven could possibly fight it. Not even the ancient god Titan, her original ancestor, could have.

“You… Yang Qi, what are you doing? What is that thing?”

“Don’t panic. Keep calm. According to what I just saw, you began life in the ancient primal-chaos as a porcelain godspore. As a Reincarnated One, you have many past lives and your body itself contains deathless godliness that surpasses your ancestor, the great god Titan. Only my God Legion Seal can suppress the godliness within you to allow you to awaken. Don’t struggle. If you do, you could explode and be reincarnated into your next life.”

“What? God Legion Seal? I've heard of those things. They’re the ultimate blessing from the legion of gods! They’re the most powerful sealing marks that exist and are eternally deathless. How could you possibly have something like that? Who are you?”

Princess Jadefall was yet again completely bowled over, and at the same time had finally realized that she could truly trust Yang Qi. After all, they were alone in her god item, so if he wanted to assimilate her power he could easily do so with the God Legion Seal.

Thus she fully cooperated, relaxing her hold on her power.

As she did, countless porcelain streams of light appeared within her, pulses of deathless godliness that contained the boundless power of reincarnation.

The God Legion Seal absorbed it, causing the sage power of the halls of heaven to pulse within Yang Qi and push his cultivation base to a higher level.

‘The legion of gods is boundless, the Sovereign Lord is invincible….’ All of a sudden, heavenly tribulation appeared, countless bolts of lightning that shot down toward him as he reached second stage Space-Demolishing.

Suddenly, what seemed like a profound manifestation of spatial emptiness exploded. It contained a will of something absolutely true and real, as well as the ultimate truths of what it meant to cultivate reality.

Demolishing space meant returning to what was true and real.

As he progressed through the Demolishing level, Yang Qi got closer to that.

Unexpectedly, the heavenly tribulation bashed through the defenses of the god item, yet as it did, Yang Qi transformed into a primal-chaos elder-snake and devoured it. Once inside him, the power of the tribulation shattered and became part of him, causing his blood to grow even stronger.

Thanks to the power of a Reincarnated One, he was now stepping into the second stage of Space-Demolishing. He could now form a total of seven hundred and twenty Hell Portals, and the countless devilish specters that emerged from them could form a Preheaven Devil Formation.

Now that he was a Space-Demolisher, he could summon fiend-devils that were immortal paragons. A group of such sixth step Abstrusity-Demolishers in the form of an army would be more than enough to trample the immortal world around him.

And of course, Yang Qi himself was now much stronger.

An immense aura rushed through him and he could sense something that surpassed the power of fate, something that was illusory and unreal, but at the same time very true and real.

‘It’s my constitution as a Fateless One,’ he realized.

Adjusting the power levels within himself, he exhaled some energy, something like primal-chaos, or a sword, which pierced into Princess Jadefall’s porcelain aura.


Their auras mixed together. One was a Reincarnated One, the other was a Fateless One. Both of them had unusually rare constitutions. And now they were combining them. Instantly, a supreme manifestation of reason and magical law formed, causing a host of daoist scriptures to appear. It almost seemed like the ancient legion of gods was howling out these scriptures and causing them to rush into both Yang Qi and Princess Jadefall.

That was especially true, considering that right above Princess Jadefall’s head, a porcelain-colored śarīra was forming, bright and shining, and inscribed with legends of aeons past.

Her eyes snapped open again and she said, “I did it. I have a basic understanding of the ultimate meaning of the Godmyth level. I have my reincarnation śarīra, and also your fateless power. Although I don’t understand that fateless power, I’ll learn more as I study it. And I can tell you now, I’ll be a Godmyth within three thousand years!”

“That’s good to hear,” Yang Qi replied. “I'm now a second step Space-Demolisher, and with the reincarnation power you’ve given me, I can guarantee you that I can make you a Godmyth in much less than three thousand years. More like three years. By that point, I’ll be much higher in my cultivation and I’ll be able to summon an army of fiend-devil immortal paragons to conquer all of the immortal worlds.”

Yang Qi was feeling very high-spirited and full of mettle in this moment. He had gained much from this session of cultivation. For example, his Blood of the One God was now at the level of two percent. As such, he wasn’t worried at all about getting in a fight with any other Demolisher, not even the mysterious emperor of this immortal world.

He had firmly established his place in the Titan Emperor Heaven.

Princess Jadefall had also greatly benefited during their session of cultivation. She had awakened her power as a Reincarnated One, even adding fateless power to make significant advances. Once her power was fully awakened, she would be able to rise to higher immortal worlds.

Laughing heartily, Yang Qi rose to his feet. “Princess, this will be the first of many times we practice cultivation together. In the coming days, we can continue refining our cultivation bases together, and as we mix the powers of a Fateless One with a Reincarnated One, we will grow stronger and stronger. Eventually, we should be able to kill that Future One, and acquire three separate identities each. At that point, no one in this measly Titan Emperor Heaven will possibly be able to do anything about us.”

“I like the sound of that. You’re my lucky star, Yang Qi. Without your help, I'm sure I would have run afoul of Proud Warpatience sooner or later.” At this point, she suddenly flared with killing intent. “Now that I know the truth, I think we need to do something about Proud Warpatience and the other loyalists Proud Heaven left behind. If we don’t, when Proud Heaven returns it could turn very bad for us. In fact, maybe we can prevent his return altogether.”

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