Chapter 606: The Power of a Reincarnated One

Yang Qi had worded everything perfectly and won over Princess Jadefall. Now it seemed that he would finally be able to take a look at the power and nature of a Reincarnated One. And perhaps her blood would be a benefit to his Fateless One blood.

If it worked, both of them would advance by leaps and bounds.

Despite trusting Yang Qi to a certain extent, Princess Jadefall was still being cautious. Thus, she summoned her Jadefall Origin Pearl, a god item that was now surrounding both her and Yang Qi. In her mind, working on their cultivation in that pearl would keep her safe.

Yang Qi didn't mind. This development was no surprise to him, as Princess Jadefall was no fool. She was a ferocious character who wouldn’t place herself in incredible danger for any reason. Although she had said she trusted him, it wouldn’t make sense for her to be reckless.

Little did she know that, from what Yang Qi could tell, this god item wasn’t nearly as strong as he was. If he wanted to, he could just absorb its powers for his own use. However, he didn’t point this out to Princess Jadefall. He had no intention of doing anything untoward to her, and in fact, wanted to work with her.

In the World of Jadefall, the Yellow Springs are Boundless….

Suddenly, a stream of yellowish light appeared within the Jadefall Origin Pearl, streaming out to surround both Princess Jadefall and Yang Qi.

Then a river appeared in the depths of the pearl, its surface covered with surging waves. Princess Jadefall floated down to the surface of the river and a lotus flower bloomed beneath her as she lowered herself into a sitting position.

Smiling, Yang Qi lowered himself down until he was in front of her, and as he did, a night queen flower bloomed beneath him, which emanated an aura like a mixture of life and death, something that, just like the night queen flower itself, could exist or die at any moment. It was profoundly mysterious. [1]

As Yang Qi settled down, a deafening rumble echoed out from him as he clenched his hand into a fist, causing a stream of lightning to shoot out from his palm.

The lightning streamed around Princess Jadefall, transforming into a host of white night queen flowers covered with lightning motifs.

When Princess Jadefall saw the lightning motifs, she reacted with visible shock. “What… what kind of lightning magic is this? How come I've never seen anything like it before?”

“It’s Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning, from a godly-class energy art that I cultivate.” Truth be told, this was another facet of Yang Qi’s energy arts that he had gained access to upon reaching the Demolishing level. After the Hand of the One God, there was the Wheel of Fate, the Flame of Hope, the Glad Tidings of the Lord, and the Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning. With one bolt of this lightning, life or death could be determined.

Lightning represented tribulation and justice. It symbolized the will of heaven, and any daoist technique that was cultivated to the limit would always involve it. And now, Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth had reached the point of producing lightning. Of course, it was the type of lightning that could both destroy universes and give birth to endless life. After all, at the beginning of everything there had been no life, then lightning struck. That was the moment in which life began and countless living beings began to spread through the universe.

Now Yang Qi was using this lightning to try to awaken Princess Jadefall’s power as a Reincarnated One.

Only someone who had lived and died could possibly have been reincarnated and have the boundless power of reincarnation within them. Yang Qi was different. He didn’t have any past lives, nor was his future set. He was a Fateless One, who didn’t exist anywhere else in the endless streams of time and fate.

It was as if he existed within a void, a person who could appear on the scene, but who had no previous lives and had never been reincarnated.

Reincarnated Ones were different. They were people who had, in the past, been supremely powerful entities that had died and been reincarnated many times. They were people who had been sealed by the gods and were waiting for their memories to awaken.

Right now, Yang Qi was probing to see what kind of person the reincarnated Princess Jadefall really was.

“Remain still,” he said. “Let my Life-Death Void-Destruction Lightning enter you and see if it can awaken the power of reincarnation within you. I’ll take a bit of your reincarnation power, but at the same time give you a portion of my fateless power. The combination will be beneficial to both of us, pushing us to new heights. Make sure not to resist the lightning in any way, otherwise it will likely destroy you.”

“Oh? Wow, this lightning really is powerful. I've never seen lightning magic that comes close to this. The destructive power virtually defies comprehension.”

Princess Jadefall gently stirred her nascent divinity as the lightning entered her.

Instantly, she began to tremble, and a look of enlightenment appeared on her face, as though some immense vital energy inside of her was waking up.

“What kind of power is this?”

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi’s psychic vision revealed an ancient image resting within Princess Jadefall’s mind.

It was an image of endless chaos giving birth to all sorts of living things, including a primal-chaos elder-snake that was King Heaven-Devourer. Back then, there was no such thing as heaven and earth and the universe itself had not yet taken shape. There were no immortal worlds and the energies of primal chaos abounded everywhere, going on with seemingly no end.

There were other entities being born, all of them like god-spirits.

In fact, the entire legion of gods was there.

They were enormous within their deathless kingdoms, and some were obviously stronger than others as they created planetary systems and immortal worlds.

Some of the gods had not yet been born, and existed as godspores within the primal-chaos.

At this point in time, the gods were actually very weak. Occasionally, godspores would be consumed by other entities and the gods within them would perish.

Yang Qi ‘watched’ as an aura from within Princess Jadefall pulsed out, hitting his sea of consciousness with such force it seemed like it might shatter. It was the most ancient of auras, from before the existence of heaven and earth. It was a preheaven aura.

The entities that had existed back in that original primal-chaos were so powerful that Yang Qi couldn’t even compare to them. They were the type whose mere twitch could turn the Titan Emperor Heaven into dust.

‘Don’t tell me that Princess Jadefall is the reincarnation of some ancient creature like that? Is she something like King Heaven-Devourer? Is that the type of energy inside her? Or could she be a member of the legion of gods from that ancient primal-chaos?’ Yang Qi wasn’t sure of the details, but he was absolutely shocked. Clearly, the powers of a Reincarnated One were vast, which made sense, considering they contained mysteries relating to the universe and reincarnation.

‘Alright, I'm going to push a bit harder into the depths of the preheaven primal-chaos image inside her and see if I can figure out exactly who—or what—Princess Jadefall is. If I can get more information this way, it will benefit me greatly!’

The mysterious preheaven energy that was coursing into him as he viewed the image felt very soothing, and he could sense that there was familiarity between it and the god legion essence within him.


Bright light shot into his forehead, connecting with the God Legion Seal, which began vibrating as if it were excited by the fact that Yang Qi was getting new enlightenment.

Boundless sagelight appeared above his head, a projection of the halls of heaven. It was almost as if he had turned into an ancient god of radiance and light, boundlessly glorious.

“This is incredible!” Princess Jadefall said, a rapturous look on her face as she sank into the sensation of the power coursing through her. At the same time, her cultivation base began rising in power, and every inch of her flesh began to transform on a substructural level. Holy light shone as her bones changed, and at the same time impurities were extruded from the top of her head, where they evaporated into a porcelain-colored sweet dew that fell down upon her, bathing her with purity.

Slowly but surely, her clothing faded way, leaving her naked, although she wasn’t aware of that.

Sadly, Yang Qi didn’t notice either. His vision was cast inside of her, peering at the scene of primal-chaos filled with the power of the gods and reincarnation. [2]

The primal-chaos didn’t take note of the passing of time.

Countless years flowed by, yet it was as if none had passed. The primal-chaos would eternally be primal-chaos, constantly battling with itself forever. The legion of gods fought with other ancient entities, and even amongst themselves. More powerful entities were born, and others died.


At a certain point, something attracted Yang Qi’s attention in the far corner of the primal-chaos. There, after countless millions upon millions of primal-chaos years had passed, a porcelain-colored godspore suddenly stirred.

A sound rang out like the cry of a hungry infant. Then the godspore began sucking in the surrounding primal-chaos vital energy, gobbling it up voraciously. As the porcelain godspore feasted, it grew larger and stronger.

Eventually, it reached a size that left Yang Qi shocked at the sight; it was many thousands of times as large as the Titan Emperor Heaven, yet it was still devouring the primal-chaos vital energy!

It was at this point that certain other strange beings out in the primal-chaos finally noticed what was happening. Then a primal-chaos elder-snake flew over with a gaping maw and swallowed it up.

Yet that did no good.

The godspore was impossible to break open.

After a moment passed, the primal-chaos elder-snake spat it out.

1. This type of flower has come up a few times. As a reminder, it's a flower that only blooms at night and wilts before dawn. It’s an element from a very common Chinese idiom, making it a very well-known type of flower in China.

2. I just want to clarify that the author did indeed use the phrase “sadly, what a pity, unfortunately” to start this paragraph. Lol. I wouldn’t make such a drastic addition.

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