Chapter 60: Paying Back Humiliation

“Pay it back? With what?” Song Haishan looked on coldly as Yang Qi helped Li He up, and then healed him with true energy. Secure in the knowledge that he had powerful backers, he was certain he was in absolute control of the situation.

“I'm an outer campus student, so I have full authority to provide instruction to freshmen. This little punk failed to study something he should have studied: Respect! Who does he think he is, asking that I give him face? And then there’s you, Yang Qi. I'm offended by your tone of voice, and normally speaking, would cripple you for it. However, considering that you're part of the Demi-Immortal Institute now, I’ll give you a chance to turn over a new leaf. Get on your knees and give me three sets of three kowtows. Then, I might let you off the hook. What do you say?”

The expression on Song Haishan’s face was as vicious as a cat’s when looking at a mouse.

Obviously, he was just having some fun, and everyone present could tell that even if Yang Qi did kowtow to him, he still wouldn’t let the matter drop.

As for Yun Hailan, she simply looked on, seemingly engrossed with what was happening.

Chu Tiange, on the other hand, was a powerful Lifeseizer. He remained on the city wall, hands clasped behind his back, his robe rippling in the wind. It was at this point that snowflakes began to drift down from above.

“It’s snowing,” Yang Qi said, reaching out to let a snowflake land on his finger. “It's too bad there’s an annoying dog barking in my ear, ruining the scene.”

When Li He heard his words, his jaw dropped. Hua Yinhu and He Jili shivered and turned to look at him, their eyes written with terror, completely incapable of comprehending why Yang Qi would say something like that.

“What did you just say?” At first, Song Haishan wasn't sure he had heard clearly. However, after a moment passed, his face turned purple, and he looked like he might explode at any moment.

“What are you, deaf?” Yang Qi shouted, his words echoing like thunder. “Well, Song Haishan, are you? I said you’re an annoying dog!”

“Are you looking to die!?” Unable to hold back any longer, Song Haishan burst into motion, curling his fingers into dragon’s claws, along with his true energy surging out to form clouds around him. As he moved forward, his claw-like hands stretched out from within the clouds, as if searching for prey.

Seeking Claw of the Cloud Dragon!

The true energy claw attack was so powerful that the stone beneath Song Haishan’s feet shattered. He was obviously holding nothing back, and the killing intent in his move made it clear that he wanted Yang Qi dead.

However, Yang Qi didn’t even pay attention to the claw attack. Clenching his hand into a fist, he unleashed the Invincible King’s Fist, causing six crab-like arms to appear behind him.

His true energy was as powerful as a ten-thousand-ton boulder, and as it catapulted forth, it hit Song Haishan’s true energy and crushed it into nothing.

The onlookers saw Yang Qi’s six arms of true energy form together into something like a sphere, which then rolled forth and smashed into Song Haishan, completely destroying all of his defensive true energy.

Song Haishan screamed as he was sent flying backward, his clothing in tatters. When he finally rolled to a stop, he tried to struggle to his feet, but failed.

“Defeated…?” Li He blurted.

Yang Qi’s friends weren’t the only ones who were surprised. All of the outer campus students on the griffons were completely taken aback. After all, Song Haishan was a Master of Energy, and Yang Qi was only in the eighth phase. Generally speaking, they existed on completely different levels, and no one would ever think that the fight would have gone this way.

Yun Hailan was also visibly shocked.

“What’s this?” Chu Tiange murmured, also surprised.

“You….” Song Haishan simply couldn’t believe that he had been defeated, and still wanted to try to kill Yang Qi.

But before he could move, Yang Qi was right next to him. Squatting down, he patted his cheek and said, “You think that just because you’re a Master of Energy, you can handle me? You see, what you don’t know is that I’ve already absorbed an airmastery plant. I have the same level of inner force as a Master of Energy….”

Of course, Yang Qi mentioned an airmastery plant as a way of concealing the truth about his cultivation base.

When he helped Yang Zhan absorb the airmastery plant inside him, he had acquired some of the plant’s aura, and therefore, had a deep understanding of it. Furthermore, the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth could easily imitate the true energy of the plant, in a way that no other person could detect.

Unless Chu Tiange actually sent some true energy into Yang Qi, he wouldn’t be able to pick up on any clues.

“Hailan, kill this brat!” Song Haishan screamed, hardly able to stand the humiliation.


Yang Qi slapped Song Haishan squarely on the side of the face.

Another scream escaped Song Haishan’s lips, as well as a mouthful of blood and teeth.

“Like I said, if you insult a brother of mine, I’ll pay the insult back ten times over. Now, prepare to have your energy arts crippled. That’ll get rid of your little superiority complex.”

With that, he gathered his true energy together in preparation to cripple Song Haishan.

“Enough!” Chu Tiange said. Although he was far away on the city wall, he waved his hand, sending a stream of true energy out that took the form of an army of horses and soldiers. In the face of that, Yang Qi had no choice but to back away.

‘Incredible!’ Yang Qi thought, fully aware that he couldn’t fight back against that energy unless he relied on his true powers. But if he did that, it would attract the suspicions of Chu Tiange, which he couldn’t have right now.

While he backed away, the true energy picked up Song Haishan and pulled him back to the city wall. There, Chu Tiange grabbed him and sent some true energy into him.

Song Haishan immediately began to tremble as his blood heated, causing him to inflate almost like a balloon.

“Behold the spirit energy of heaven and earth!” Chu Tiange said. As everyone looked on, streams of green light fell from the sky, entering Song Haishan and repairing his teeth instantly.

‘So, Lifeseizers can even do that?’ Yang Qi licked his lips in near disbelief.

Although he hadn’t been able to kill Song Haishan, humiliating him did ease some of the inner tension. Of course, he cared a lot more about Yun Hailan. Song Haishan was nothing more than a henchman of hers.

Tossing Song Haishan back onto his griffon, Chu Tiange turned to Yun Hailan and said, “Very well, he's all healed up. Junior Sister Hailan, do you have some sort of grudge with that brat? He has some impressive true energy, and considering he used an airmastery plant, if he becomes a Master of Energy, he’ll be even more powerful. A word from you, and I can resolve the matter immediately, although you would owe me a favor. What do you say?”

Chu Tiange’s words immediately caused the atmosphere to become very tense.

From the way he spoke, he didn’t even think Yang Qi was worth looking at, and if he wanted to, could take him out instantly.

“Elder Brother Tiange,” Hua Yinhu blurted, “Sir, you're a Lifeseizer! Why do you have to make things so difficult for us?”

Chu Tiange ignored him, keeping his gaze fixed on Yun Hailan.

Yun Hailan looked at Yang Qi for a long moment, then sighed. “Forget it. His aunt is Yang Susu. Besides, airmastery plants aren’t anything special. Let’s go, Elder Brother Tiange. There are still plenty of vampire brigands left to kill.”

Chu Tiange’s eyes suddenly glittered with intense light. “He’s Yang Susu’s nephew? Well, isn’t that interesting. But you know, Yang Susu isn’t really that extraordinary. As I said, a single word from you, and I’ll end all of this frustration for good.”

“Many thanks, Elder Brother, but let’s go.” Yun Hailan hopped back onto her griffon, which spread its wings and then launched up into the air. Looking back down, she said, “Yang Qi, it would be best for you to know your place. Leave the Demi-Immortal Institute. If you don’t, you’ll regret it sooner or later.”

“Thanks for your concern,” Yang Qi replied. “Although, you should be more worried about yourself.”

Chu Tiange gave Yang Qi a long look, then blurred into motion, becoming a series of afterimages that shot off into the distance.

And thus, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering event came to conclusion.

When Li He and the others were finally alone, they all breathed long sighs of relief, although they were all still taut with nervousness.

As for Yang Qi, he closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged, almost as if he were working on his cultivation.

After some time passed, Hua Yinhu found an area nearby where some trees had begun to grow in the ruins of the city. Within those trees was a ramshackle hut, where he quickly set up a fire. Hurrying back to Yang Qi, he said, “Why don't we spend the night here? There’s nothing dangerous in the area now. With all the brigands slaughtered, and Chu Tiange nearby, there definitely won’t be any more incidents.” 

“Lifeseizers are incredible,” Yang Qi said, opening his eyes. “You four warm up by the fire. I'm going to work on my cultivation in this snowstorm. After seeing Chu Tiange in action, I’ve gained some enlightenment, and want to push toward my next breakthrough.”

“Alright. In that case, we won't disturb you.”

With that, everyone went to sit by the fire, although they kept an eye on Yang Qi.

The snowfall grew heavier and heavier, and before long, the ground was pure white.

Yang Qi had already summoned a protective barrier to keep the snow away.

‘Yun Hailan, it won't do you any good to hide behind Chu Tiange. I can defeat him.’ His true energy surged through him like lava ready to erupt from a volcano.

Meanwhile, the lightning mammoth was already active inside him.

Slowly but surely, the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was causing something like a crucible to form within his sea of energy.

The Hellfire Crucible actually contained the lightning mammoth, and was slowly melting it, extracting its life force quintessence.


Another particle woke up inside Yang Qi, filling him with the power of an eleventh ancient megamammoth.

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