Chapter 599: Shopping Spree

Three hundred and sixty angels, all of them in the immortal marquis level, were given amazing techniques by Yang Qi that shrank them down and turned them into ordinary immortals. That said, all of them had immense battle prowess and incredible life force. Their mere presence breathed new life into Yang Qi’s grand prince mansion.

He couldn’t trust the soldiers and servant girls assigned to him by the Department of Internal Affairs, but he knew that he could have complete trust in these angels.

“Take positions in the defensive spell formations. And take these power stones and Heaven-Devouring śarīras for your cultivation.”

He sent out three hundred and sixty fist-sized Heaven-Devouring śarīras to them, which entered the angels’ hearts. Going forward, the śarīras would remove the heterogeneous true energy in them and make them even purer than before. And of course, they would be more dangerous in battle.

The angels settled down in the depths of the spell formations and began working on their cultivation.

Of course, considering their immense life force, the faith power they could provide to Yang Qi was formidable. Meanwhile, Yang Qi kept his three hundred and sixty Hell Portals open and emitting hell-born fiend-devils.

Although all of them were in the immortal marquis level, none of them were close to being as formidable as the three hundred and sixty angels.

The initial three hundred and sixty angels had been specially selected as top experts. As for the fiend-devils he would continue summoning, he didn't pay as close attention. As long as they were immortal marquises, he would summon them.

Over the course of the next month or so, he continued summoning fiend-devils until he had a total of thirty-six thousand, all of them immortal marquises. In other words, each of his angels now had command over a hundred immortal marquis fiend-devils, which was a nearly incomprehensible level of power. As his forces continuously prayed, immense changes occurred in the depths of his mansion.

If anyone had somehow forced their way inside during this moment, they would have found themselves in a situation as dangerous as a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den and would not likely have been able to escape alive.

In the short month that had passed, he’d turned his mansion into a virtually invincible stronghold.

‘Alright. The time has come to go to the Mechfolk emporium to buy some more goods. If I send materials from there to the lower world, my planetary system and kingdom will grow even stronger than before.’

Leaving his mansion, he headed toward the business plane in the imperial city.

In a surprise turn of events, he found that the Heaven’s Net Consortium had ceased all operations. Apparently, his theft of the six hundred and sixty-six imperial snakecharms had truly been a devastating blow to them. Furthermore, they were connected to the Hanging Heaven, so after the big defeat there recently it was only natural that they would go into hiding. However, he knew that they hated him and would surely cause trouble eventually. He had revealed the snakecharms during the fighting, and many Demonfolk experts surely noticed. Thankfully, he was a Demolisher now and wasn’t afraid of anything short of a Godmyth.

Another surprising development in the business plane was that the Lost Civilization Consortium was expanding and had taken over the previous territory of the Heaven’s Net Consortium.

As soon as he entered the emporium, the Mechfolk rushed over with looks of reverence on their faces. 

“Congratulations, Grand Prince Titan Dragonguard! Sir, words of your shocking deeds in battle have been spreading everywhere!”

“Our emporium has expanded! We’ve taken over the entire street that used to belong to the Heaven’s Net Consortium. Our headquarters has chosen to invest a lot of capital in our business here in the Titan Emperor Heaven! And we have some new products available, mechas that surpass the sonic class! We have terrestrial class, celestial class, earthly class, and heavenly class mechas now! Oh, and we finally have battleships suitable for you. Were you still interested in those, Grand Prince?”

“That’s wonderful. I'm interested in all of them.” Looking around, Yang Qi saw that the emporium was a lot bigger than before. Nodding, he continued, “As long as you have products worth buying, I have power stones to pay for them. Price isn’t important. As an important military officer, I can pay whatever price is necessary to improve the fighting prowess of my troops.”

“Please, step in and take a look.” 


Meanwhile, back in the mortal world, all of the planets in the Sage Monarch planetary system were bubbling with excitement and joy. Lanterns and colorful banners lined the streets, and a mood of celebration filled the air. The occasion being celebrated was the defeat of the holy land of true cultivation that was the Misty Kingdom. The top experts had been defeated and all of their resources had been plundered, even godrelics.

“Look!” The cultivation experts in the Sage Monarch planetary system rose to their feet as an army of fiend-devils and angels approached, carrying one of those godrelics with them.

It was an enormous sphere that contained streams of misty god energy that were collectively referred to as Misty Essence. This was the former Misty Kingdom’s most powerful godrelic, which contained an ancient god formation that allowed experts to form immortal bodies without ascending to an immortal world.

It was this item that enabled the Misty Kingdom to rise to the level of a holy land of true cultivation.

Unfortunately for them, the godrelic now belonged to Yang Qi.

As soon as it arrived in Sage Monarch City, Yang Qi’s immortal clone called a meeting of all the important people in the realm. Eldest Brother and Elder Second Brother were there, in very high spirits after all the gains they had made during the conquest.

Yang Qi’s sworn siblings, as well as his family, had all gained valuable experience in the fighting and had experienced a baptism by blood and fire.

Upon arriving, Eldest Brother said to the clone, “Junior Brother, we purged the Misty Kingdom of all enemies. Unfortunately, their supreme leader escaped to another holy land of true cultivation. In fact, some of those other places have formed an alliance to oppose us. And there are other immortal worlds that are so worried about us invading them that they’ve sent experts to infiltrate our forces and interfere with our plans. I think that, for the time being, we need to cease our recruitment efforts.”

“Understood,” the clone responded. “Let’s take a look at this godrelic. It seems incredible.” With a wave of his hand he sent some power into the godrelic, causing it to collapse into a stream of deathless godliness that shot up into the sky and disappeared into the immortal world above.


A moment later a rift opened, emanating a heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing aura.

Soon, the source of that aura became visible: a mecha.

It was enormous, its surface covered with golden magical symbols that flickered with dazzling light. It was surrounded with dao lineaments and spatial magical laws, and pulsed with universal power. Eldest Brother, Elder Second Brother, and everyone else trembled at the sight of it, and began backing up.

“What's that? It's not a magical treasure. And how come it has no aura of the dao of immortals? Is it…?”

“This thing is called a mecha,” the clone explained. “There is a race of people in the immortal worlds called the Mechfolk, who use the mechanical abilities of an ancient, lost civilization to create things like this. As long as a mecha has a source of power, even mortals who don’t have true energy can use it to kill immortals. My true self has already reached the Demolishing level and become a grand prince in the Titan Emperor Heaven, so now he’s in a position to send things like this down here. 

“This is a heavenly class mecha which is strong enough to fight and kill sixth stage Demolishers, and hold the line of battle against the seventh stage. It’s a Warrior Paragon model, and it’s intended for you, Eldest Brother. There are many more mechas to come, enough for everyone, all selected based on the level of your cultivation base. Understand? We need to step up our invasion efforts and speed up our acquisition of new territory. That faith power is very important, and we need more of it.”


More power emanated from above as a host of mechas descended.

Yang Zhan was given a heavenly class mecha, the Warrior Sovereign model. With mechas like these, they would be absolutely invincible in the mortal world. In fact, they would be a powerful force even in the immortal worlds.

After all, the mechas were designed to crush seventh stage Wilds-Demolishers, and even more relevant, were fueled by power stones from the Tusita Heaven. Not even the Mechfolk could easily power up the suits to that level. The power stones required by heavenly class mechas were just too rare, which meant that they were usually just created as display models.

Several hundred mechas descended, and in the blink of an eye the fighting force of the Sage Monarch planetary system increased by thousands of times.

After the mechas descended, more rumbling could be heard as an enormous battleship appeared.

It was neither an immortal item nor a god item, and it was so huge that it rivaled many continents in size.

“This is one of the most powerful battleships that the Mechfolk had in stock. It’s a Vile Dragon model, and is strong enough to break through the greyspaces of immortal worlds.”

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