Chapter 595: Dangerous Ambush

Not only was Yang Qi using the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation to mask the aura of the tribulations, he was also using the primal-chaos elder-snake to devour their power, as well as the power of the god item and Mammoth Dharma-Heaven.

Just as he was on the verge of successfully breaking into demolishing, an uninvited guest arrived.

And that guest was wearing yellow clothing.

Yang Qi had already shrunk the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation down significantly, focusing its power in a way that would make entering it a deadly task for any expert who made the attempt.

However, this intruder in yellow apparently understood and could control hyperdimensions, which were normally the domain of the legion of gods. Thus, he had no trouble at all dealing with the power of the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation.

Yang Qi immediately got the sense that his power wasn’t sufficient to touch this figure in yellow. Or, more precisely, the yellow intruder was backed by the power of a world that would make attacks against him useless.

‘The yellow-garbed kid with the buzz cut!’ Yang Qi thought, struck by the familiar sensation he was experiencing. He opened his Lord’s Eye and gazed at the yellow newcomer, who looked like little more than a ball of vital energy connected with the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!

He was using the power of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart!

After their previous clash, the young man in yellow had returned to the depths of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and acquired a mysterious legacy that gave him immense control over the power of the chart and let him unleash the true potential of the power of an immortal-slayer.

Only the power of a top expert like King Immortal-Slayer could possibly be a match for the power of King Heaven-Devourer.

King Immortal-Slayer had been the ultimate leader of the multitude of monarchs of the ancient past. He had also been the Eldest Brother of King Heaven-Devourer. The latter was a primal-chaos elder-snake, but as for the former, no one knew for certain what his true form was. Some of the myths in the ancient records of the immortal worlds claimed that he was an ordinary human who eventually became so almighty that he could fight the legion of gods.

There were countless epic sagas written about him, filled with everything from romance to tragedy. It was impossible to even know for sure how many amazing things he had accomplished.

The instant the young man in yellow arrived with the power of King Immortal-Slayer, Yang Qi felt as if a major confrontation was about to occur. From what he could tell, this was a type of power naturally opposed to the legion of gods, which wished to destroy his God Legion Seal and the legacy he bore.

‘Yang Qi….’ the young man in yellow thought as he looked at Yang Qi in the middle of his transformation. Instead of immediately launching an attack, he held his ground. ‘Who would have guessed that you had snuck your way into an immortal world. You kept yourself very well hidden. Unfortunately for you, this is the end of the line. You will die shortly, and I will take everything from you, including the God Legion Seal, which I will use to finally suppress the will of the multitude of monarchs in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. I will then assimilate the chart, acquire its legacy, and become embodied as a myriad of worlds. I will form my dao fruit and become a god-spirit. My path to the Deathless Throne will be short and sweet. I’ll soon be a Godmyth!’


At this point, majestic godpower rushed out of him toward Yang Qi.

Yang Qi looked at the incoming power and then sent a beam of dazzling light shooting from his forehead to stop it. At the same time, immense force churned within him as his body formed anew and he became stronger.

Already, a more perfect version of himself was taking shape.

Ghosts and gods wept, and blood rained from heaven. At the same time, an image appeared of a myriad of falling worlds. This was no tribulation, it was the power of the young man in yellow.

In the blink of an eye, an enormous, godly image stretched out overhead.

It was something he could form from his access to the essence of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. By using the King Immortal-Slayer’s legacy medallion, he formed an ‘auxiliary chart’, which couldn't compare to the full Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, but was still on par with any god item. As soon as it appeared, it immediately locked down Yang Qi’s Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation, magical treasures, and quintessence energy.

Worst of all, Yang Qi was in an extremely weak state now, in which his power, will, quintessence, and true energy were all being reshaped. At the moment, he was virtually powerless to fight back.

The auxiliary version of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart was backed by an immortal-slayer’s power, making it almost completely invincible.


Meanwhile, an enormous fist appeared, smashing through the greyspace of the Hanging Heaven and shooting in the direction of the auxiliary chart. Then it transformed into a palm that bore down on Yang Qi.

“Friend, didn’t we agree to deal with Titan Dragonguard together? Considering he's only a mortal, but is already this strong, he’s obviously keeping plenty of secrets. And once I get them, I’ll be the top expert in the Thirty-Six Thousand Immortal Worlds Coalition! No longer will I be the generalissimo of the armed forces in the paltry Titan Emperor Heaven! Leave this punk to me.”

Shockingly, the person speaking was at the level of being a sovereign of heaven, and it was none other than Generalissimo Proud Warpatience.

He struck with immense force, obviously hoping to crush Yang Qi out of existence before he could fight back.

Proud Warpatience essentially represented the peak level of power within the Titan Emperor Heaven. Other than a few old-timers who never made public appearances, he was the fiercest fighter there was. If he wasn't, then how could he have attained the position of generalissimo of the armed forces?

Back during the war games, Yang Qi had killed one of his top subordinates, and had lost him a huge amount of face. Obviously, none of that could be rectified without Proud Warpatience cutting him down. 

Of course, he had to make sure he killed him quietly. He was still the generalissimo of the armed forces and Yang Qi was doing a big service by bringing the fight to the Hanging Heaven. But in the end, if Yang Qi began rising in the ranks of the imperial house, it would make him harder and harder to get rid of.

Thus, Proud Warpatience decided to make his move here and now. And he was interfering with the young man in yellow in the hopes of taking Yang Qi’s cultivation base for himself.

“You people want to kill me? How could snakes and rats like you do that? Stepping into the Demolishing level makes me the envy of both fate and good fortune, who will use all sorts of enemies to strike at me. I have no greater enemies now than you two, therefore I was expecting you to attack me! Otherwise, why would I incite so many tribulations? Boundless Essence of Faith! Activate!

Crack! Snap!

All of a sudden, a passageway opened up above his head and a dazzling stream of white light shot out. It was nothing other than faith from thousands of planetary systems, which poured into him and blessed him with strength.

The campaign of war had long since begun in the lower world, and the holy lands of true cultivation had all been conquered. Faith power had been gathering in the Sage Monarch planetary system for Yang Qi’s true self to use.

As he reached out to the reserves of faith, they became a beam of white light that reached him in a blink of an eye. There, they transformed into beautiful night queen flowers, which rained down on him. [1]

As the white flowers descended on Yang Qi, his new body rapidly formed and the God Legion Paradise bore the brunt of Proud Warpatience’s attack. This was the ancient body of a god, the Physique of the Sovereign Lord! When the halls of heaven descended, hells were crushed into subservience!

Light from some unknown aspect of space-time appeared, ancient sagelight like that which existed in the halls of heaven, filled with deathless godliness that infused Yang Qi with strength and power.

Instantly, the Blood of the One God in his forehead grew stronger.

Thirteen ten-thousandths. Fifteen. Sixteen. Twenty. Soon it reached the level of one hundred ten-thousandths. In other words, one percent.

It was a terrifying increase.

Crack! Snap! His genes also improved, blowing past the level of eight hundred million, as all of the particles within him converted from dracomammoths to protomammoths.

In another shocking development, the total number of particles increased. Instead of having eight hundred forty million, he had eight billion one hundred million. Intense rumbling rolled out as Yang Qi’s immortal body formed and he stepped into Demolishing.

In that moment, it was as if he became infinitely ancient, but brand new at the same time.

The moment before immortal ascension and the moment after it were completely and utterly different. He had been a mortal before, but now it was as if he had just been born.

Immortals were different from humans down to their substructure. One was a lowly form of life, the other was a powerful entity in the universe. Mortals had limited lifespans, but immortals could live as long as heaven and earth existed.

“You’re too late to do anything about me, Proud Warpatience. I have my immortal body now. So, should we do a little test and see what my cultivation base is like?”

He suddenly sucked the God Legion Paradise back into him, then lashed out at Proud Warpatience with the Hand of the One God, unleashing all nine of its stances!

1. This same flower was mentioned a few hundred chapters ago. It’s also known as the Dutchman’s pipe cactus, broad-leaved epiphyllum, or night-blooming cerus. They look like this.

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