Chapter 594: Boundless Demolishing

At long last, Yang Qi was finally facing his Demolishing tribulation.

His clone had long since succeeded, and now it was time for his true self. The downside was that his true self had genes that were too heaven-defying, and went contrary to common sense. When he stepped into Demolishing, it would arouse the jealousy of all kinds of powerful entities.

And the power fluctuations that would roll out would attract a lot of attention.

Anyone who could swoop in and snatch his nascent divinity during the tribulation would be able to refine it into a magical treasure the likes of which was rarely seen in the world. Furthermore, there would be no end to the number of experts who would love to get their hands on the God Legion Seal.

Therefore, Yang Qi had been using the imperial snakecharms to convert immortal world essence into Heaven-Devouring śarīras. With them, he set up the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation, which would hopefully keep his aura locked tight instead of letting it spread through the world around him.

As soon as he set up that formation, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven was sucked into it.

Who was Mammoth Dharma-Heaven? He was the descendant of godmammoths, which meant that he had the blood of gods in him. And his axe was a god item with immense deathless godliness in it, a weapon of the utmost power.

For Yang Qi to sacrifice him to the spell formation meant that his own genes would become even more perfect. In fact, they would likely jump to the level of being several billion times stronger than normal, maybe even ten billion.

Right now, his genes were eight hundred forty million times stronger than normal, which was the absolute limit for mortals. But upon becoming an immortal, his soul and fate would rise to a higher level.

Upon being sucked into the formation, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven looked around to see a chaotic, primeval universe around him. Then he saw a primal-chaos elder-snake coiled in the center of that universe that he was slowly being dragged toward. Considering the unstoppable force, he quickly realized what was happening. After all, King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans were the bane of godmammoth blood. 

“Heaven-Devouring śarīras? The imperial snakecharms of King Heaven-Devourer? So, it was this guy who stole the imperial uncle's six hundred and sixty-six talismans. This guy deserves to die ten thousand times over!”

The most fundamental aspect of King Heaven-Devourer was the saying snakes devour mammoths. He wanted to devour godmammoths to get their blood.


Yang Qi’s true self was also there in that seemingly ancient universe, and countless space-time wormholes were alive around him.

Immense power was on display as heart-devils, heaven-devils, flying-devils, and other entities surged toward him in attack. All sorts of unheard-of tribulations assailed him, yet the primal-chaos elder-snake devoured them all.

Mammoth Dharma-Heaven had never seen anything like this. After all, not even the ‘imperial uncle’ he had mentioned could possibly have used King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans at this level.

The Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation was being pushed to its limits.

From the outside, it looked like Yang Qi was wrapped up in some chaotic spell formation, almost like a tornado. Any of the Hanging Heaven’s demon soldiers who got too close would tumble into the formation and die screaming.

Some of the top experts could see lightning falling within the formation, as well as wormholes that belched out things like heavenly palaces, golden lamps, immortals, god-spirits, giant-spirits, lightning-devils, lightning dragons, snakes, and more.

At a certain point, the essence of the immortal world produced a power to suppress devils, empyrean lightning that flowed down like a destructive river into the spell formation.

“The will of the immortal world will instinctively destroy monsters,” explained one of the demon-immortals. “That level of power is incredibly destructive.”

Another demon-immortal said, “This guy set up that spell formation to fight Mammoth Dharma-Heaven and his Axe of Domineering. Mammoth Dharma-Heaven has immense godpower from that item, plus he himself has the blood of godmammoths. He’s strong enough to destroy worlds, so that spell formation won’t hold him.”

“Back up, everyone! Don’t get sucked into that spell formation. As you can see, it's terrifying, and any of you who get trapped by it will be ripped to pieces. It seems it’s strong enough to suck in immortal world essence.”

“Hold on, we can’t retreat! We have to capture that guy. Call all the demon soldiers in the area to set up a Heaven-Demon God-Slaughtering Grand Formation. We can use it to break inside, then join forces with Mammoth Dharma-Heaven to kill him. That guy is obviously a top genius, so his blood will be a lot of help to Mammoth Dharma-Heaven. Once His Imperial Majesty ascends to a higher immortal world, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven is going to be the new emperor, so if we help him now it will benefit us a lot later.”

Obviously, not all of the demon generals agreed about what to do. However, after a brief discussion via divine will, they came to an agreement. Orders were passed down, and the Demonfolk began to get into formation.

These were ancient spell formations that the heaven-demons of the past had used to fight with the legion of gods, and now they were being set up to destroy the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation.

Inside the formation, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven burst out laughing. “Perfect. They’re setting up the Heaven-Demon God-Slaughtering Grand Formation. The boundless power of heaven-demons can even injure god-spirits, so there’s no way you can handle it. Your formation is about to be destroyed, and then I’ll have your blood for my own use.”

“You think it’s going to be that easy? I want you to be fuel for this formation, and you're going to be. Even if the legion of gods and the horde of devils came from the nine heavens and ten earths, it still wouldn’t change your fate.” As Yang Qi stood in the middle of the formation, absorbing the power of the countless tribulations, he felt an imminent breakthrough forming.

Suddenly, all creation began trembling, not from the force of the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation, but rather because an even more powerful tribulation was arriving.

It was impossible to say how many countless shafts of dazzling light shot out from the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation, which, as it spun, was like an immortal world, or hell, all of its own. The glow contained both darkness and light, with the light being the immortal worlds and the darkness being hells.

They were like the eternal sands of the universe within the formation.


Cracks spread out over Yang Qi’s skin.

Meanwhile, a look of horror appeared on Mammoth Dharma-Heaven’s face as he said, “No! What tribulation is this? It’s immense! It’s Myriad Worlds Resonance Tribulation! According to the myths, only almighty experts who have reached the Deathless Throne should face tribulation like this. This is from the kingdom of the gods! What is it doing here? I have to get out of here! I can’t stand up to this level of power. Don’t drag me into death with you here! The resonance with the essence of the world around us could eradicate the deathless!”


The myriads of immortal worlds and hells descended with crushing force, shattering Mammoth Dharma-Heaven’s body. In the blink of an eye, he became nothing but a bloody mist. And his god item, the axe, shattered into dust.

As for Yang Qi, blood oozed out of the cracks in his skin, blood that emanated deathless godliness. Yet he didn’t look worried at all. “This is great. This is the kind of tribulation I need to pass to become invincible. My genes will be destroyed and made anew, even more perfect. Paramount.”


He sent out his divine will, and his fleshly body suddenly exploded into a cloud of gore. Yet, that flesh and blood contained immense life force. It quickly transformed into an enormous mouth that lunged forward and consumed the remains of Mammoth Dharma-Heaven and his god item.

Devour ten thousand worlds.

Yang Qi howled as he swept back and forth as if he were devouring immortal worlds and hells left and right. In the shortest of moments, the tribulation was negated and the talismans of King Heaven-Devourer grew even stronger.

Meanwhile, outside, a host of enormous black holes popped open and began sucking in the demon soldiers, who were still setting up their spell formation.


One of the demon-immortal generals was sucked toward a black hole so relentlessly that he abandoned his body and tried to flee with his true energy, nascent divinity, and soul.

But then an enormous tongue of primal-chaos snapped out of the black hole and dragged him inside.

A moment later, the tongue appeared again and began dragging more demon soldiers in. It was almost like an anteater feasting on ants. Within only a few breaths of time, millions upon millions of demon soldiers were devoured.

Back in Yang Qi’s formation, his flesh and blood was stitching back into humanoid shape as his immortal body formed. It was a critical moment. If he succeeded, and formed his immortal body, then he would become a boundless Demolisher.

In that critical moment, something unexpected happened.

A wormhole popped open right in the middle of the Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation and a yellow blur appeared.

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