Chapter 593: Megamammoth Immortal Ancestor

Seventh step Wilds-Demolishers were also called immortal ancestors, and were usually individuals with monstrous killing intent. As it turned out, the Immortal Paragon Enchanting Rain that Yang Qi had taken captive was actually the fiancée of this immortal ancestor, who was now thoroughly enraged by his act.

The axe descended again, and the greyspace of the God Legion Paradise shook violently. Even Yang Qi felt the force of the blow.

“You want to kill me? Sorry, it won't be that easy.” He shrank the greyspace down, then shot into motion, disappearing into the surrounding Demonfolk armies.

“Running around won’t save you from me. You’re still going to die. I'm Mammoth Dharma-Heaven, and there’s no way a nobody like you could deal with someone like me. How dare you intrude on our Hanging Heaven. Heaven and Earth Schism!


Mammoth Dharma-Heaven’s axe fell again, slicing directly into the army, creating a massive gulch in space and slamming into Yang Qi, forcing him to a standstill.

‘Who is this guy?’ Yang Qi thought. He had assumed that jumping into the middle of the Demonfolk army would lead to his opponent hesitating to shoot the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

Who would have thought that Mammoth Dharma-Heaven would send out a ruthless attack that would actually lock down on Yang Qi himself, almost as if it were intelligent? For an attack to have intelligence of its own, for true energy to have its own soul and nascent divinity, was a thing that only the most invincible individual could accomplish.

“Prepare to die!”

The axe slashed through the air yet again.

Yang Qi met it with a fist strike, and a destructive shock wave rolled out in all directions as a result. Next, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven seemingly became one with his axe, spinning it around himself so rapidly that it made what seemed like a metallic bubble that began rolling toward Yang Qi with destructive force.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Qi felt like he was surrounded by swinging axes, each of which could destroy worlds and universes. And it seemed impossible to escape.

Not even the Wheel of Fate could help him.

The higher the level of an opponent, the less effective the Wheel of Fate would be in altering fate. Mammoth Dharma-Heaven was an immortal ancestor, which meant that Yang Qi was at a big disadvantage.

Profound Heaven Slash!

Axe light shone, and the space around Yang Qi shattered in layers.

His God Legion Paradise shrank down, and he resorted to the Superlative Defense.

“You don’t have what it takes to stand up to me!” Mammoth Dharma-Heaven growled. “I’ll capture your nascent divinity and make you live a life worse than death. Your level is low, but you’re extremely strong, so you’ll make a great research subject. I’ll extract your flesh and blood and hire the Mechfolk to analyze the substructure of your genes!”

“I've got your fiancée right here, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven!” Yang Qi shouted. “You’d better not do anything rash, otherwise I’ll defile her right in front of you!” Yang Qi’s words provoked exactly the effect he had been aiming for.

“What gall! You really want to end up dead, don’t you? Fine. Go ahead and try that. I'm an emperor here in the Hanging Heaven, so if my fiancée dies, I can get a replacement easily. There are plenty of beauties among the Foxfolk. So go ahead and defile her, then I’ll go defile all the immortal beauties in the Titan Emperor Heaven! And I’ll turn that Princess Jadefall of yours into the most depraved of all possible pleasure slaves!”

Yet again, there was no reaction of hesitating to shoot the rat for fear of breaking the vases. Instead, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven attacked with increased ferocity.

As he lunged forward, his skin began to glow with an azure color like that of swirling primordial chaos.

Incantation of the Azure Heaven Hegemon!

He exhaled, and true energy swirled out to form an image of suns, moons, stars, and chaos. It was almost like each breath he took could create minor universes.

Infernal Deity Spear!

At this point, Yang Qi realized that there was no avoiding this fight, so he summoned his spear, causing the aura of infernal deities to fill the area. He hadn’t used the Infernal Deity Spear in a long time, not because it lacked power, but, in fact, because of the opposite reason. As his Blood of the One God grew stronger, the Infernal Deity Spear grew mightier, and its mere swish could cause an aura of death to fill millions upon millions of kilometers, creating a kingdom of death like the netherworld itself.

It was actually too strong.

If he had used it in the Titan Emperor Heaven, the effects of the aura of death would have attracted notice and many experts among the immortals would have come to ‘rid the world of devils and demons’ because of it.

But here in the Hanging Heaven, fighting against Mammoth Dharma-Heaven, he had no such misgivings. In fact, calling forth a kingdom of death would be helpful in the fight against the demon soldiers.

Another property of the Infernal Deity Spear was that the more enemies it slaughtered, the more vital power of death it could release. In other words, it would grow stronger and stronger, until it became like the sovereign of death.


The Infernal Deity Spear hit the enormous axe and Yang Qi was sent tumbling backward, flipping head over heels several times before he managed to slide to a halt. He looked a bit ashen, but didn’t hesitate to launch another volley of tens of thousands of attacks.

In the blink of an eye, countless demon soldiers in the area were slaughtered and the resulting vital power of death was absorbed by the spear, causing it to thrum with light.

Mammoth Dharma-Heaven could never have guessed that Yang Qi would do something like that. 

“Prepare to die!” he growled, flying up into the air and brandishing his axe. “The Wheel Comes Full Circle. Wilds-Demolishing!


It was almost like the ancient, wild lands of old were being destroyed as Mammoth Dharma-Heaven drew on the power of the seventh stage to launch his next attack.

The axe flew forth with such deadly power that it seemed like it was slicing from the future to the present, destroying everything in its path, even the power of death.


The axe and spear collided again, and this time, the Infernal Deity Spear shattered! Then, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven hefted his axe and prepared to deliver another blow. Yang Qi was instantly placed into a position of mortal danger. 

“Fine, I won’t waste any more words.” Despite his Infernal Deity Spear having been destroyed, Yang Qi wasn’t flustered. Instead, a cold smile appeared on his face. He had decided earlier that he needed to draw on one of his trump cards and had lured his enemy closer on purpose.

“I’ve been missing a powerful sacrifice to fuel my next breakthrough. But with your quintessence-blood, vital energy, and divine abilities as the core of my spell formation, then I can definitely succeed. Your axe is a god item, right? I can sense that it has deathless godliness. And you’re actually a megamammoth, with plenty of godmammoth blood in you. Well, I’ll take your life, soul, and fate.”

Yang Qi’s voice sounded like the booming pronouncement of an actual god.

“Time for a breakthrough! In the boundless Demolishing level, one ascends to immortality and leaves behind that which is mortal. Cosmic Resonance; World-Ranking Deathlessness; Royal Throne of Heaven!


As the axe descended, he released his hold on his aura and finally prepared to face his Demolishing tribulation.

His soul had long since reached enlightenment of that level. And in the mortal world, his clone had already formed an immortal body and reached the second stage of Space-Demolishing. But his true self was still a ninth order Paragon Demi-Immortal, a mere half-Demolisher. During his entire time in the immortal worlds up to this point, he had been building up resources.

In fact, even he didn't know how much power he had at his disposal.

But in this moment, he cracked open his internal pellet and released it.


Force surged out in all directions, instantly killing countless demon soldiers in the area and sucking them into the internal pellet.

“Heaven-Devouring Grand Formation!”

One Heaven-Devouring śarīra after another flew out, conforming to the paths of the sun, moon, and stars to create an enormous spell formation. All of creation shook violently, and before Mammoth Dharma-Heaven realized what was happening he was dragged into the formation.

Instantly, a look of profound terror filled his face.

“What exactly is going on here? You’re… you’re not even an immortal? You’re not in the Demolishing level? You’re a mortal?! I can’t believe you have a cultivation base and divine abilities like that! Who the hell are you? You’re not a human, but you’re not a demon either. Are you a god-spirit? You're just too strong! I refuse to believe that someone like you can even exist. For a non-immortal to slaughter countless immortal paragons, and also stand up to me, is like an ant fighting a dragon!”

Despite seeing everything with his own eyes, Mammoth Dharma-Heaven couldn't believe that this was all true. Yet that only made him more terrified.

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