Chapter 592: Besieged by Demons

Yang Qi had recently acquired a fire-type energy art, namely the Cardinal Grand Brahma Punishes the Fire God Energy Art.

Based on his own cultivation, he knew that he would have a hard time developing the flame of his own godliness. But after assimilating this flamecrane, and the godliness from its demon core, a fiery golden seed appeared within his internal pellet.

His internal pellet now had Heaven-Devouring True Energy and śarīras, as well as numerous demon cores. And this addition immediately benefited him immensely. His Blood of the One God grew stronger, and advanced to the level of twelve ten-thousandths.

Every ten-thousandth bit of advancement was a tiny bit closer to the level of that ancient monarch who presided over the legion of gods, the paramount and boundless Sovereign Lord. And once his Blood of the One God reached the complete level, it would mean that he had one full drop of the Sovereign Lord’s blood, a level of power so immense that he could kill people like Princess Jadefall and Proud Warpatience with a mere breath.

He waved his hand, sending out streams of light that cut down any Demonfolk it touched. Armies rushed forward in floods, only to be cut down with impunity.

At one point, a group of fox demons appeared, all of them beautiful women with long fox tails. They didn’t attack with weapons, but rather, used seductive dancing and enticing true energy. Anyone who looked at them would feel the most profound attraction to them. Their leader was so bewitching that she could topple kingdoms with her good looks. Her gentle, undulating dance would tug at the soul of anyone who observed it.

The Foxfolk were legendary creatures, about whom stories were told amongst everyone, from common mortals to the most powerful immortals.

Soon, it became apparent that these dancing Foxfolk were operating a huge spell formation for the purpose of seducing Yang Qi. The Foxfolk were considered particularly intelligent within the Hanging Heaven, and were also important figures within the army. And with little effort on their part, they could sow heart-devils within the enemy.

Cosmic Heart-Devils; Pleasure and Desire; Six Desires and Seven Emotions; Corrupt the Legion of Gods; Undermine the Worldthe Gods are Debased; Pollute Heaven and Earth….”

As it turned out, the leader of these Foxfolk was an expert similar to the flamecrane he had just killed. As she chanted, the lyrics of her song turned into heart-devils that wormed their way toward Yang Qi.

‘Foxfolk? Heart-devils? Nice. It would be a pity to slaughter so many beautiful women. Instead, I’ll keep them around as servant girls.’ He quickly drew on the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, stirring the God Legion Seal to defeat the heart-devils and the power of enticement and turn them into replenishment for his true energy.

To him, these things were like children’s toys.


He flew into the formation, shining as brightly as a buddha as his God Legion Battle Robe flapped in the wind. Then the God Legion Battle Robe spread out, instantly enveloping all of the Foxfolk.

In the blink of an eye, his minor world became filled with hosts of beautiful women.

“Who are you?” their leader shouted, eyes flashing with anger as she flew toward him aggressively.

“Don’t bother trying to fight me,” he said. “I just killed that flamecrane, and he was a sixth stage Abstrusity-Demolisher. And your energy arts are much weaker. In fact, your arts of enticement are completely useless on me. Killing you would be as easy as turning over my hand. I want you and the rest of your bewitching Foxfolk to be my new servant girls.”

“You talk big, but did you really think we wouldn’t have other methods to deal with you? I'm Immortal Paragon Enchanting Rain. Haven’t heard of me before, have you? Ai! People always get so focused on our beauty that they don’t expect us to be such strong fighters. Watch and learn. You’re going to see what a real attack looks like! Ultimate Moon Life-Ending Lexicon, Volume One: Full-Moon Heaven-River!


All of a sudden, a bright moon appeared behind her, radiating a cold glow that turned into numerous streams of sword light. They were things that could end all life and kill people so efficiently they didn’t shed blood.

As the sword light shot forward, wriggling magical symbols appeared that took the shape of the character ‘kill’, dripping in blood.

A river of blood swept out from this ‘life-ending lexicon’, causing Yang Qi’s gaze to harden as he sent out sagelight to stop it.

Volume Two: The Pen Paints Spring and Autumn.

An enormous brush pen appeared behind Immortal Paragon Enchanting Rain, like a dragon which began to paint volumes of death.

“Excellent energy art!” Yang Qi realized that some of these volumes contained the ultimate meaning of life, and some of them contained death! Both life and death were under their purview, yet he reached out with his palm, grabbed them, and crushed them out of existence.

Volume Three: Heaven and Earth Wither and Thrive.

Immortal Paragon Enchanting Rain wasn’t holding anything back. She resorted to another powerful divine ability, sending out deathly true energy that could surpass both time and space.

This power could dominate both life and death, and could change fate itself.

In response, Yang Qi summoned his Wheel of Fate, which reversed the momentum of the withering, thriving true energy and sent it right back to Immortal Paragon Enchanting Rain.

“What’s going on here?” she blurted as her own body was thrown into chaos. Then, before she could do anything else, Yang Qi reached out and slapped his Devil-God Seal onto her, completely locking her down.

“Just kill me!” she cried, closing her eyes, fully aware that she was completely under Yang Qi’s control now, and completely helpless. If he wanted, he could cripple her energy arts at will.

“Hmph! Why would I kill you? You’re going to stay right here in my God Legion Paradise, sealed and compliant. One day, if you devote yourselves to me, I might let you go. But now's not the time for chatting. I have plenty more Demonfolk to kill before my next breakthrough.”

He reached out and ran his hand down her cheek, and all of a sudden he felt a strong feeling of desire rising up in him, trying to force him into degradation.

“Not bad,” he said. “Even someone with incredible willpower who touches your skin will be forced into depravity. Except me. I control fate and am the sovereign of all things. I've already transcended all forms of attraction. My will does not belong to this world any longer.”

He waved his hand, sending sealing marks out onto all of the other tens of thousands of beautiful Foxfolk, imprisoning them in the God Legion Paradise.


An enormous axe suddenly slammed into the greyspace of the God Legion Paradise, causing a shower of sparks. During the time in which Yang Qi was subduing the Foxfolk, other Demonfolk armed forces had charged forth to attempt to rescue them.

The Foxfolk were important, and it was no wonder that such a rescue attempt was being made. Unfortunately, a primal-chaos elder-snake was there in the God Legion Paradise, ensuring that any attack which hit it was devoured.

But this enormous axe was an exception.

An enraged roar echoed out as a young man appeared, axe in hand. He was enormous, not because he was fat, but because he was covered with bulging, perfectly-formed muscles. In fact, even Yang Qi could sense that his blood was holy and pure, the type that could vanquish myriads of demons and devils. This was godmammoth blood! This was a megamammoth demon-immortal!

This young man reminded him of Mammoth Force, who he had killed back in the Hanging Mountain. Except this young man was many, many times stronger than Mammoth Force. And the blows of his axe were the type that could destroy the heavens and besiege suns and moons. He was past the seventh stage of Wilds-Demolishing! He was an immortal ancestor! Immortal ancestors were terrifying entities that Yang Qi’s Glad Tidings of the Lord couldn’t affect. The level gap was just too incredible.

“Release my fiancée immediately!” the megamammoth said, his voice quivering with rage. “If you touch a hair on Immortal Paragon Enchanting Rain’s head, I’ll take your life! Even hiding in the depths of hell won’t do you any good!”

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