Chapter 588: Hanging Heaven

Chancellor Demi-Immortal and the yellow-garbed young man stood at the entrance of Proud Warpatience's palace, conferring via divine will.

They had already accomplished quite a bit after arriving in the Titan Emperor Heaven. When they heard the news about the so-called ‘Titan Dragonguard’ vanquishing Proud Warpatience’s army, how could the young man in yellow not have put the pieces of the puzzle together? He immediately suspected that Yang Qi had something to do with it, and in fact, that Titan Dragonguard was Yang Qi.

Therefore, he sought out Proud Warpatience in the hopes of working with him, not only to deal with Yang Qi, but also in the hopes of finding more information about the supposed Reincarnated One.

As for Chancellor Demi-Immortal, he was worried that they were putting themselves in danger.

“I heard that Proud Warpatience’s cultivation base is incredibly high. He's far beyond our ability to deal with as an opponent. Aren’t we asking a tiger for its skin? What if he attacks us? There’s no way we would be able to defend ourselves.”

“Don’t worry, Proud Warpatience can’t kill us. Remember, I set up that special spell formation in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart before we left. With that in place, nobody can hurt us.” He chuckled coldly. “Considering the preparations I've made, not even the Fateless One Yang Qi could possibly be a match for me. He might have a few advantages if we got in a fight, but in the end he would lose.”

Around this time, the soldier came hurrying back. “The generalissimo will see you. Follow me.”

Thus the young man in yellow and Chancellor Demi-Immortal were led into the depths of the mansion to meet with Proud Warpatience.

“Who are you people? And why are you here?” As soon as Proud Warpatience saw them, he unleashed a gaze of such power that the entire mansion trembled. It was so strong that it would cause ordinary mortals to immediately collapse into unconsciousness.

However, Chancellor Demi-Immortal and the young man in yellow didn't seem affected at all. In fact, there was some bizarre force within the young man in yellow that actually seemed to convert the offensive energy into something beneficial to him.

“So, the two of you are no weaklings,” Proud Warpatience said, visibly surprised. Thanks to the incident with Yang Qi, he was now a lot more cautious than before. “So who are you two? Honest people do not resort to insinuation, and I hope the two of you are honest people. Those are the only type I’ll work with.”

“I come from a mysterious land,” the young man said, “and I want to cooperate with you long-term. I know you’re in a tough situation here, and that Titan Dragonguard inflicted a heavy blow on the morale of your troops. I can tell you where Titan Dragonguard actually comes from, what kind of energy arts he cultivates, and who he really is.

“You see, he’s no one to take lightly. His energy arts are based on the workings of fate, although the truth is that his true power doesn't have anything to do with energy arts. He can alter the fates of others, and also use fate to attack them. If he says someone will die, they will die. The upside is that, right now, his cultivation base is low. His energy arts are heaven-defying in every sense of the word, making him the envy of the host of immortals, the horde of devils, and the swarms of ghosts. If he successfully increases the level of his cultivation base, he’ll become very difficult to deal with, and in fact, nearly impossible to kill. From what I can tell, he’s currently amassing power to work toward his next breakthrough. The time to kill him is now! 

“Don’t worry, Generalissimo. He’s actually not a match for you right now. You need to be wary of his fate-based techniques, but in the end his cultivation level is too far beneath yours. Right now, he can only manipulate the fate of sixth stage Abstrusity-Demolishers.”

“Oh? So he can alter fate and attack with it?” Proud Warpatience was actually quite taken aback by that, and it suddenly made the whole situation much clearer. It also opened up many new avenues of possibility. “Who even knew that such powers existed in heaven and earth?”

“There’s nothing strange about it. The god legion kingdom surpasses anything mortals can conceive of. Consider this: we are immortals, but to us, the people in the mortal world are so weak as to be irrelevant. And to the legion of gods, people like us are essentially mortals. So, what do you think? Are you willing to work with me to eradicate Titan Dragonguard? If you are, I’ll need an identity to allow me to remain hidden within your army.”

Eyes glittering with a sinister light, Proud Warpatience said, “Fine. Let’s work together. Princess Jadefall’s army is about to wage war on the Hanging Heaven, and Titan Dragonguard will lead the campaign. He’s been appointed the Marquis of Military Security, a position of much authority. Considering how important he is to the imperial house, an open attack on him won’t work. We’ll have to strike from the shadows.”

“I know. The war on the Hanging Heaven will be the perfect setting to strike him down. When the actual moment comes, Generalissimo, I’ll need you to strike the fatal blow. Of course, I’ll be off to the side to assist. And I’ll have a grand spell formation set up to make sure he can’t escape.” Although no one could detect it, there was something sinister in the young man’s eyes as he stared at Proud Warpatience….

Two powerful individuals had formed an alliance.


Meanwhile, Yang Qi had begun making arrangements among the heavenly soldiers under his command.

His troops were far more disciplined and dangerous than any of the fiendslave battalions. They were no cannon fodder, and their leaders were all fourth stage immortal generals, Origin-Demolishers. There were even some immortal marquises who were World-Demolishers. Such individuals had titles similar to Yang Qi’s.

Normally speaking, they were obstinate and unruly people who wouldn't listen to anyone other than Princess Jadefall. However, Yang Qi’s recent devastating performance had completely won them over.

After gathering the officers, Yang Qi looked them over and found them all to be valiant individuals who bubbled with killing intent. They looked like veterans of numerous battles, and he couldn’t have been more pleased. Nodding, he said, “Today we lead the armies of the Titan Emperor Heaven to invade the immortal world that is the Hanging Heaven. All ten armies must follow my orders to the letter, understand?”

The officers were too intimidated to even look at him, and kept their heads bowed. However, in response to his orders, they all loudly said, “Yes Sir!”  

“We’ll do whatever you order, sir, even climb mountains of daggers and swim through seas of flames!”

“Excellent. Considering the meritorious services we’re about to perform, the imperial court will definitely reward us handsomely. That said, I'm offering personal rewards. Any of you who kills an enemy of the same cultivation level as yourself will be awarded a sonic-class mecha, as well as a hundred power stones!”

He waved his hands, causing a small pile of power stones to build up in front of him.

A buzz of surprise rose up from the officers. All of them knew how valuable power stones from the Tusita Heaven were. Although they had heard that Titan Dragonguard had discovered a godrelic and gained access to a large supply of such stones, seeing it with their own eyes was a different matter.

Thanks to the way Yang Qi was handling things, morale was high, and as the bugles of war sounded, Princess Jadefall’s forces headed toward the Hanging Heaven.

Glittering light could be seen everywhere as numerous ancient teleportation portals were opened, leading to a location far from the Titan Emperor Heaven.

Yang Qi had thus far seen only one immortal world, and had no idea what others might look like. He led the armies into the teleportation portal, then watched as space whizzed by. Soon, they were out of the greyspace of the Titan Emperor Heaven.


Although they were in the passage created by the teleportation portal, they were still able to see outside of it. The greyspace behind them was a dark yellow color and protected the immortal world from the deadly tempests beyond, which were millions upon millions of times stronger than the similar tempests from the mortal world. They were strong enough that they could destroy any immortal world that didn’t have the protection of a greyspace.

This was the vacuum that existed between immortal worlds, filled with preheaven primordial chaos and proterozoic empyrean winds.

From this vantage point, Yang Qi could see that the Titan Emperor Heaven was an enormous sphere, so large that even thousands of the Sage Monarch planetary system put together would be like a speck of dust compared to it. In fact, from this position he couldn’t even see the full sphere.

Eventually, the teleportation portal led Yang Qi and the troops to an enormous asteroid hanging in space. From here, it was still possible to see the Titan Emperor Heaven far behind them. Meanwhile, another spherical immortal world was visible in the opposite direction in front of them.

It was pitch black, with a greyspace that actually rippled as if it were made from water. It contained boundless demonic energy, and was obviously an immortal world inhabited by demonic entities.

The sight of it actually caused Yang Qi’s heart to pound in his chest.

Despite the fact that he could see both of these immortal worlds with his eyes, he knew that they were so far apart that, without a teleportation portal, it would take years to fly between them.

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