Chapter 587: Big Developments

It was hard to quantify how powerful a combination of eight godly-class energy arts would be.

Even in immortal worlds, godly-class energy arts were considered consummate techniques. And in the Titan Emperor Heaven, not even members of the imperial house had them. At best, they had immortal skills, which were really just combinations of various heavenly-class energy arts.

One downside to heavenly-class arts were that they led to slower cultivation advancement. The upside was that because they were so weak, they were much less likely to lead to cultivation deviation.

But godly-class arts were different. They were far more powerful, but at the same time, came with a much greater danger of experiencing a violent death because of errors in cultivation. Throughout history, there had been many cultivators who experienced cultivation deviation when using them.

Furthermore, godly-class energy arts were profound and deeply meaningful, making them difficult for people to understand. Incorrect cultivation base advancement could lead to onslaughts of heaven-devils or infestations of heart-devils. Many people through the years had gone insane because of such things.

Generally speaking, the success rate for cultivating godly-class energy arts was very low, with the majority of people dying violently, going insane, experiencing cultivation deviation, or simply passing away in meditation while cultivating them.

And that wasn’t even to mention what would happen when cultivating multiple godly-class energy arts.

People who could overcome heart-devils and master the true energy of godly-class energy arts were generally viewed as geniuses. Those who could cultivate two such arts and not experience cultivation deviation were world-class geniuses. 

Three? Consummate, world-class geniuses.

Four? Freakish hellions.

Five? Mythological legends.

Six? Well, no one had ever heard of such a thing.

Therefore, it wasn’t even necessary to mention seven or eight. People like that didn't conform to the magical laws of the universe, and in fact, defied reality.

Yang Qi, of course, was different. Considering he had the God Legion Seal and understood some of the core truths of the legion of gods, he could cultivate millions upon millions of godly-class energy arts without a problem. Furthermore, he had Heaven-Devouring True Energy, which could be used to negate the effects of any heterogeneous energy.

It was actually because of Heaven-Devouring True Energy that his people in the mortal world who were not as powerful as him could cultivate multiple godly-class energy arts. Although few could go to the extent of cultivating eight of them, it was definitely possible to reach a limit of four or five.

Right now, Yang Qi wanted as many of his Brothers and Sisters as possible to cultivate the Murky Cavern Never-Dying Sanctuary Energy Art, thus developing dharmic guards that could replace them in death. It would essentially give them extra lives, making them far harder to truly kill and also enabling them to fight people much higher than them in cultivation.

Already, Yang Qi’s many Brothers and Sisters had gathered in response to the call of his clone, joined by key figures from the Yang Clan, including his father Yang Zhan.

“Let power from the immortal world come!”


Grand Duke Bloodstabber had been a sixth stage Abstrusity-Demolisher, thus even a scrap of his true energy would be enough to destroy millions upon millions of cultivators in the mortal world. Yang Qi had assimilated all of that true energy, and was now planning to use a bit of it to make sure that his loyal followers in the Sage Monarch planetary system could cultivate the Murky Cavern Never-Dying Sanctuary Energy Art.

He had already purified it with his God Legion Seal and Heaven-Devouring True Energy. Thus, when the energy entered the bodies of the people in the lower world, it didn’t cause true energy conflicts, but instead instantly provoked transformations that made their genes stronger and more perfect.

Instantly, everyone sank into a state of deep meditation and cultivation.

The forces of the Sage Monarch planetary system were growing rapidly stronger. In fact, thanks to Yang Qi and the great daos he could transmit through his clone, even pigs in the lower world could advance by leaps and bounds and eventually become immortals.

There were already plenty of core individuals who were Demolishers who had used the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven to form their immortal bodies, making them far stronger than the immortals from the Titan Emperor Heaven.

Days passed.

Sage Monarch City grew stronger and stronger, much to the terror of other people in the mortal world. The place had long since become a holy land of true cultivation.

That said, Yang Qi wasn’t about to relax. He would continue doing everything possible to make his people stronger and expand his territory. Even the several thousand planetary systems he had under his control were like a drop of water in the ocean. There was always the possibility that some colossal monster of an organization would come along and grind the Sage Monarch planetary system into dust.

He wanted to add more of those holy lands of true cultivation to his territory, strengthening his faith power. Of course, the most important thing of all was that his true self grow stronger. That was the crux of everything, the basis by which he would enable his people in the lower world to become invincible.

Eldest Brother opened his eyes and let loose a long cry. Twenty-four heavenly dharmic guards could be seen behind him, arrayed in a circle around his true body. He had successfully cultivated the Murky Cavern Never-Dying Sanctuary Energy Art, which also served to advance his cultivation base. He was now just on the verge of reaching second stage Space-Demolishing, which would make him an immortal warrior.

In the mortal world, half-Demolishers were generally considered top experts and were often the patriarchs of huge organizations. And full Demolishers were absolute hegemons of all existence.

Right now, Eldest Brother was such a person.

One by one, Yang Qi’s other Elder Brothers and Sisters from the Invincible Society opened their eyes and looked over at him. 

“Listen up, everyone,” he said. “We’re going to go take out the Misty Kingdom, as well as their allies. Angels, come forth!”

“Yes sir!”

All twenty of Yang Qi’s angels appeared, glowing with dazzling light and holiness. The mere flutter of their wings could create spatial tempests of the most destructive nature, the type that could destroy anything and everything.

These angels had once been fiend-devils, but Yang Qi perfected their genes and transformed them into entities that could slaughter immortals. They could lead his armies of fiend-devils to destroy or conquer anything in their path.

The Invincible Society, the twenty angels, and the Yang Clan elites all poured into various space-time wormholes as they began their campaign to conquer the universe.


In a location far, far away, there was a holy land of cultivation made up of over a thousand planetary systems. It had a greyspace inset with a godrelic, and was a very bustling place in its part of the universe.

This holy land of true cultivation was the Misty Kingdom.

It was a mysterious place in which people cultivated godly-class energy arts and were known to be victorious in every battle they fought. There were even multiple immortals there, people with immortal bodies. Ordinary planetary systems couldn’t even compare to this place.

Yet in this moment, calamity was nigh.

Eldest Brother, the Invincible Society, and the Yang Clan were leading the expansion of their planetary system, and that meant that war was breaking out. Of course, most other planetary systems were backed by immortal worlds who would not just sit idly by while their territory was taken.

Therefore, the best targets for initial expansion were places that had no connection to any immortal world. The so-called holy lands, most of which were built on the foundation of godrelics, were places that could be conquered without any fear of retaliation from above.

Besides, the spoils of war included godrelics. 



As war broke out in the mortal world, a table in the immortal world shattered. That table had been crafted from true metal and was incredibly tough. Not even heavenly fire would have been able to harm it. But now something like the hand of a flame god smashed it into a liquid state, almost like mercury, which rained down onto the ground below. The power of that hand clearly bordered on the strength of gods.

“I'm so pissed!” Proud Warpatience shouted. “I can’t believe Titan Dragonguard actually killed Grand Duke Bloodstabber! This is outrageous. Never in my entire life have I been beaten like this!”

He was truly fuming with anger over the loss he had just suffered. His army had been completely demoralized and his position within the immortal world had dropped significantly. In fact, his authority over his troops had begun to wane.

Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that a dark horse would rise up and do this. How could Titan Dragonguard, a mere imperial clansman, be this strong? And how could he possibly use mere words to kill his opponents? What kind of power was that?

Often, the unknown was the most terrifying thing of all, and right now he had no idea how to deal with this new enemy.

‘I think I need to burn some incense to send a message to Master. Maybe after I tell him about all this, he’ll come in person to help.’ After much contemplation, the only idea Proud Warpatience could come up with was to beg for help from his Master, Proud Heaven.

However, in that moment, one of his soldiers rushed in. “Generalissimo, there’s someone outside asking to see you!”

“Oh? Who is it? If it’s someone from the army, just make them leave. I have important things to do right now.” As a powerful figure in the imperial court, there were always people coming to see him about certain matters. Even governors and city magistrates were common visitors. But he was obviously not in the mood to entertain guests.

“No, it's not someone from the Titan Emperor Heaven. There are actually two guests. One of them said he's from a distant land and came here specifically to help you resolve the current situation. Generalissimo, he said that if you don't see him, it will result in your death!”

“Oh? What psycho would dare to say things like that?” However, after a moment, Proud Warpatience’s eyes narrowed, and he said, “Fine, see him in.”

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