Chapter 580: Two Tigers Fight

“So, this is the Titan Emperor Heaven?” said Chancellor Demi-Immortal. “Considering we've secretly made our entrance, will anyone notice us? Or will the lord of this immortal world be notified? If we're found out, it could cause some big problems. After all, your Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would be a very tempting item to anyone who noticed it.”

The yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut and Chancellor Demi-Immortal had somehow managed to create a wormhole that went right through the greyspace of the Titan Emperor Heaven.

As for Chancellor Demi-Immortal, he was already feeling like a person from the countryside who had entered a big city for the first time.

Dropping to the ground, he peered at a tuft of immortal grass and exclaimed, “Whoa! That’s crimson pearl barley! Can you imagine if you made immortal pills from something like that?”

Reaching down, he plucked the grass up, which was when he noticed the dirt clinging to its roots. “This is immortal soil! It has immortal energy built into it! You could make incredible magical treasures with this stuff. Or it could be the basis of entire mountains or even planets in the mortal world.”

“Congratulations,” the young man in yellow said dryly. “That's just ordinary grass here in the immortal world, and literally everything here is full of immortal energy. Look, can you stop acting like such a rube? Are you going to go around collecting dirt and trash like it’s treasure or something? You’re right, grass and soil from an immortal world would be the stuff of legend in the mortal world. Great Sages and even Demi-Immortals would treasure it. But do you really think that stuff is going to help you here? You're a Demolisher already, with an immortal body. And with the boundless godly-class energy art you got in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, the Heaven-Dao-Reversing God-Forming Grand True Energy, you remoulded your physique into the fabled Hundred Worlds Magical Body. If you can upgrade it to the Thousand Worlds Magical Body, or perhaps even the Ten Thousand Worlds Magical Body, you’ll be in an even better position to beat Yang Qi. You think some flowers and dirt are going to help you do that?”

“I'm going to slaughter Yang Qi one day!” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said, his eyes shining with more hatred than ever. “Unfortunately, he has access to the faith of over three thousand planetary systems. And the mystical network of laws of the Sage Monarch planetary system has turned it into a holy land of true cultivation. Not even the Misty Kingdom can stand up to him. That Eldest Brother from the Invincible Society completely squashed them. Considering the training his forces undergo, countless invincible experts are rising up. If things keep going on like this, he’ll have a never-ending supply of fighters. Our hopes of getting revenge just keep getting weaker and weaker.”

“And that’s why we've come here to the immortal world. Based on our calculations, I'm convinced that Yang Qi left his clone in the mortal world to collect faith, while his true self ascended here to plot and scheme away. Our only option to deal with him was to ascend. He has a God Legion Seal, but thankfully it's not complete. If it were, not even the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart would be enough to beat him. That said, he’s a Fateless One and I'm a Future One. Both of us are essentially prodigies. There’s no saying that I couldn’t eventually be a match for him. All I need is to acquire a certain thing from the Titan Emperor Heaven and I’ll definitely be able to crush him.”

The young man chuckled coldly.

“A certain thing?” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said. “What, some sort of god item?”

“No,” the young man replied nonchalantly. “Not even a god item from here would help. Don’t forget that the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart is a god item. Not even the bit of power it can release would be enough to take down Yang Qi. No, I'm talking about a person.”

“A person?” Chancellor Demi-Immortal frowned.

“Exactly. A person. A very unique individual that one of the spell formations in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart helped me identify. You see, this person is a Reincarnated One. Reincarnated Ones are unique entities similar to Past Ones, Future Ones, Fateless Ones, and Heaven Moving Ones. Even more interesting, this Reincarnated One is a woman. If I can capture her and absorb her yin vitality, or even devour her completely to acquire her genes, I would definitely become invincible. If I could become a combined Future One and Reincarnated One, I would definitely have what it takes to deal with Yang Qi. And when I defeat him and consume his genes, I’ll add Fateless One to my identity. At that point, I would be the most powerful person in all heaven and earth!”

“In that case, I’ll offer you early congratulations,” Chancellor Demi-Immortal said.

“Don’t feel in a rush or anything,” the young man said. “Remember, in the future, you acquire the legacy of an entire immortal world. Just wait until I get this Reincarnated One. After I do, I’ll take you to get that legacy, whereupon you’ll advance to the highest heavens!”

Although Chancellor Demi-Immortal simply nodded in agreement, inside, he was full of plots and schemes. ‘I bet you want to get the legacy of that immortal world too, don’t you? Otherwise, why would you be so willing to deal with a complete stranger like me? You just want my help to achieve your own ends. Although… I'm no slouch either. You’re a Future One and she’s a Reincarnated One? I’ll devour you both! With your genes, I’ll be stronger than ever and I can get my revenge on Yang Qi. After adding Fateless One to my identity, I’ll have the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart and the God Legion Seal for my own. Then I’ll finally be able to resurrect my daughter and rule the universe! After that will be the Deathless Throne, whereupon I can become a member of the ancient legion of gods!’

Obviously, Chancellor Demi-Immortal had grand ambitions of his own.

Back when he had led the Demi-Immortal Institute, he was a famous person who achieved his goals by means of all sorts of crafty plots and machinations. He had hoped to manipulate both the Crown Prince and Yang Qi to get what he wanted, but in the end he only got his daughter killed. But now, here he was again, up to his same old tricks.

The young man in yellow glanced at Chancellor Demi-Immortal and smiled faintly, but didn’t say anything further.

Thus, the two of them vanished into the Titan Emperor Heaven. Considering how vast the immortal world was, they were little more than tiny grains of sand in the universe, and didn’t attract any notice whatsoever. 


‘Future Ones. Reincarnated Ones….’ Yang Qi was currently grappling with the situation at hand, and wondering why powerful people like Proud Heaven seemed to be so interested in a low-level immortal world like the Titan Emperor Heaven. The fact that Proud Heaven had gone to the length of becoming sworn brothers with the lowly ruler of this place went to show a lot. And from what Yang Qi could tell, it seemed highly likely that it was about people like himself with unique physiques. It also seemed highly likely that Princess Jadefall was just such a person.

The more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed. Regardless, he knew that he had to kill Proud Warpatience, which would both foil Proud Heaven's plans and benefit himself.

Yang Qi knew that both the kid in yellow and Proud Heaven were Future Ones. He himself was a Fateless One. As for Past Ones, obviously, they were people who traveled to the present from the past, although he hadn’t run into any yet.

As for Reincarnated Ones and Heaven Moving Ones, he had no idea what they were capable of, but was of course interested in finding out.

As the days passed, he contemplated the energy art he had stolen from Proud Warpatience, the Cardinal Grand Brahma Punishes the Fire God Energy Art. The cultivation technique was incredible, and as he worked with it, he found that it caused the God Legion Seal to tremble with anticipation and fuse more deeply with his nascent divinity.

One day, he would make the God Legion Seal completely part of him. The seal would be his heart, and his heart would be the seal. When that happened, he knew that he would truly become invincible.

‘You have a powerful energy art, Proud Warpatience. But once I have enough Heaven-Devouring śarīras, I’ll rise to the Demolishing level, and then it will be time to tangle with you. The higher I rise, the sooner you’ll meet your end.’

At a certain point, bugle cries rang out, the signal that the war games were about to begin.

Yuan Kuohai rushed in. “Captain, everyone is gathering on the parade ground. We need to go. The day has finally come for the clash between the forces of Princess Jadefall and Proud Warpatience. This is going to be a big competition. A major showdown. By the way, those mechas we acquired have really boosted morale. I'm certain that we’ll achieve victory today.”

“Good. Alright, let’s get going. I'm curious to see how this conflict plays out.” Yang Qi was completely confident and not afraid of anything. He could provoke his Demolishing tribulation at any time he wanted. However, after all of the work he had put into developing his second identity, he didn’t want to just throw it all away for no reason. For now, it wasn’t worth it to do anything risky.

It took almost no time at all for the Special Reconnaissance Division to muster all of its troops and organize into ranks. Then Yuan Kuohai led them toward the main parade ground in the imperial city.

There were other troops moving in the same direction. Princess Jadefall had as many soldiers working for her as the sky had clouds, and from what Yang Qi could sense that included sixth stage Abstrusity-Demolishers, all of them important people.

Before long, they were at the main parade ground.

It was huge, stretching on seemingly without end, and built from some sort of immortal metal that was incredibly tough and could absorb the force of just about any attack without being damaged. It was actually the largest square in the entire Titan Emperor Heaven, and it could hold huge amounts of troops.

At a certain point, Yang Qi noticed armies approaching from the east. They were Princess Jadefall’s main army, and they were so disciplined that they didn’t need anyone to lead them.

They were all crack experts with mighty skills and abilities, people who could shake universes.

Next, bugle cries rang out from the west as swarms of troops emerged from wormholes and teleportation portals. It was an army that thrummed with viciousness and ferocity, yet it was slightly less organized than Princess Jadefall’s.

‘So,’ Yang Qi thought, ‘these are the troops of the generalissimo of the armed forces, Proud Warpatience. They’re not very disciplined, are they? Seems the generalissimo might have a thing or two to learn from Princess Jadefall.’

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