Chapter 575: Proud Warpatience

Each of King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans contained some of his legacy, a godly-class energy art. However, that legacy would be impossible to cultivate with only a small amount of them.

But Yang Qi had enough that, with the added impetus of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, he was able to unlock some of its secrets. Not even the ‘lord’ of the Heaven’s Net Consortium would have been able to do the same thing.

A primal-chaos elder-snake swirled through the air, radiating a powerful energy that quickly turned into a magical script. Then, a booming voice rang out that simultaneously seemed like the hiss of a snake.

“Who has my talismans? Who are you? Somehow, you’ve drawn on the deepest aspects of my talismans. And you’ve achieved my deepest desire, to consume godmammoths! Are you an Eternal One? A Future One? Or are you a mysterious Fateless One or Heaven Moving One? A Reincarnated One?”

The voice was the will and legacy left behind by King Heaven-Devourer.

“Since you have unlocked the will hidden deep within the talismans, it means we are connected by destiny. Thus, I will impart to you a boundless energy art, something which existed before I came to be; a divine ability I gained enlightenment of by contemplating primal-chaos itself. With it, you can inhale the good fortune of heaven and earth, and draw on the abstruse secrets of primal-chaos magics. It's called the Heaven-Devouring Good-Fortune Non-Existent-Gods Dao. The Heaven-Devouring aspect refers to me. Good-Fortune is the foundation of the art. And the Non-Existent-Gods refers to the absolute destruction of the legion of gods and the devouring of all the heavens! Even the legion of gods will become fodder for me to consume. I will devour anything and everything. That is the invincible will of this energy art!

“You have eight hundred and fifty-one talismans, therefore I can only give you one quarter of the technique. Once you acquire more talismans, you will incite their will to acquire more of the Heaven-Devouring Good-Fortune Non-Existent-Gods Dao. Listen well, as I will now impart to you a consummate godly-class energy art. This is a level that can be surpassed only by the energy arts of the Sovereign Lord. Cultivate my art, then go deprive the legion of gods of their quintessence!”


A stream of innumerable magical symbols appeared and began flowing into Yang Qi’s mind.

It was one quarter of the Heaven-Devouring Good-Fortune Non-Existent-Gods Dao, which he immediately imparted to Titan Duelbringer as well.

Even though it was incomplete, it would still be boundlessly domineering. After all, even the ruler of the Titan Emperor Heaven only cultivated a lesser godly-class energy art, which was far below a consummate art.

If things went on as normal, then perhaps in a thousand or ten thousand years, Titan Duelbringer would become a chief elder in the Titan Emperor Heaven, and eventually its emperor. Of course, that was built on the premise that the Titan Emperor Heaven would survive for that long.

As Yang Qi gained enlightenment of another godly-class energy art, back in the mortal world, in the Sage Monarch planetary system, his clone also received the new information. As he gained knowledge of the art, he immediately began cultivating it.

Now he didn’t have five godly-class energy arts, but six. Earlier, he had begun combining the five arts he had possessed, but never completed the task. Now that he had a sixth, he would integrate it into the combination.

Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao. 

Prodigious Proto-Epoch, Invincible War-Steppe. 

Asiryangguk Sauvastika Devil Grand Infernal Energy. 

Killing Fist of the Dao of Monarchs. 

Void Mist Mountain and Sea Interstice.

All five of the arts were built on different systems, therefore the immortal clone had integrated them separately into his five viscera, where they formed a perfect balance. The Heaven-Devouring True Energy had helped significantly in that effort. Now, the Heaven-Devouring Good-Fortune Non-Existent-Gods Dao made the combination even smoother, and at the same time caused the clone to rapidly grow stronger. In fact, he was already about as strong as a third stage Thought-Demolisher, an immortal officer.

The immortal clone had long since broken through to Demolishing, and formed an immortal body with the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven, as well as those of the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. In fact, he had even drawn on the magical laws of the Hell of Suras, the Hell of Euphoria, the Hell of Yamas, and many other hells. He was like a god-devil who would be invincible against most enemies.

Yang Qi’s forces in the mortal world continued to grow stronger as time went by. His Elder Brothers and Sisters of the Invincible Society, the Yang Clan, and his sworn siblings from the Rich-Lush Continent days all benefited from the open link Yang Qi had created between the Tusita Heaven and the mortal world. He continued passing down resources, allowing everyone to achieve amazing baptisms at an almost constant rate.

Eventually, they would surpass the level of the geniuses in the immortal world above them.

After Yang Qi left, many of them became Demi-Immortals, and some of the key figures were closing in on Demolishing.

Once Yang Qi himself reached Demolishing, he would make an even bigger passageway and send down higher levels of power to the mortal world below. And of course, he would continue to develop his kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata, pushing it toward the level of an immortal world.

Six months passed, during which Yang Qi and Titan Duelbringer worked constantly on their cultivation. During that time, Yang Qi’s cultivation base grew more refined and he formed multiple Heaven-Devouring śarīras. He also gained deep enlightenment of the Heaven-Devouring Good-Fortune Non-Existent-Gods Dao.

As it turned out, this technique was a perfect complement to the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

Already, Yang Qi’s flesh and blood were filled with a strange power that made him like a god-spirit. One drop of his blood that escaped to the open could create a sea of gore, filled with tempestuous waves that would drown anyone who got caught in its depths.

He was now so much stronger than before that if he got in a fight with Immortal Paragon Night-Kṣetra, he would definitely have the upper hand.

He had dozens of Heaven-Devouring śarīras, and was ready for his Demolishing tribulation.

During the half year which passed, Yang Qi earned some meritorious service here and there, allowing him to be promoted within the Special Reconnaissance Division.

Meanwhile, Titan Duelbringer was also rising in the ranks of the Department of Internal Affairs. It helped that he had plenty of brahmanints to work with. Having coin always made it possible to achieve more, and considering that he was very familiar with how the system worked, he actually rose through the ranks much faster than Yang Qi.

Even more significantly, Titan Duelbringer was starting to form his own power structure, a society of sorts within the imperial clansmen in the city. He was also making connections with powerful and influential people, and overall, was enjoying life.

Of course, the society he was building made it easier for Yang Qi to get information about Proud Warpatience. As an apprentice of Proud Heaven, it was no wonder the man was so mysterious. He had defeated many opponents in the immortal world and won countless battles, eventually becoming the generalissimo of the armed forces. In fact, it was said that he had never lost a fight.

No one knew what energy arts he cultivated. They only knew that it didn’t matter what deadly moves were used against him, he would turn them on his opponent to strike mortal blows. There was something strange about it, as though he knew everything about every energy art in existence.

He was a pure legend who looked down upon all other fighters.


On one particular day, Yang Qi finished with his ninety-first Heaven-Devouring śarīra. As he did, Yuan Kuohai rushed in and said, “Captain, big news just came in! The military is going to be participating in war games, pitting Proud Warpatience’s forces against Princess Jadefall's! It’s a test of the overall strength of the forces and an assessment of superiority.”

“Oh? What’s the situation? Tell me all the details.”

Considering how much time he had been in the immortal world, he was now much more familiar with how things worked.

“Apparently a big argument broke out in the imperial court between Proud Warpatience and Princess Jadefall, and neither of them are willing to back down. Proud Warpatience claims that he is more suited to lead troops into battle than Princess Jadefall, so the two agreed to a sort of contest. Princess Jadefall is taking the matter very seriously, and has demanded that we win. It’s going to happen in three days on the parade ground here in the imperial city. I’d say it’s a really good opportunity for us. If we can help secure a victory, we will be rewarded by Princess Jadefall, and might even get promoted. That would give us a lot more power in the military.”

Yuan Kuohai was obviously confident that Yang Qi was strong enough to help secure them the victory.

“You’re right, it does sound like a good opportunity. I’ve pretty much mastered the cultivation of this Heaven-Devouring True Energy. I could definitely dominate any opponent they sent into a fight. Let me ask you, though, what exactly were Princess Jadefall and Proud Warpatience arguing about?”

Obviously, both Proud Warpatience and Princess Jadefall were very important people, with vast armies under their command. Surely whatever they were arguing about was something very important. And such arguments could affect the entire dynasty. Yang Qi had already decided to strike a blow against Proud Warpatience, and eventually kill him. If the man was in conflict with Princess Jadefall, it was obviously a major opportunity.

“They were arguing over troop movements in the Hanging Heaven. They used to be our ally, but ever since Proud Heaven left they’ve been hostile. They’re deploying troops and spies everywhere, and the imperial court is getting tired of it. Princess Jadefall wants to lead the military in an invasion of the Hanging Heaven, and says that a victory would do a lot to cow the other immortal worlds who threaten us. But Proud Warpatience disagreed and said the matter isn't worth deploying troops over.”

Even as Yuan Kuohai explained things, Titan Duelbringer showed up.

“Milord,” he said, “Princess Jadefall and Proud Warpatience had an argument that’s culminated in war games. From what I can tell, it could be a big opportunity for us. There are some people in the Department of Internal Affairs who also serve in the court, so I have all the details.”

“Very good.” Yang Qi said, rising to his feet. “Let’s start preparing immediately. Other people might not be able to tell what type of energy arts this Proud Warpatience had, but as long as I can lay eyes on him, I’ll be able to find out.”

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