Chapter 567: Protomammoth Particles

The pitch black depths of the immortal world were very different than the depths of hell. In hell, the soil was full of devil energy, whereas the immortal world had immortal energy. Both were incredibly deep.

In fact, even if one went down several billion kilometers, it still wouldn’t even be considered scratching the surface.

As he went down, he passed through layers of rock, ore, metal vital energy, flame, and baleful energy. He also passed through certain empty sections that had once been cultivation chambers for immortals in ancient times.

The empyrean-baleful energies in the immortal world were the same as everywhere else. In the sky, the empyrean energy gave birth to wind, and under the ground, the baleful energy carved out passages of soil.

There were also subterranean channels of fire and water.

All of it conformed to the general classification of elements: earth, water, fire, and wind.

The intensity of the forces surpassed those of the mortal world by thousands of times, but to immortals they were nothing out of the ordinary. There were also earth-type demonlings that had established territory underground and would flock toward interlopers like flies buzzing toward fresh blood.

Of course, Yang Qi wasn't worried about such things and simply cut them down as they got near. Eventually, he found a cave that had obviously been used for cultivation purposes by some immortal in the distant past.

It was located in a vast layer of gold and wasn’t particularly large. Apparently it was nothing more than a meditation chamber. Other than some lingering warding magics, it was empty. No magical treasures. No daoist texts. No medicinal pills. Nothing.

Of course, it was entirely possible such things had existed in the past and had long since been taken away by other immortals. In the immortal world, there were plenty of people who had techniques for traveling about under the ground, where they would search for treasure and other miraculous things.

Perhaps, if Yang Qi went further down, he might find an immortal’s mansion grotto that had things worth taking. But right now he was primarily focused on cultivation, and this seemed the perfect place to work with the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor, the Protomammoth Flag, and the megamammoth quintessence-blood.

This layer of gold was part of a large vein that stretched roughly fifty million kilometers from end to end and was about a hundred million kilometers thick.

Although those numbers might seem huge, in the immortal world they were not particularly impressive. After all, the depth of the lands in the immortal world were usually measured in light-years.

True Gold Transformation: Golden Sphere.

Yang Qi waved his hand, unleashing magical power into the gold, which immediately began transforming it. To the shock of the five Obliterators, it started twitching and wriggling into the shape of a sphere.

They could hardly imagine the force necessary to transform a vein of metal fully fifty million kilometers from end to end.

It didn’t take long to transform the immortal’s mansion grotto into a golden sphere roughly fifty kilometers in diameter, which Yang Qi entered along with his five followers. Then, the golden sphere began descending deeper into the earth.

Settling down cross-legged, Yang Qi exhaled a stream of vital energy and a host of items appeared in front of him. The Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor, the Protomammoth Flag, the megamammoth quintessence-blood, the crumbled remnants of the demon altar, the totem poles, and the corpses of the individuals in black and cinnabar. Only the golden general was still alive.

“Who are you!?” he asked. He knew that escape was impossible, yet didn’t stoop to begging for mercy. “Why did you attack our demon altar? Aren’t you afraid of the paragons of the Hanging Heaven? They could cut you down!”

“Tell me what's going on with the Heaven’s Net Consortium. Are you working for the Hanging Heaven? And where did you get those six hundred and sixty-six imperial snakecharms? Help me get them and I might spare your life. You’re a fourth stage Demolisher, which is a level of cultivation few people can achieve. It would be a real pity for you to die at my hands.”

“I’ll never betray my lord, you beast!” the general shouted. “He’ll avenge me if I die!”

“I have plenty of ways to extract your memories even if you’re dead,” Yang Qi said coldly. “I tried to give you some face, but you refused. Fine then. Die.”


He exhaled, and his breath was like a blade that stabbed right into the body of the general. He screamed briefly, but was quickly reduced to a pool of blood and gore, with even his soul having been wiped out of existence.

Then Yang Qi clenched his hand into a fist, causing the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor, the Protomammoth Flag, and the megamammoth quintessence-blood to crumple into a stream of magical symbols. After a moment, two primary symbols appeared, written in the script of the ancient Godfolk. 



Yang Qi immediately began refining the deathless godliness with true flame, causing a dazzling light to shine about.

The Heaven and Earth Furnace appeared and he tossed the two symbols inside, causing the flame to burn higher as he absorbed their power.

Instantly, the dracomammoth particles within him began transforming into protomammoths.

Dracomammoths had scales and horns and looked like a combination of dragons and mammoths. But now they were turning into protomammoths, which looked very different. The horns retracted and the scales vanished, revealing smooth skin covered with totemic patterns. As it turned out, protomammoths closely resembled elephants.

However, there was something about them that was more perfect than elephants. The totemic markings were like records of ancient times, histories of the most distant past. Furthermore, each protomammoth had a symbol on its forehead that resembled two fish intertwined like yin and yang.

That was the symbol of the protomammoth, indicating that it was the prototypical representation of all living things.  [1]

Protomammoths were like the origin of anything and everything, and were not only invincibly powerful, but also repositories of incomparable magical laws as well as the most ancient flow of time.

After taking the deathless godliness, roughly three hundred million particles within Yang Qi converted into protomammoths, giving him unbelievable power.

As for Savage Dragon, Brutal Tiger, Deathly Serpent, Vicious Vulture, and Callous Panther, they looked on, trembling like mice in the presence of a tiger.

“There’s no need for alarm,” Yang Qi said. “As long as you stick with me, I’ll make it worth your while.” He flicked his finger and a spark appeared, rapidly transforming into burning dragons of fire that shot into them. Instantly, their connection to the magical laws of the Titan Emperor Heaven were destroyed and replaced by the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven. In the blink of an eye, they transformed on the deepest level. As of this moment, they were like invincible figures from a high-level immortal world and were dozens, if not a hundred times stronger than they had been before.

Furthermore, they would be able to innately exert pressure on anyone from the Titan Emperor Heaven.

The five Obliterators felt themselves surging with newfound power, causing them to throw their heads back and let loose long howls.

“With these new magical laws, we’re like people from a much higher immortal world!”

“Exactly,” Yang Qi said. “You’re no longer like the weaklings from the Titan Emperor Heaven. Henceforth, you will be without compare on the field of battle. Continue your cultivation, and achieving breakthroughs will no longer be a pipe dream for you. Furthermore, I’m going to give you a set of godly-class energy arts that will allow you to accomplish shocking things.”

“Many thanks, Captain. Many thanks!”

All five of them dropped to their knees and kowtowed so deeply that their foreheads hit the ground.

Yang Qi had altered their fate. To them, he was like an enigmatic and mysterious god-spirit who was capable of anything.

“Alright, now we can go back to the Special Reconnaissance Division and report our success. I wonder how we’ll be rewarded.” As he flew up, he refined the golden sphere with burning fire, reducing it to countless grains of golden sand, sharp, with impressive auras.

Then he clenched his hand into a fist and the golden sand condensed into five small swords.

They were immortal items!

“These swords come from an ancient and consummate sword art from the dao of gods. They're called Multimillion Golden Sand Swords. Use them together and you can fill the sky with deadly golden sand.”

“Many thanks, Captain!” The five Obliterators said, taking hold of the swords.

“Captain,” Savage Dragon said, “who would have thought that you’re also a grandmaster of equipment forging. You surpass even the grandmasters in the imperial city! You can even imbue these Multimillion Golden Sand Swords with spirits!”

“That’s nothing,” Yang Qi said. “With the deathless godliness I can extract, as long as I have the right materials I can easily make immortal items of a quality that surpasses any grandmaster from these parts. And if I can get better materials, I can create the highest level immortal items possible.”

With that, they flew toward the imperial city.

The mission was accomplished and he had benefited greatly. He even learned a bit about the Heaven’s Net Consortium, and next, would make his attempt to get the six hundred and sixty-six imperial snakecharms.

1. Yin yang symbols made of fish are not uncommon. There is no standardized way to depict them, but here is one version. The explanation by the author is invented by him for purposes of this novel.

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