Chapter 566: Immense Gains

‘These things are amazing! Two god items! Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor, Protomammoth Flag, and the quintessence-blood of a megamammoth! If I refined the godliness out of these things, I probably wouldn’t need those six hundred and sixty-six imperial snakecharms to pass my Demolishing tribulation. Or I could at least use it to complete my internal pellet. And then I would be much stronger.’

As soon as he took the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor and the Protomammoth Flag, he felt a stirring within him, as though they perfectly conformed to his God Legion Seal. After all, the God Legion Seal was a sealing mark crafted by the blessing of the legion of gods, and it naturally exerted authority over god items.

It took almost no effort to shrink them down to the size of grains of dust and absorb them into his body, where he could keep them until he found an appropriate time to refine them.

Meanwhile, he was using the God Legion Battle Robe to conceal his facial features; he obviously didn’t want the surrounding enemies to know who he was. If they notified the Heaven’s Net Consortium that he was here, it would cause a host of problems.

“You beast!” shouted the immortal general in gold. The figures in cinnabar and black also howled in fury at the sight of him bursting onto the scene and grabbing the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor and the Protomammoth Flag. However, before they could do anything, he unleashed a burst of vital energy, destroying the demon altar and causing blood to spray out of their mouths as they staggered backward.

Prestigious Heaven Dragon; Boundless Magical Curse; Cosmic Dragon Motif; Sun Moon Devastation!


All of a sudden, a thousand suns and moons appeared around the golden immortal general, whose light illuminated everything in the area and even pierced into the void. Boundless magical laws poured out in what was clearly a deadly attack.

Grand Palm of the Limitless Heaven Dragon. First Stance: Dragon Motif Impedes Space!

Crick. Crack. 

Dragon motifs swirled out to form dragon scales, which became the burning suns of countless nations. An image of a world, seemingly composed of dragons, formed and shot toward Yang Qi with unstoppable force.

“What did you just call that move? Dragon Motif Impedes Space? What kind of a trashy technique is that? Be broken!” Yang Qi let out a powerful roar that sounded like the charge of an army, which slammed into the incoming flow of dragons, completely wiping it out of existence.

The general in gold was so furious he actually didn’t quite know what to say, so he resorted to some generic curses. “What gall! You’re dead, fool! Leave those god items where you found them! I'm going to wipe out your entire clan!” 

Rising into the air, he unleashed another immense palm attack, causing what seemed like the true energy of a host of dragons to surge toward Yang Qi from beyond the heavens.

Host of Dragons Rises to Heaven!


Yet again, a group of dragons shot toward Yang Qi with deadly force.

Yang Qi responded with the Hand of the One God, which could dominate three thousand chiliocosms of worlds. Before the dragons could even get close to him, they were destroyed.

Myriad Dragons Emerge from the Sea!” The golden general spat out a mouthful of blood, drawing on his deepest levels of power. In the blink of an eye, the preheaven essence power of a fourth stage Origin-Demolisher appeared.

Grand Dragon Looks Back!

Vile Dragon Becomes a Devil!

Buddha Dragon Converts Beliefs!

God Dragon Smashes Worlds!

Immortal Dragon Coils in Space!

Golden Dragon Forges Swords!

One dragon after another appeared, launching forth and destroying everything around them, causing suns and moons to fall and meteors to descend like rain. A kingdom of dragons was taking shape! When all creation turned into dragons, not even ghosts or gods could flee.

‘What energy art is that? Don’t tell me this guy in gold is actually from the Dragonfolk! I think he is! I can sense the aura of Dragonfolk on him. Well, whether he's a dragon, a buddha, an immortal, or a god, I'm still going to kill him. Devour earth. Devour all creation. Heaven-Devouring True Energy can devour anything and everything!’ Yang Qi knew that he couldn't let this battle drag out. If he did, it was possible that the ‘lord’ who backed these people might arrive again. Or perhaps the forces of the Heaven’s Net Consortium would show up. If that happened, he would have a hard time defending himself. He needed to kill everyone present, then escape and find a place to grow stronger using the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor and the Protomammoth Flag.

Once he was back at the main military base, no one would be able to make a move on him.

All of a sudden, a tremor passed through him as he transformed into a primal-chaos elder-snake. Lunging forward, he opened his mouth and took a deep breath. A massive tempest arose as everything in the area sank down and all energy arts, divine abilities, magical techniques, and immortal skills were negated. Even the ground began rising up toward his mouth.

The general in gold was also sucked toward him, struggling mightily the whole time. But then a tongue shot out of the snake’s mouth, wrapped tightly around him, and dragged him inside.

Yang Qi also devoured the altar, as well as the nearby trees, rocks, totem poles, demonlings, and everything else.

Devour heaven, consume earth. All creation becomes food. The will of King Heaven-Devourer is invincible!” Yang Qi was one with the primal-chaos elder-snake, and his every move caused the black-garbed and cinnabar-clothed men to be sucked into the mouth of that snake.

Primal-chaos elder-snakes would devour anything in their path without showing the least bit of mercy.

What made it all even more effective was that the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was the perfect impetus to drive King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans. In fact, Yang Qi would likely be able to eventually use them to greater effect than the original King Heaven-Devourer had. After all, King Heaven-Devourer had been born with a will and purpose that conformed to the saying 'snakes devour mammoths’.

As a primal-chaos elder-snake, he sought to devour godmammoths and become an entity to rival the Sovereign Lord. Unfortunately for him, he had perished before achieving his goals.

By adding godmammoth true energy into King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans, Yang Qi could unlock more of their power.

Miserable screams rang out from the figures in black and cinnabar. However, it didn’t take long before everything in the entire area was completely gone.

The five members of the Obliterators nearly swallowed their own tongues from astonishment.


“What just happened? They're all wiped out? Devoured, down to the last one? Am I dreaming? How could the captain be this strong? And what is he doing in the Special Reconnaissance Division? He could go to the imperial court and be appointed a grand prince, or possibly even a vice prince.”

“We’re not dreaming. The captain just drew on the boundless dao of gods to kill everyone here! With a captain like this to lead us, the entire Special Reconnaissance Division will be ours soon!”

“So what do we do now? Fall back?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

“Agreed,” Yang Qi said. “Let’s get out of here. We killed everyone and destroyed the altar, so there’s no need to stick around. However, let’s not head back to base right now. I need to find a location to deal with the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor and the Protomammoth Flag. If I extract their godliness, I can probably achieve another breakthrough. Then we can go back to camp and cause a big stir.”

Sending out a blast of wind to pick up the five Obliterators, Yang Qi vanished without a trace.

Some time after he left, a wormhole suddenly opened in the same spot and an enraged will appeared, which examined the nearly ten percent of the Endless Forest that had been completely wiped out of existence.

“Who was it? Who destroyed my demon altar! I'm going to kill him!” However, the expression of will had no way to find Yang Qi, and no clue which direction he had left in.

After some time, the will faded away.

“What a powerful will,” Yang Qi said, chuckling. “If I hadn’t left quickly, it would have buried me there.” That said, he was still shaken. From his position far from the Endless Forest, he could still sense how powerful the will was. Whether it was an immortal emperor, or perhaps even a sovereign of heaven, he wasn’t sure. Maybe it was more powerful than that. Perhaps it was an invincible Godmyth.

Thankfully, his Wheel of Fate had allowed him to make a clean escape. By tweaking fate, he could make his aura vanish and make it impossible for people to perform divinations about him. Besides, he was also a Fateless One, which made the cultivation of the Wheel of Fate particularly effective.

“Captain, sir, who exactly are you?” Savage Dragon asked numbly.

“That’s not important,” Yang Qi replied coolly. “Just think of me as an imperial clansman hoping to revitalize my clan. That’s all you need to know. And remember, keep today’s events secret or I’ll be forced to kill you.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” they all said, nodding repeatedly. “Captain, we’re your loyal followers now. Whatever you tell us to do, we’ll do.”

“Well, that's good.” Yang Qi settled down cross-legged, then waved his finger, causing the ground to open up and allowing the six of them to sink down into its depths. Afterward, the ground closed back up, leaving no trace of their presence.

The earth in all immortal worlds was incredibly tough and almost impossible to dig into. Most divine abilities wouldn't be able to penetrate it. But Yang Qi was capable of breaking open the dark golden soil of the Hell of Mahānata, so what need was there to mention a tiny place like the Titan Emperor Heaven?

As they sank down, they saw all sorts of glittering crystals which were none other than subterranean veins of immortal stone.

This was where Yang Qi planned to carry out his session of cultivation.

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