Chapter 565: An Incredible Opportunity

Yang Qi instantly realized that this mission into the Endless Forest was a huge opportunity for him. For one thing, he had a chance to get a drop of blood from a Godmyth level megamammoth. There was also a god item called the Protomammoth Flag, which was something he normally couldn’t even dream of acquiring. With it, he would be even more confident in being able to reach the Demolishing level.

Once he was a Demolisher, his magical power and energy arts really would be invincible. And he would be able to break through the barriers of the immortal world around him to summon hordes of fiend-devils. Who knew how many Hell Portals he would be able to summon at that point.

Based on his calculations, he was fairly certain that, as a Demolisher, he would be able to summon fiend-devils that were two or three levels higher than himself.

In other words, he could get an army of third step Thought-Demolishers and fourth step Origin-Demolishers. In the immortal world, such levels were considered nobility. Yet he would have them as cannon fodder, which would instantly put him in the position to be able to lay siege to immortal worlds.

And that wasn’t to mention how much more powerful his Hand of the One God, Wheel of Fate, and Flame of Hope would be when he became an immortal.

The Demolishing level was a threshold that led from being mortal to being an immortal. Without reaching Demolishing, it didn't matter how strong one got, one’s genes were still those of a mortal.

Thus, it was no surprise that Yang Qi was constantly thinking about that next breakthrough.

‘Such incredible demon energy!’ That was what all of the five Obliterators were thinking as they went into hiding. For the moment, they put their Devil-Louse Godrot Banners away. The banners had absorbed plenty of venomous pests, and if they unleashed their power now, the pests that would fly out would be able to injure Thought-Demolishers, or even Origin-Demolishers. And such immortals who fell victim to the poison would find it difficult to survive.

Savage Dragon slowly crept forward through the forest, getting closer and closer to the altar. Soon, he saw numerous black-robed figures dancing and chanting in front of the altar, and cinnabar-garbed figures directing them.

The figures in cinnabar were all third step Thought-Demolishers, making them immortal officers. As for those in black, they were Void-Demolishers or Space-Demolishers, making them mere immortal soldiers and warriors.

“So many powerful figures,” Brutal Tiger said. “It seems to me the mission of destroying the altar isn’t going to be very easy to accomplish. Look! In addition to those experts in cinnabar, there’s someone in the middle wearing golden clothing. He looks like a general! He’s a fourth step Origin-Demolisher, an immortal general! Immortal generals are too fierce to even describe. In fact, the ultimate leader of the Special Reconnaissance Division, Yuan Kuohai, is an immortal general, and he’s virtually invincible in the army. If he gets pissed off, it'll be like the fury of heaven raining down!”

“That’s right!” Vicious Vulture said. “We're all second step immortal warriors who can fight immortal officers. But these immortal officers here are all clearly the veterans of numerous battles. We probably couldn’t even fight them one-on-one. Maybe if the five of us use our combined attack, and don’t think about escaping afterward, we might be able to take out the altar and accomplish the mission.”

“Oh?” Yang Qi said, smiling faintly. “You five are really tough! Even with an immortal general guarding the altar, you still think you can finish the mission? No wonder the Obliterators are considered a crack team in the Special Reconnaissance Division. You really have my respect. However, as your captain, I don’t want you talking about suicide attacks. Just be patient. We’ll destroy that altar, snatch the incoming god item, and kill everyone present. We’re going to accomplish every aspect of this mission!”

Considering that all of these people worked for the Heaven’s Net Consortium, there was no way he was going to show them mercy.

The group of six melted into the forest, sending out traces of vital energy that connected them to the essence of the Endless Forest. As he inhaled and exhaled, Yang Qi cast his senses out around him, taking note of everything from the trees, to the demonlings, to the warding magics in the ground. Soon, he identified the warding magic that was intended to keep the demonlings in check.

From what Yang Qi could tell, the Endless Forest was as big as several planetary systems from the mortal world combined. It was also riddled with overlapping aspects of space, as well as deep reserves of power just waiting to erupt.

‘Don’t tell me this Endless Forest is actually some sort of magical treasure?’ he thought. All of a sudden, an outrageous idea began forming in his mind, although he shook his head after a moment. It just didn't seem realistic. However, he couldn’t shake the thought, and the more he considered it the more it seemed like a possibility.

If the Endless Forest really was a magical treasure, it was likely more powerful than the average god item.

“Captain, it’s starting. There's a wormhole opening above the altar!” Sure enough, bright light and deathless godliness spread out as a wormhole began opening. Immense power descended onto the demon altar, swirling around as expressions of powerful demon energy.

Within the deathless godliness, a will echoed out, causing everything to tremble and forcing the vital energy of all heaven and earth into subservience. “You have done well with the altar. You shall all be rewarded!”

Yang Qi drew on his Wheel of Fate to keep himself concealed as the vital energy around him crackled and crunched.

“What a powerful will!” Savage Dragon said, trembling along with the other Obliterators. “How could something so terrifying be here? Captain, without you here to keep us safe, we would be dead.”

“That will could devastate anything and everything!”

“What a terrifying entity. It won’t come here, will it? If it does, there’s no way we’ll finish this mission.”

After listening to the chatter, Yang Qi nodded. “If that thing comes here in person, we would have no choice but to retreat. But it won’t. It’s just opened a temporary passageway. If something that strong remained here for very long, it would attract the wrong type of attention.”

Sure enough, the powerful will faded away a few moments later, leaving behind nothing more than a flag.

However, that flag emanated deathless godliness of a most profound and enigmatic nature. It was the Protomammoth Flag, which would be fused with the blood of a Godmyth level megamammoth expert.

Instantly, an immense power spread out from the altar, the type that could cow countless beasts and demons.

As it spread through the Endless Forest, the demonlings suddenly went still, and even the snakes, bugs, and rats stopped moving as though some other will were taking over their minds.

Yang Qi watched as countless warding magics in the depths of the Endless Forest began crumbling. As it happened, the altar was actually set up in almost the exact center of the Endless Forest.

Lord’s Eye! Grant me sight!

All of a sudden, Yang Qi realized that there was a kingdom of emerald green in the depths of the forest, within which was what appeared to be a person. However, closer inspection revealed that it was not a person, but rather a human-shaped suit of armor.

The armor was emerald in color and radiated a boundless life force that filled the Endless Forest, almost as if this entity were the ultimate creator of the place.

That armor was a god item!

As Yang Qi inspected it, he saw some words inscribed on the breastplate of the armor, written in the script of the legion of gods. Few people would be able to read that script, but he could. It said Chartreuse Sovereign.

Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor!

Yang Qi couldn’t have been more surprised to realize that there was a god item in the Endless Forest.

Meanwhile, back on the demon altar, the Protomammoth Flag and the drop of blood were fusing and a ferocious demon was appearing. It looked like a megamammoth, and apparently it was about to merge with the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor.

At this point, the immortal general in gold clothing shouted, “Pay close attention! We're already in contact with the essence of the Endless Forest, a god item! We should be able to use the Protomammoth Flag to draw out the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor! Then we’ll gain command of all the demonlings in the Endless Forest and lead them into the depths of the imperial city to fuse with King Heaven-Devourer’s talismans as a gift to our lord. There could be no better way to plan for the destruction of the Titan Emperor Heaven and its essence!”

The demon altar trembled and began sinking into the ground.

Meanwhile, down below, the suit of armor trembled and began to rise up toward the altar. When it arrived, it started merging with the Protomammoth Flag and the megamammoth quintessence-blood. Meanwhile, all of the figures in black and cinnabar were chanting ancient curses and pouring their will into both the armor and the Protomammoth Flag.

All of heaven and earth filled with a rain of blood, and the wailing of gods and weeping of ghosts spread out through the Endless Forest.

“Now’s our chance!” Yang Qi said.

He unfurled his Angel Wings and blurred into motion, shooting forward like a bolt of lightning and moving so quickly that he arrived at the altar before anyone realized what was happening.

Although it was protected by warding magics, Yang Qi’s Flame of Hope burned through them all like a red-hot cleaver slicing through a stick of butter.

As soon as he was close to the Chartreuse Sovereign God Armor, it unleashed a powerful wave of energy, designed to prevent anyone from taking it. And the Protomammoth Flag pulsed with deadly true energy.

Return to your home! Hell-Crushing Godmammoth!” Without even pausing to think, he unleashed the Hand of the One God and grabbed both the flag and the armor.

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