Chapter 553: Arriving in the Immortal World

After making all the necessary arrangements, Yang Qi ascended to the immortal world above.

He had planned and calculated for ten years before making this move, trying to account for all the things that could possibly play out.

His clone would remain in the mortal world and gather faith power, which he would then pass on to Yang Qi via wormholes.

He took plenty of godliness with him just to play it safe. That being said, his Wheel of Fate had indicated that he wouldn’t encounter any major problems in the Titan Emperor Heaven. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to waste trying to get into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Considering the threat posed by the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut, Yang Qi repeatedly urged his Eldest Brother to be on guard against his scheming.

Eldest Brother knew the kid in yellow was strong, and wouldn’t take him lightly. In fact, he immediately started making specific plans to deal with him.

Yang Qi unfurled his Angel Wings and drew on the powers of his God Legion Battle Robe and primeval godworms. One of those godworms was the immortal-level one he had acquired from Immortal Officer Fallen Red. The others included the mother godworm and the one which had started out as a smaller larva.

All three godworms were now in the immortal level, with immortal bodies. They had their places in the God Legion Paradise, where they could consume spatial power, making even the toughest greyspace no barrier at all for Yang Qi.

He also had his one hundred and eighty-five imperial snakecharms, which could take the shape of a huge primal-chaos elder-snake. Those charms originated with King Heaven-Devourer and were also particularly useful when it came to devouring the power of greyspaces, even those of heavenly worlds.

With all of the resources he had, reaching the Titan Emperor Heaven would be a simple task for Yang Qi.

Transforming into the size of a speck of dust, he shot upward through the clouds, passing through empyrean winds, the icy void, regions of burning heat, magnetic fields, immortal light, and other bizarre and fantastic scenery. Eventually, he reached the greyspace of the Titan Emperor Heaven.

Even immortals who made that trip would need to do so carefully, and would constantly pray to the immortal world above for guidance.

But Yang Qi didn’t have such cares or worries. As soon as he reached the greyspace, he transformed into something like a piercing awl that shot directly inside.

The greyspace was terrifying, but Yang Qi had a lot of experience. And compared to the greyspace of the Hell of Mahānata, this was nothing.

His primal-chaos elder-snake began eating away at it, causing it to shine with radiance and light.

When the snake devoured the greyspaces of immortal worlds, it would convert the magical laws into Heaven-Devouring True Energy, which could benefit whoever wielded the talismans. Heaven-Devouring True Energy was one of the highest-level sources of power in the universe, actually rivaling godly-class energy arts.

Yang Qi was only now coming to realize that the imperial snakecharms had this ability.

The Heaven-Devouring True Energy flowed into his palm, flickering like primordial chaos. It seemed black, but not. White, but not. It was ancient and peculiar, and flowed unceasingly. The true energy became a vortex of devouring that only served to increase Yang Qi’s power levels and make him feel like he was part of the primal-chaos of the void. It was also quite beneficial to his Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth.

By way of experiment, he sent some of the Heaven-Devouring True Energy into the śarīra in his sea of energy and found that it immediately expunged some of its impurities, making it more holy than ever. There were even impurities that the Heaven and Earth Furnace had not removed, that the Heaven-Devouring True Energy effortlessly crushed into nothing.

As the Heaven-Devouring True Energy accumulated, it pulsed with the mighty godpower of a primal-chaos elder-snake, a combination of righteous and evil elements.

‘Who would have guessed that the imperial snakecharms could do this?’ he thought. Considering how invincible the Heaven-Devouring True Energy was, he was now starting to realize why the ancient King Heaven-Devourer had been able to fight with the legion of gods.

If he had known this before, he would have long since started using the imperial snakecharms to devour the greyspace of the immortal world to benefit his clan and friends.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t go back and change things now.

However, he wasn’t without options.

All of a sudden, his three godworms let out shrill cries as they began carving wormholes leading from heaven down to the lower world, which Yang Qi immediately sent power into.

Down below, his immortal clone suddenly shivered as a wormhole opened above his head and Heaven-Devouring True Energy poured onto him.

It looked like a primal-chaos elder-snake swirling in and out through his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, expunging the heterogeneous true energy in him and removing the impurities.

Although the clone had long since mastered his five godly-class energy arts, there had occasionally been situations in which they came into conflict. But with the Heaven-Devouring True Energy, they became a perfect cycle of five.

As the true energy continued pouring down, the immortal clone called Eldest Brother and others to come and benefit as well. Immediately, impurities which had built up over the years from spirit medicines and other things were cleansed.

All of the key figures of the Sage Monarch Collegium and the surrounding planetary system entered a session of important cultivation and cleansing. 

“This stuff really is true energy!” Eldest Brother said, laughing loudly. “With my godly-class energy arts improved, I’ll soon be able to create my own consummate technique.”

“Same here!” Elder Second Brother said, and there were similar comments from Sword Seventeen and the others. Rapid advancement was being made across the board. Thus the core power of the Sage Monarch planetary system grew greater and more stable.

Of course, the fact that they had Heaven-Devouring True Energy was kept a strict secret, lest it lead to deadly consequences.

Eventually, Yang Qi was deep in the greyspace of the Titan Emperor Heaven and was surrounded by warding magics of all kinds.

Days passed. Eventually, he lost track of how much time he spent devouring the greyspace and sending Heaven-Devouring True Energy to the lower world.

One day, an immense rumbling sound echoed out, and bright light met his eyes.

A new world became visible.

An immortal world.

This was his first time seeing something like this, and at first he was astonished. Even though it was only a low-level immortal world, it was still stunning and beautiful beyond compare.

He had been in the Hell of Mahānata, but that was a place covered with dark clouds, filled with abundant devil energy. Everything there was either dark gold or pitch black.

But here in the Titan Emperor Heaven, everything was bright and glowing. There was no darkness or gloom anywhere, and the landscape was filled with mighty mountains and rivers, as beautiful as a painting.

The sky was filled with endless stars, as well as a shining sun and moon. Apparently, there were no divisions of day or night. Although Yang Qi’s vision was such that he could see across numerous planetary systems, he definitely could not see the ends of the Titan Emperor Heaven.

As for the magical laws of space, they were profoundly sturdy.

He flicked his finger and immediately heard a grating sound like that of metal upon metal.

In the mortal world, he could shatter space with a mere exhalation. But here in the Titan Emperor Heaven, space was much stronger. In fact, it was beyond the compare of the mortal world.

The mountains, rivers, lakes, plants, and everything else looked strange and foreign. Mighty trees towered up, rising thousands of meters into the air and making the place look like a kingdom of giants.

A gust of wind rose up, like a mighty dragon that swept across the lands. It became a tornado which slammed into a nearby mountain peak, where a group of immortals was practicing cultivation. Shockingly, the immortals were sucked up and killed in the blink of an eye.

“These energy flows are incredible,” Yang Qi murmured, sighing.

Titan Duelbringer immediately began offering explanations. “Milord, that was a Vile Dragon Gale. Here in the Titan Emperor Heaven, the energy flows can reach a state that will kill even immortals. If I'm not mistaken, sir, you’ve brought us to a place called the Stormwind Plains. The storms here are intense, and usually cover an area as large as hundreds of planetary systems from the mortal world combined. Because of the geography here, and the storms, a lot of people gather in this region who don’t obey the commands of the imperial court.”

“What? There are actually people who dare to defy the imperial court?” Yang Qi asked.

“Yes. It wasn’t like this in the past, but nowadays there’s a lot of unrest. The court’s ability to manage the immortal world has waned, and corruption has flourished. It's not uncommon for powerful immortals to seize territory and declare independence. Besides, most of the court’s armed forces are outside the greyspace, defending against incursions by other immortal worlds. Those people who were just killed by the Vile Dragon Gales were obviously in the process of making immortal bodies. The whole reason they’re out here is that they don’t want to register with the court and end up as cannon fodder in a fiendslave battalion.”

“So, that's how it is. It seems the Titan Emperor Heaven really is in a lot of chaos. Come on. Let’s cross the Stormwind Plains and see what things are like in the imperial court itself!”

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