Chapter 551: Immortal Body

Yang Qi reached out and grabbed a gossamer strand of multi-colored power.

It looked like seven-colored silk, something that would come from a primeval mountain of the gods. Thunderous rumblings echoed out and Yang Qi’s fingers trembled, as though the strand might shatter them and break free at any moment.

Such were the domineering magical laws of an immortal world.

Immortal worlds were broken up into thirty-three ranks. The Titan Emperor Heaven was the lowest type, and the Tusita Heaven was the highest type. The difference between the two was like the difference between a beggar and an emperor.

“Exactly,” Yang Qi said in response to Eldest Brother’s question. “These are the magical laws of the dao of immortals, straight from the Tusita Heaven. Unfortunately, they’re extremely strong. Eldest Brother, do you think you can use them to form your immortal body? If it works, you would be many times stronger than an ordinary immortal from the Titan Emperor Heaven.”

“They are powerful!” Eldest Brother said, a smile breaking out on his face. “Don’t worry, Junior Brother. I have the bloodline of the ancient Magefolk, which is just like the bloodline of a god. I'm not afraid of some magical laws from an immortal world. With your help, I’ll definitely be able to absorb them and use them to form my immortal body! And with an immortal body I’ll be without peer in the mortal world!”

“Great! Henceforth, Eldest Brother, the Sage Monarch planetary system is going to rely on you to keep the peace and maintain order.”

“No problem at all! By the way, I recently established a black ops division to infiltrate the Misty Kingdom. Because of how you killed one of their imperial princes, they also infiltrated us and are planning to make a sneak attack soon. They even have experts in place in nearby holy lands, just waiting to strike.”

When Eldest Brother said ‘holy land’, he actually meant other particularly large planetary systems. Places that didn’t adhere to immortal worlds, or require help from above to facilitate the creation of immortal bodies, were usually called holy lands of true cultivation.

Right now, the Sage Monarch planetary system was viewed as such a place.

Holy lands of true cultivation were rumored to be enormous. They were usually hundreds or thousands of times as large as ordinary planetary systems and produced countless top experts, people who often rivaled individuals from immortal worlds.

In ancient times, the Yore-Wilds planetary system had been considered a place like that. The top experts there had scoffed at the power of the immortal world above, instead relying on godrelics to acquire the magical laws of the dao of immortals, and thus, form immortal bodies. As such, they had been able to reach incredible heights, even when in the mortal world.

Yang Qi was attempting to restore the glory that had been present in the Yore-Wilds of the past. In his view, there was no need to worry about the face of the immortal worlds.

“As long as the Misty Kingdom doesn’t bother me, I’ll leave them alone,” Yang Qi said coldly. “But if they mess with me, I won’t hold back. Considering the system I've set up, and the faith I have access to, I can create godpower the likes of which they can’t easily disturb. And in a few years, I’ll reach the Demolishing level and ascend! Once I do that, I'm sure there will be plenty of evil scoundrels who come to cause problems. That's why I want to make sure to purge all potential problems before I leave.”

“I can handle all of that,” Eldest Brother said. “Once I have my immortal body, you won’t have to worry about any interlopers. No matter which other holy land invades, I’ll uphold your name and reputation. I know that you’ve long since surpassed me, Junior Brother; you’re a Fateless One, so it’s to be expected.”

Just as ever, Eldest Brother was a frank and courageous individual.

Yang Qi chuckled. “In that case, Eldest Brother, I won’t worry about the matter. Come, sit. Let me impart the dao of gods to you!”

They sat down together and Yang Qi flicked his finger, sending a stream of seven-colored magical laws out to create a heavenly mantle that settled onto Eldest Brother.

Eldest Brother immediately threw his head back and let loose a long cry. Apparently, the magical laws were trying to slice his body away from his soul, yet he said, “Don’t do anything to interfere, Junior Brother! The magical laws of the Tusita Heaven are incredible! The slightest mistake, and I’ll explode. However, I have to do this on my own. That's the only way for me to form my immortal body. And that’s the only way for me to unlock the gene power of the Magefolk. The end result will be a change to my life force substructure and the creation of a boundless Mage Portal! Then I could dominate the children of god-spirits in battle!”

Thus, Eldest Brother proceeded with his cultivation without assistance.

Yang Qi made no move to interfere. As long as Eldest Brother succeeded, then the fact that he did so with no assistance would provide immense benefits. This was the moment in which Eldest Brother provided tempering to his will and dao heart.

The magical laws of the Tusita Heaven poured into him and wrapped him up until he looked like a cocoon. Then his life force aura began growing weaker and weaker. At this point, the slightest slip-up would result in him dying beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Yang Qi looked on nervously, wondering what he would do if something went wrong.

“Mage Ancestor Séance! Great Dao Sacrifice!”

A flag appeared above Eldest Brother’s head that was covered with the script of mages, writing that exuded a sensation of profundity and civilization.

This was his animadestiny nascent divinity.

It was not human-shaped, but rather was an ancient totemic flag.

As the flag unfurled, Eldest Brother’s fleshly body exploded into a shower of sparks. Then his flesh and blood stitched back together, wriggling and twitching as the process went along. Then the flag wrapped around his flesh and blood and burning true flame erupted, which began absorbing the surrounding light.

This was a divine ability of the ancient Magefolk, the sacrifice of one’s flesh and blood.

Eldest Brother sacrificed his body to pass the tribulation and absorb the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven.

Months passed as he took the light he had captured, merged it with his flesh, blood, and nascent divinity flag, and created a brand new body.


Lightning swirled around him, along with roiling clouds and immortal energy.

His immortal body was already forming.


Eldest Brother stepped out into the open, surging with power, his eyes glittering. His flesh looked like bronze and seemed to pulse with true flame. He had beaten the odds to become an immortal, and with the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven he was vastly stronger than he would normally have been.

Eldest Brother was now a truly powerful expert, and although he couldn’t match up with Yang Qi, he was still thousands of times stronger than anyone else he might face in battle in the near future.

Laughing heartily, Eldest Brother said, “I did it, Junior Brother! Hmph! Who cares about the Titan Emperor Heaven? I can now sense how pitifully weak their magical laws are. Even if a whole gang of immortals from there tried to fight me, I could crush them all to death. Junior Second Brother, Junior Third Sister, Junior Fourth Brother… all of them have reached the Demolishing level now. They need to use the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven to form their immortal bodies, too.”

“Exactly,” Yang Qi said. “I need to continue studying this spell formation and fuse with it more thoroughly. I already ensconced my nascent divinity in the Tusita Heaven, making myself like a god item in human form. In the years to come, it should be much easier to harvest magical laws from the Tusita Heaven and use them for the inhabitants of the Sage Monarch planetary system to form immortal bodies. Before long, I won’t need any immortal world to ascend or improve my cultivation base! Soon we’ll be our own immortal world, the Sage Monarch Heaven!”

“Definitely. You've got some grand aspirations, Junior Brother! Although, you still need to get to the Titan Emperor Heaven to find Master and bring him back.”

Eldest Brother clearly missed the Invincible Dugu a lot.

“Of course, there’s no question. After much contemplation over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that the Titan Emperor Heaven is in a bad situation. In fact, it might be destroyed soon. It’s honestly not a very big deal. The millions upon millions of immortal planes are as numerous as the eternal sands of the universe. Immortal worlds are born and destroyed on a daily basis. In any case, I definitely need to take a trip up there to look around.”

“Well then, I’ll call the other Junior Brothers and Sisters over to form their immortal bodies. Then you can rest at ease when you ascend.”

Eldest Brother made a beckoning gesture, and Elder Second Brother and the others came. When they saw that Eldest Brother had formed his immortal body, they were visibly stunned. “Eldest Brother, you did it!”

“Indeed he did,” Yang Qi said with a nod. “I succeeded in securing the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven. Now you don’t need to worry at all about forming your immortal bodies. Unfortunately, those with weak genes can’t work with magical laws like this—it's just too dangerous. But I can use the formation here to pacify the magical laws and make them easier to work with. Now, calm any anxiety and work slowly on your cultivation. Get your genes into the perfect state, then you can succeed in one fell swoop.”

“Junior Brother is right. There’s no hurry. Just work on your cultivation, and prepare for the final moment. Once you’re ready, Junior Brother will definitely make sure you succeed.”


With that, they sat down to work on their cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, years passed.

It was now a decade from the date when Yang Qi had slaughtered the heavenly soldiers and commanders, unifying the surrounding planetary systems. Nothing unusual happened during that time. Top experts continued coming to the Sage Monarch planetary system, which was definitely a holy land of true cultivation.

Eventually, word spread that Yang Qi had helped someone to form an immortal body, and the news shook the other planetary systems.

After all, there were many experts in surrounding planetary systems who wished to free themselves from the control of the immortal worlds above them. Right now, when such immortal worlds sent decrees down they had to obey them no matter what. Everyone longed to practice cultivation on their own, without being directed by others.

During the decade that passed, the power of faith continued growing stronger and purer, flowing in rivers to the center of the Sage Monarch planetary system, and Yang Qi.

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