Chapter 550: Cultivation

‘The disciples of the Yang Clan have been handling matters well over the past few months. Although the power of faith isn’t completely pure, and the specific amounts vary, it's still incredible. When you add all the thousands of streams together, it can fill my nascent divinity within moments.’

As the dazzling streams of faith poured through the void and into him, a nascent divinity true flame appeared within his cultivation base.

It was none other than the Flame of Hope. With the power of faith he was gathering, it had entered a new state, as had the Wheel of Fate.

The Wheel of Fate was currently illusory, and it required huge amounts of faith and destiny to operate properly. The true and real Wheel of Fate would be many hundreds of times more powerful, perhaps even a thousand. Unfortunately, such changes could not occur overnight.

But with the faith from the thousands of planetary systems he now had access to, Yang Qi was still making progress. Both his clone and his true self became wrapped up in passing on daoist techniques to their subordinates, including the great dao of the infernal deities.

A year passed in a blur.

Outstanding transformations were occurring in the Sage Monarch planetary system. On almost a daily basis, sagelight ate away at the Dark True Void. Radiance and light spread, and the seal restricting the heaven above grew stronger.

By this point, word had spread far and wide regarding the incident between Yang Qi and Prince Mist, across countless tens of thousands of planetary systems, all the way to the Misty Kingdom. Strangely, they didn’t respond at all, and most definitely did not send an army to confront him. Perhaps even they realized how ferocious he was.

After all, thanks to the agreement he had formed with the other planetary systems around him, he had immense resources when it came to faith power. He also had armies of Demolisher-level fiend-devils patrolling the space-time wormholes in his own planetary system. His prestige had reached such a point that no groups in the mortal world wanted to cause problems for him, and that included the Misty Kingdom.

During the year which passed, the representatives of the Sage Monarch Collegium set up numerous campuses throughout the other planetary systems, and they held competitions with enticing rewards to attract many of the top geniuses. Later, those geniuses would be able to join the Sage Monarch Collegium as students.

As a result, the other planetary systems were gradually weakening.

All of the various supreme rectors could see that, based on the never-ending supply of fiend-devil soldiers Yang Qi had, resisting him was obviously useless.

Of course, Yang Qi was careful not to be too oppressive and didn’t make demands of tributes from the other planetary systems. Quite the contrary. When they experienced disasters, such as fiend-devil invasions, he would immediately send his own troops to keep the peace.

Peace and tranquility spread; with Yang Qi in charge, no one needed to fear fiend-devil raids, and the population could flourish.

As things grew more stable, Yang Qi focused less on external matters and more on his cultivation. He contemplated the magical laws of the dao of heaven and the legion of gods. He gathered deathless godliness and pushed himself to further heights of perfection. And he also summoned powerful infernals to purify their genes. In addition to Yang Morningstar, he eventually created a group of twenty angels to serve as his secret weapons.

For now, they resided in his kingdom in hell as part of a spell formation, ready to spring out into the open at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, his immortal clone also continued to work on his cultivation.

The kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata was stronger than ever, having greatly benefited from all of the countless treasures from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart.

Everything seemed to be going well. Apparently, the Titan Emperor Heaven had decided to lay down the flag and still the drums and was not planning to inflict any further punishments. It seemed the immortal world had abandoned the lower world, and they most likely knew of the alliance that Yang Qi had formed with the other collegiums.

As Yang Qi gathered more faith, his Wheel of Fate grew more corporeal and he came to see things that had previously been hidden. For example, when he looked up, he could see that momentous and dangerous events were occurring in the dome of heaven. Apparently, the Titan Emperor Heaven had fallen into grave circumstances.

Things were not going well for it as an immortal world.

Of course, that could be an opportunity for Yang Qi to achieve some of his big goals.

However, he still needed to wait for his cultivation base to improve. Without being a Demolisher, it was too dangerous to ascend to the immortal world above. If he did, he could very well fall right into the hands of the Titan Emperor Heaven. He wanted to turn the Sage Monarch planetary system into its own minor immortal world, and also reach the Demolishing level. Then he would form his immortal body and be in the same position as the leader of the Misty Kingdom.

Reaching a high level of fighting prowess was absolutely necessary to the goals of the Sage Monarch planetary system.

Many of his friends had also made incredible progress during the months that had passed. That was especially true of Elder Second Brother and Elder Third Sister, both of whom were now half-Demolishers on the verge of a major breakthrough.

As for Yang Qi’s father, Yang Zhan, he was now a high-level Demi-Immortal.

The sworn siblings he had gained back in the days of the Rich-Lush Continent were now all Demi-Immortals. And of course, they had access to abundant cultivation resources—even immortal stones. He had also passed on the five godly-class energy arts he had collected for them to work on. Other than the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, he passed along everything he knew.

Thus three more years passed in the blink of an eye.

To those who practiced cultivation, three years, three thousand years, and even thirty thousand years could seem like little more than the snap of a finger.

During that time, Elder Second Brother, Elder Third Sister, and some of the others reached the Demolishing level.

Yang Zhan reached the Universal Demi-Immortal level, and countless breakthroughs had occurred among the various children of the Yang Clan.

As for Yang Qi, his cultivation base had reached an almost perfect level and his Wheel of Fate pulsed with the color of primal-chaos. In fact, if he rapped it with his knuckles it would resonate with a metallic hum.


In the depths of the Sage Monarch planetary system, there was an enormous spell formation formed from primal-chaos paleo-energy. In the middle of it was a wormhole tens of thousands of kilometers wide, which continuously emitted violet-colored crystals of power that were none other than immortal stones.

This wormhole was the god formation that connected to the Tusita Heaven.

Yang Qi sank into the depths of the formation, immersing himself in the vital energy and connecting to the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness, allowing their essences to rush toward him.

He was provoking tribulation!

It was the tribulation of Paragon Demi-Immortals; the final tribulation. And it required incomprehensible levels of power. Thankfully, he had been building up the power of destiny and faith for four years. Also, he was thoroughly and completely familiar with the usage of the god formation, and knew that he could unlock its ultimate power with the Blood of the One God. In fact, by using this method he would be able to ensconce his nascent divinity in the Tusita Heaven itself.

And that was how he intended to acquire the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven.

Normally, cultivators would only ensconce their nascent divinity once. But Yang Qi was different. He surpassed common sense and general rules, and had already ensconced it twice. Now he was aiming for a third time, and perhaps, eventually, a fourth and a fifth.

“Heavenly tribulation, have at me!”


A Go board suddenly appeared above him, a labyrinth of heaven and earth that immediately trapped him in its complexity. Suddenly, he was like a Go piece in the midst of being assailed by countless other Go pieces.

However, he simply drew on the Wheel of Fate and the Go board shattered.

Next, a golden lantern appeared, raining destructive fire onto him.


He unleashed a fist strike and the lantern shattered. 

Two fiend-devils appeared in the tribulation, incarnations of the suzerains of the Hell of Mahānata and the Hell of Gloom and Darkness. They were formed of boundless devil energy and were the type who could shatter endless armies of immortals with no effort.

Yet Yang Qi wasn’t afraid. Becoming an incarnation of a godmammoth, he went to war with the two fiend-devils. Heaven quaked and the earth rocked. The sun and moon went dark. Everything reverted to a state of primordial chaos.

In response, the essence of the Tusita Heaven, which was in the formation, began trembling, then merged with Yang Qi’s thoughts.


He pushed the formation to its limits and a violet stream of energy emerged, forming a projection of an ancient immortal who was none other than the lord of the Tusita Heaven.

In this moment, Yang Qi was facing three powerful enemies, and as he did, his dracomammoth power surged. The fight lasted for seven days and nights, during which time he drew heavily on his faith reserve powers. Finally, he unleashed three powerful fist strikes onto the three powerful lords he was fighting.

All of them collapsed and he quickly absorbed their power.

‘The perfect opportunity!’

As he experienced his breakthrough, the Wheel of Fate flew out into the formation. A nascent divinity ensconcement mark appeared, then pierced through countless immortal worlds to its final destination.

That destination was a location of violet energy, pure, clean, noble, and holy to the extreme. It was like the halls of heaven.

Yang Qi could feel his nascent divinity branding mark settling into the greyspace of the Tusita Heaven.

As it did, the formation transformed and began emitting pure power, causing a seven-colored light to swirl around him, which contained the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven.

As Yang Qi rose to the Paragon Demi-Immortal level, he acquired the magical laws of an immortal world—the Tusita Heaven.

“Eldest Brother!” he cried, and Eldest Brother appeared in front of him. 

Looking around in shock, Eldest Brother said, “Junior Brother, did you do it? Did you get the magical laws of the Tusita Heaven?”

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