Chapter 548: Mass Surrender

Yang Qi hadn’t actually taken action yet, and was simply looking at Supreme Rector Great Metropolis. The man was a Demolisher, but had not yet formed his immortal body. Yang Qi knew that if he wanted to, he could reduce the man to dust with the flick of a finger.

However, he had his reasons for not killing him outright. He wanted to see exactly what the man was capable of.

He was certain that he would pass information to the immortal world he reported to, and would likely receive a decree in return. Yang Qi was ready to see it through to the finish, no matter what. If he actually tried to wipe out the Great Metropolis planetary system, would the immortal world above them do anything?

“Pray to your heaven on high!” Sword Seventeen said. “See if they’ll save you! If they don’t, then you can’t complain about dying here today. It’s not like the void is sealed around here. Pray and see if your heaven hears you.”


Supreme Rector Great Metropolis dropped to his knees and began to pray. “Oh great heaven, a vile monster has threatened the lives of the millions upon millions of students in our collegium. I entreat you to intervene. Send down a boundless divine ability to stop this wretch-devil! Purify our faith….”

He went on and on, with his thoughts and prayers drifting to the great heaven above.

Before long, the supreme rector finished his prayer, and from what everyone could tell, it had been received on the other end. Space opened up above his head and power erupted out, pure immortal energy that contained arcane symbols which were none other than magical laws of the dao of immortals.

Some boundless, almighty entity was blessing Supreme Rector Great Metropolis, enabling him to form an immortal body!

AAARGGHHH!” he howled as the magical laws spread out over him like rushing water. A short time later he was a real and true immortal!


All of a sudden, an enormous śarīra descended, entering him and causing his face to twist and distort, then settle into features that somehow weren’t those of the supreme rector. This new version of the man stood up straight, looked at Yang Qi, and spoke in the booming voice of an immortal. 

“See what you've done, Yang Qi? Good job! I’m a boundless immortal general from the Great Metropolis Heaven. Call me General Metroplexus! I once led forces in battle against the Titan Emperor Heaven, so when I heard that you wiped out a fiendslave battalion, I was actually quite pleased. I'm curious what types of folks exist in the mortal world nowadays. You want to wipe out the Great Metropolis planetary system? How about we have a little wager? If you can defeat this incarnation of mine, the Great Metropolis Heaven promises to give you fifty percent of the faith of the populace of our planetary system. We’ll even set up the new worship centers for you. What do you say?”

The immortal worlds had actually sent an expert down to deal with the situation.

A mighty general.

Yang Qi could already tell that this man was far more powerful than any other immortal he had faced. Even though he was just a clone, his killing aura pulsed with unprecedented intensity.

“Alright!” Yang Qi said, looking at the possessed Supreme Rector Great Metropolis. “Bring it on. I'm curious to see what a general from an immortal world can do.”

Nine Heavens Consummate Slaughter: Metroplexus Godfist!


General Metroplexus moved so quickly it was almost impossible to track him. He left behind a string of afterimages as he pulsed with immortal power and energy that could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth.

Yang Qi didn’t move. He simply extended both hands and sent fire racing out of all ten fingers, which destroyed all of the afterimages. Then he took a step forward and slammed a flaming fist out to meet the incoming attack and stop it in its tracks.

Ten Suns Rise in Heaven!

General Metroplexus threw both palms out, causing ten suns to appear above his head, burning with immortal flame. These were suns of the immortal world, not the suns from the land of mortals.

Mortal suns were heavenly bodies that emitted light and heat. But the burning suns of the immortal worlds were things of legend. Supposedly, they represented a peak level of power, even a tiny spark of which could cause a massive tribulation. There had been occasions in the past where immortal worlds were broken open and the flames of their suns fell into hell, causing profound catastrophes there.

“Heaven and Earth Furnace!” An enormous furnace appeared above Yang Qi, which gobbled up the fire, then the ten suns. In the blink of an eye, they became fuel for Yang Qi.

“Many thanks, General! The fire of immortal suns will be of immense help to me. I just devoured Prince Mist and took his Fan of Mists. To be honest, the deathless godliness in that god item is a bit beyond me, but with this fire I have just what I need to refine them!”


Yang Qi began shining with boundless godlight and the magical laws of gods. An aura of deathlessness appeared and his might began skyrocketing. As his energy arts grew more powerful, the Wheel of Fate appeared behind him, completely neutralizing any attacks General Metroplexus sent against him. Then he sent a massive river of force back to slam into the general, sending him staggering backward.

“Not bad. Not bad at all! Alright, try this next move out! Endless Hatred in Perpetuity!” His fist technique transformed, becoming mournful, bitter, and filled with towering hatred. It was the animosity that came from ten generations of a blood feud, the likes of which could never be reconciled.

As the fist strike launched forth, true energy twisted and distorted, wrapping around Yang Qi and sending him spinning backward.

Yang Qi landed hard on the ground, waving his hands out to dispel the energy, sending shockwaves out in all directions.

Life and Death Together!” General Metroplexus said, unleashing another move. He held nothing back, and each fist strike contained the might to shatter heaven and earth. The projection of an immortal world appeared above his head, which sent a surge of power toward Yang Qi, destroying the move of Creation which he had just used.

Yang Qi held his ground, using his own fist techniques to negate the attacks. Meanwhile, he reached out to lock down the entire planetary system, protecting it in case the general went crazy with his attacks.

Great Dao Flows Align!” 

General Metroplexus deserved his reputation. He was using one deadly move after another, with a precision that rivaled the works of nature or the magical laws of heaven. And within every move was profound killing intent.

As he unleashed one dazzling move after another, he forced himself closer and closer to Yang Qi.

Buddha’s Nirvanic Extermination!

By using Great Dao Flows Align, he got close to Yang Qi, and once there he used a move from the ancient buddhas, who were on a similar level to the legion of gods. An enormous golden buddha appeared above his head, which unleashed a massive fist strike that overflowed with deadly, destructive power.

It was impossible to say where General Metroplexus might have acquired the mighty godpower of an ancient buddha. But the true energy he was unleashing seemed to contain a never-ending cycle of destruction.

Eyes flashing, Yang Qi unleashed the God Legion Paradise, which was a glowing sphere that surrounded him and formed an impenetrable barrier to the incoming attack.

Nirvana of Myriad Buddhas!


The level of destructive power increased!

General Metroplexus transformed into a myriad of golden buddhas, all of whom rained down destructive blows onto the God Legion Paradise. It almost sounded like the God Legion Paradise was in the middle of a rainstorm.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop! POP! POP!!!

Rifts and crevices started to spread out into the Sage Monarch planetary system.

“Enough is enough,” Yang Qi said. Eyes blazing with dazzling light, he shoved his hands out in front of him and used all nine stances of the Hand of the One God. Fire appeared in his palm, which was none other than the Flame of Hope that was backed by the godliness he had just absorbed from Prince Mist.


He severed all of General Metroplexus’ energy arts, then slammed his hand into his chest and grabbed his śarīra.


General Metroplexus let out a scream as his power was forcibly sealed, leaving behind only the supreme rector, who flopped onto the ground, twitching and seemingly on the verge of losing his life.

At this point, the voice of General Metroplexus boomed down from above. “Well done, Yang Qi. Your cultivation base is incredible, and you clearly deserve your reputation. The Great Metropolis Heaven would love to have you as one of ours. That śarīra contains the quintessence of my energy arts and the magical laws of the Great Metropolis Heaven. If you assimilate it, and later ascend, then you can come to our immortal world. If you do, you’ll have an excellent position waiting for you, with plenty of power. What do you say? You plan to oppose the Titan Emperor Heaven, so why not join the Great Metropolis Heaven to do that? We can help you.”

At the same time, shining light descended onto Supreme Rector Great Metropolis, who struggled to his feet with a dazed expression on his face.

“You flatter me,” Yang Qi said coldly. “I know I have a decision to make. But right now, the question is whether or not you’ll keep your word. I’ll hold back from destroying the Great Metropolis planetary system. But if you withhold the faith you promised, I won’t show a lick of mercy. I’ll wipe you all out down to the chickens and dogs.”

“Supreme Rector, accept his demands,” General Metroplexus said. As his voice faded away, he said, “That is the decree of the immortal world.”

“I accept the decree,” Supreme Rector Great Metropolis said. “Please, stand down, Yang Qi. I’ll do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t involve a massacre.”

“As long as you agree to my demands,” said Yang Qi, “then of course I won't resort to a massacre.” Turning his attention to the larger group around them, he continued, “None of you need to worry. Stick with me, and be loyal, and I won’t kill anyone. In fact, I’ll help you. I can even give godly-class energy arts to the top geniuses in your collegiums. And I'm confident that, in a very short time, I’ll be able to open a passageway into the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart! Those who cooperate with me and give me faith will have access!” His words caused immediate shock.


“A passage to the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart that can be opened at any time?”

“Is that even possible? Not even the immortal worlds know how to do that. If they can't do it, how can he?”

A moment passed, then one of the supreme rectors stepped forward. “Yang Qi, I promise to meet your demands. I just communicated with the immortal world, and they agreed.” 

Then another supreme rector stepped forward. Then another.

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