Chapter 545: Negotiation

‘What’s going on? We’re all seated in a circle around Yang Qi, but all of us are directly facing him? And we can’t see his back? How is it possible?’ That was what everyone was thinking, and their hearts were already pounding. Not even their divine will could sense Yang Qi’s back.

It seemed completely impossible, yet no matter what type of vision they used, Yang Qi literally had no back.

All of a sudden, one of the supreme rectors realized something. 

‘He’s a god! That’s a sign of the legion of gods!’ He was so shocked he almost yelled the word aloud.

In the ancient myths describing the gods, it was said that they had no backs. No matter what angle someone looked at them from, they would only ever be able to see their front.

That was because the legion of gods didn’t exist in the same space-time as ordinary humans.

Humans existed in one point within the dimensions of space and time, making them like a ripple within the river of time itself. The legion of gods existed in all aspects of space-time. They were omnipresent and existed in the past, present, and future simultaneously. People existed in one dimension, but the legion of gods existed in all dimensions. Thus, humans could never see anything but the front of a god.

The fact that there were different dimensions of space-time was a truth that was in some ways impossible to explain.

Because Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth had absorbed deathless godliness, he was gradually coming to understand those profound secrets regarding the many dimensions of space-time. Although he didn’t have full enlightenment of them, it was enough to pull the wool over the eyes of these individuals who didn’t even understand the magical laws of immortal worlds.

Of course, people who did understand the magical laws of the immortal worlds would easily be able to see Yang Qi’s back.

It was said that the Demolishing level was divided into nine stages, and that one of them was referred to as World-Demolishing. That was the stage in which one began to gain an understanding of space-time hyperdimensions. Hyperdimensions were something that surpassed general space-time, and were difficult to explain. [1]

In any case, as all of the supreme rectors sat down they were filled with a sense of wonderment and awe.

The godliness here pierced into the depths of their souls with mountain-crushing, sea-shattering force. In fact, the wills of the powerful entities from the immortal worlds who were hidden on many of the people present were also completely taken aback.

Yang Qi had successfully shaken everyone to the core. Chuckling, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please, get comfortable. I'm aware of why you’ve come today. You want to sign a non-aggression pact, am I right?”

Before anyone could respond, Eldest Brother stood up from one of the thrones and loudly said, “Junior Brother, you definitely can’t sign any agreement like that!” Looking around coldly at the supreme rectors, he continued, “We’re not even afraid of heavenly soldiers and commanders from the immortal world above. You killed millions upon millions of immortals and stacked up their corpses into mountains here in the Sage Monarch planetary system. Afterward, your cultivation base reached an untold level in which you understand truths related to the legion of gods. What do you need to negotiate with people like this for? In fact, considering that we have them all in one place, why not just slaughter them and turn them into magical treasures? What could these pieces of trash have to say that’s worthwhile?”

From Eldest Brother’s harsh tone of voice, it sounded like he wanted to start the killing right away.

Some of the supreme rectors were weaker-willed than others, and began trembling from fear. Eldest Brother was a top expert, and had benefited greatly from the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. He was just on the verge of becoming a heaven-immortal, and also cultivated a godly-class energy art. In fact, Yang Qi had imparted the Jade-Emperor Profound-Welkin Exalted-Celestial God-Dao to him. He had all sorts of magical treasures, and plenty of consummate energy arts. All he had to do was get immortal magical laws from Yang Qi, then form his immortal body, and he would be a first step Void-Demolisher.

He had long since been able to kill ordinary immortals in battle, and had been famous for a very long time. And that wasn’t just in the Titan Emperor planetary system. People from other planetary systems knew his name and recognized him as the number one student in the old Titan Emperor Collegium.

Although Yang Qi had come along and outshone him recently, that didn't mean people had forgotten about him and his past deeds.

Almost as soon as Eldest Brother finished speaking, a new voice echoed out, soft and oily. “You used to be a student of the Titan Emperor Collegium, Mage Cloudwalker, and one of the most mysterious at that. You have the blood of the ancient Magefolk, a group as mysterious and noble as the legion of gods itself. But instead of striving forward on your own, you’ve become a lackey. You betrayed the Titan Emperor Collegium! Since ancient times, it has been said that a loyal subject never serves two masters. Yet you joined the rebel, went on a murderous rampage, and now you’re trying to act tough? Who do you think you’re going to scare? Do you think we’re stupid? It's obvious you and Yang Qi are playing good cop, bad cop.”

Everyone looked around awkwardly, trying to identify the speaker. And of course, everyone was wondering who would dare provoke Eldest Brother in this way.

There were indeed vicious characters in this group who didn't fear him. However, none of them would dare to provoke Yang Qi, and they all knew that provoking Eldest Brother was, by extension, doing just that.

Yet, despite the circumstances being as they were, someone had spoken up.

Who was it?

It was with deeply furrowed brow that Eldest Brother looked around in the hopes of identifying the source of the voice.

However, it seemed to float about randomly, making it impossible to tell where it came from. Before anything else could happen, the voice spoke again. “You won't be able to find me, Mage Cloudwalker. My cultivation base is vastly beyond yours. I’m an immortal from heaven, from the most boundless and mysterious of kingdoms, and I know everything about you. Stand down. Let Yang Qi and I negotiate this non-aggression pact. That way, the planetary systems will experience lasting peace and quiet.”

No one could identify the location of the speaker, as though he didn't even exist in the world around them.

Heaven-Earth Supreme Soulsearch!” Eldest Brother said, quickly drawing on a consummate energy art to summon the projection of a devil-ghost’s head.

The head let loose an ear-piercing scream, along with green flames that raced out in all directions.

As for the supreme rectors and their attendants, they all subconsciously drew on defensive energy arts to protect themselves.

The flames spread out, then dissipated, having produced no effect at all.

Eldest Brother looked around with another deep frown.

The Heaven-Earth Supreme Soulsearch relied on green flames that were part of the ancient dao of devils. It could be used to lock down on the aura of a target, not in order to harm them, but in order to pull them out of a state of invisibility. Even an enemy who had shrunk down to the size of a grain of sand would be revealed by the soulsearching flames.

It was a combination of righteous and evil cultivation types that Yang Qi had imparted to him, something that infernal deities would use.

However, his search of the area turned up nothing, then the same voice from before unleashed a stream of laughter.

“There’s no need to waste energy, Mage Cloudwalker. Was that an energy art from the dao of devils? What did you say it was? Heaven-Earth Supreme Soulsearch? Unfortunately, that kind of thing won’t work on me. You know, you don’t really deserve to be a descendant of the Magefolk. It would be a big shame if they knew you were cultivating an energy art from devil-ghosts. You and I aren’t on the same level, so stop making a fool of yourself. I don’t care how much of a genius you are, if you think you can pull me out into the open you’re a complete fool. Not even that Yang Qi could do so. 

“You people think you’re pretty tough, don’t you? You plan to conquer the other planetary systems and set up your own mystical network of laws to gather faith. But that would never happen if I step in and kill you. And there’s nothing you could do to prepare. Therefore, let’s negotiate. I won't kill you, and you’ll put an end to any ambitions you have regarding the other planetary systems. By the way, Yang Qi, don’t think I'm unaware of your little kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata. You think that with that lair as your backup, you can do whatever you want and the immortal worlds won’t go after you. But don't forget, there are a lot of experts in the mortal world, and plenty of them can break the fetters of hell.”

By this point, it was more than obvious that the owner of this voice was making open provocations and threats.

Few of the rectors had even a clue of who the owner of the voice might be, but the sight of Eldest Brother's Heaven-Earth Supreme Soulsearch failing left them all feeling quite pleased.

The supreme rectors immediately began conversing with each other using divine will.

‘So, some almighty entity has decided to mess with Yang Qi’s plans….’

‘Exactly right. Whoever this is, they’re extremely powerful. They slipped in here with us, and nobody could tell. Most likely, a rector from one of the really powerful planetary systems brought the will of some almighty immortal in with them.’

‘Yang Qi set up this meeting to scare us, only to have someone stronger come along and slap him in the face!’

‘Ah, this is great. I'm loving it!’

However, that was when Yang Qi finally spoke. “Hey there, friend. Is this supposed to be some kind of a joke? These people came here to negotiate terms of peace, but here you've gone and created a scene. You think I can’t pull you out into the open? That technique of yours is like child’s play to me.”

1. This is the third word that has come up in Chinese which basically just means ‘dimension’. However, based on the description in this chapter, it’s obviously a unique term with its own definition. Thus, I’m using ‘hyperdimension’ to deal with this additional ‘magical’ explanation of this unique type of ‘dimension’.

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