Chapter 543: The Immortal World Defeated

The moment Yang Qi reached the Universal Demi-Immortal level, he became capable of summoning fiend-devil Demolishers. And when he blessed them with the Eternal Heavenly Aria, they became even more and more amazing.

It took only moments for this fiendslave battalion to be absolutely devastated. Not a single soldier was able to fight back against the fiend-devils that were now present, and the outcome of the conflict was a foregone conclusion. The fiendslave battalion from the immortal world was doomed.

Yang Qi would smash them into pancakes, then reduce them to nothing but ashes.

His Lord’s Eye shone with dazzling light, and wherever he looked, he locked down members of the fiendslave battalion.

Screams rang out one after another.

Enormous holes had been punched in heaven, and some of the soldiers began trampling each other to death in their attempts to reach their portals and escape back to the immortal world.

“Mend heaven!” Yang Qi said forcefully. “The dao of heaven has mercy; use my power to mend the vault of heaven; cut off the immortals above!

Complex godly laws shot out and primal-chaos paleo-energy erupted, filling in the holes above. As for the soldiers who had been fleeing through them, they were killed, sealed inside the energy like flies in amber.

Yang Qi was mending heaven.

As a result, it would be impossible for heavenly soldiers and commanders from the Titan Emperor Heaven to descend.

Generally speaking, the most paramount of magical laws would prevent immortals from descending to lower worlds. The Titan Emperor Heaven had forcibly opened passageways, an act which required a big expenditure of power.

Now, Yang Qi was using primal-chaos paleo-energy to fill in those holes and seal them tight.

The process lasted for several days, during which time the fiend-devils tracked down as many remaining soldiers as they could. In the end, Yang Qi sealed heaven tightly, adding in deathless godliness and creating numerous deadly spell formations as well.

As for the Four Wilds, the Central Planetary River, and the Sage Monarch planetary system as a whole, they had all been severely damaged in the fighting. But now they were transforming. More planets were being born, adding to the influx from the heavenly tribulation. And many of the planets were being strung into god formations.

As time went on, the smaller god formations were then collected together to form a larger, overarching god formation.

Hundreds of billions of planets hung there, packed densely all the way to the edge of the Dark True Void. No longer did this planetary system seem desolate and wasted, like before.

The Yore-Wilds planetary system was a thing of the past, and the only thing that remained was Yang Qi’s new planetary system, which he had created himself. The Sage Monarch planetary system had risen.

The first stance of the Hand of the One God was Creation, and he was using it to full effect now.

Every planet abounded with spirit energy, and beautiful terrain features could be seen everywhere. All individuals who practiced cultivation here would consider the place a blessed land.

Heaps of immortal corpses had fallen onto the various planets, allowing their greyspaces to become full and strong. Furthermore, the entire Sage Monarch planetary system abounded with immortal energy, making the place seem like a small-scale immortal world.

Meanwhile, the fiend-devil armies spread along the edge of the Dark True Void, setting up bases and garrisons and keeping everything in perfect order. The fiend-devil armies were completely different from the fiendslave battalion. The latter was plagued with deadly infighting and was generally disunited. But the fiend-devils were completely loyal to Yang Qi and had all sorts of daily tasks such as patrols and training. They also prayed to Yang Qi, delivering their faith to him.

Soon, the dust settled.

Days passed as Yang Qi mended heaven and continued strengthening his planetary system. After destroying the Titan Emperor planetary system, he created his own small-scale immortal world, whose environment rivaled the Megaplexus or Coiling Arc planetary systems. Soon, top geniuses would rise up.

After all, the place was also a graveyard of immortals.

“You can come out now,” Yang Qi said via divine will, speaking to those who were in his kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata. That included his clan, the slaves from the former Titan Emperor Collegium, and numerous pious followers from the Four Wilds.

As of this moment, everyone who had witnessed the great battle between devils and immortals was fully convinced that Yang Qi was their leader, and would pray to him from day to night here on out.

Yang Qi’s Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth had improved and become more pure, and he now had much more Blood of the One God.

“The immortal tribulation has passed,” Yang Zhan sighed. “What do we do now, Qi’er? The Titan Emperor Heaven suffered a big loss. What if they send down an even stronger force to make up for it?”

“They won't,” Titan Duelbringer said. “The Titan Emperor Heaven is surrounded by danger on all sides. Lots of other immortal worlds want to invade them, and they hardly have enough manpower as it is. The lord of the immortal world spends all his time in meetings. And considering what just happened to this fiendslave battalion, they’re no match for milord now. They can’t afford to waste any more cannon fodder on us, and there’s no way they’ll send crack troops. It wouldn't be worth it for them to waste any effort on a minor situation here in the lower world. Most likely, they’ll pretend nothing happened here. Don’t ask, don’t tell. But they’ll obviously be keeping a close eye on any immortals who ascend, and kill any they find suspicious.”

“So that’s how it is,” Yang Qi said. “Are you saying that, when I ascend, I have to go to the Titan Emperor Heaven? Can’t I go to another immortal world?”

“Since ancient times, the Titan Emperor Heaven has kept reactive immortal energy in the planetary system around us. Anyone born here, who later ascends, will go to the Titan Emperor Heaven. It's a magical law that can’t be ignored. But don’t forget, Milord, considering your strength and capabilities, the immortal world above will definitely detect you if you go there. And the only way to get to other immortal worlds is to go to the Titan Emperor Heaven first.”

It was good that Titan Duelbringer was here to explain such matters. Although many ancient daoist texts in the mortal world had partial descriptions and explanations of these things, they obviously couldn’t match up to what an immortal emissary knew. The immortal worlds could change on a daily basis, and there were as many of them as the eternal grains of sand in the universe. Furthermore, immortal worlds were born and died constantly.

For all anyone knew, some almighty entity could descend and wipe out the Titan Emperor Heaven at any time, replacing it with a different immortal world.

“Wait a second,” Eldest Brother said. “You’re saying that if I ascend, I absolutely have to go to the Titan Emperor Heaven? Wouldn’t that be a death sentence? And considering that our Master ascended recently, do you think our actions could be a detriment to him?”

“There’s no choice other than the Titan Emperor Heaven. Some of what happens after you ascend depends on where you end up. Some locations there are sparsely populated. If you ended up somewhere like that, then as long as you didn’t disturb the natural laws of the immortal world by working on your immortal body, no one would notice you. But if you ended up in a densely populated area, people would definitely notice you and you’d be arrested immediately.”

Eldest Brother frowned even more deeply. “So I could go to the immortal world, but I couldn't form an immortal body or advance my cultivation base?” 

“That’s right. According to imperial law, anyone who ascends to the immortal world and forms an immortal body is supposed to go to the court to register. Theoretically speaking, you could just not register. But if you did that, then formed an immortal body, you would face heavenly tribulation. Not only would you have to deal with the deadly tribulation, but the clouds that form above you would be visible for great distances. It would be impossible to stay hidden.

“Those rules don't just affect people who ascend; even natives born and raised in the immortal world have to go and register when they form an immortal body. Although the mystical network of laws in the immortal world is not as strict as it is here in the Sage Monarch planetary system, it still exists. In many ways, the immortal world operates on a structure of centralized state power, just like an empire of mortals.”

“I see,” Yang Qi said. “Eldest Brother, don’t ascend for the time being. Just work on building up your immortal power and on cultivating your godly-class energy art. Considering all the immortals I killed, you should have plenty of resources to keep your cultivation going. Besides, forming an immortal body in the Titan Emperor Heaven would actually be something of a waste of your potential. Once my cultivation base is a bit higher, I hope to be able to pierce to the Tusita Heaven and use their magical laws for that purpose.”

“Of course,” Eldest Brother replied. “Who wants an immortal body from the crappy Titan Emperor Heaven? I'm fully relying on you for everything, Junior Brother. You know, the fact that you defeated an army from the immortal world is completely unprecedented. There are definitely going to be epic sagas written about this. It'll be a myth that will last for all eternity. Now we need to focus on conquering other planetary systems. Why don't you let us Elder Brothers and Sisters do that for you? Give each of us an army of fiend-devils, and send us out to expand your mystical network of laws. The Invincible Society can conquer the world, and there won’t be anyone who can stand in our way.”

“I agree,” Yang Qi said, nodding. “How about I give each of you an army of ten billion fiend devils, and a hundred fiend-devil Demolishers? That should be more than enough for the campaign.”

“Perfect!” said Meng Shafan, the biggest killer of them all. “Whoever refuses to submit to your rule will be slaughtered down to the last man, Junior Brother. Faith only comes at the price of blood and fire.”

“Elder Seventh Brother is right,” Sword Seventeen said. “You need blood and fire to earn faith. That's how the legion of gods was born, and that's the only way to develop deathless godliness.”

Around this time, a fiend-devil Demolisher flew over and knelt in front of Yang Qi. “Sir! Supreme rectors have come from the Megaplexus, Coiling Arc, Highest Clarity and other planetary systems. They want to offer greetings, and wish to discuss matters with you pertaining to decrees from the immortal worlds.”

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