Chapter 542: Reaching the Eighth Order

Titan Firstdragon’s god item, the Bell of the Dueling Titan, was not a lesser godly item. It was a common godly item.

That meant that it had ten times the amount of godliness as lesser godly items, and was vastly more powerful. Weaker immortals wouldn’t even be able to use something like that, and would actually end up killed by the process.

Yang Qi knew full well how amazing this god item was.

That was why, as soon as it appeared, he had already made up his mind about what to do. He struck with lightning speed, like a falcon dropping onto a hare, except with the force of a dragon god.

It was a deadly strike of the most vicious nature, and was reminiscent of the occasion years ago when he had taken out a black floodwyrm with a single blow. [1]

In a straight duel, Titan Firstdragon was simply no match for him. After all, Yang Qi was far stronger than he had been in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, where he had defeated Immortal Officer Fallen Red and took her god item. Titan Firstdragon was stronger than her, but not strong enough to make him a match for Yang Qi.

Titan Firstdragon descended from the immortal world with a god item designed to crush wretch-devils. Never in his wildest nightmares could he have imagined he would be reduced to dust by a single attack and have his god item snatched away.

It happened so quickly that many of the onlookers felt their heads spinning.

However, the fighting continued in most places, with the fiend-devils and the fiendslave battalion soldiers slaughtering each other in great numbers. And even after Titan Firstdragon died, the soldiers of the fiendslave battalion continued pouring down into the lower world; clearly, the Titan Emperor Heaven was still not ready to back down.

As for the crack troops that Titan Firstdragon had been leading, they struck with both grief and fury. They knew that, considering Yang Qi had killed Titan Firstdragon, if they didn’t avenge the death, they would be executed. After all, they were all nobodies in the immortal world and would be punished strictly for the slightest mistake.

“He killed General Titan Firstdragon! And he took the Bell of the Dueling Titan! We have to kill this wretch-devil! If we go back to the immortal world without his head, we’ll be severely punished!”

“You’re right! Join forces and attack him. If we don't, we're finished! Titan Firstdragon was an imperial clansman, so his death is going to be a big deal!”

“Kill him! Ghost Warrior Heaven Soldier!

Painting of Immortal Immolation!

Without any hesitation, they rushed forward and attacked Yang Qi.

Millions and millions of heavenly soldiers formed ranks and pulled out god-weapons as they closed in. One of the particularly powerful items was a painting depicting the immolation and assimilation of immortals. 

The Painting of Immortal Immolation.

‘What?’ Yang Qi thought. ‘Painting of Immortal Immolation? I remember an aristocratic clan here in the mortal world that had an energy art like that. What clan was that…? The Gu Clan. Who would have thought I would see this thing again. So, this is the full version. Hmph! Thankfully, I put the Gu Clan in their place. This thing is actually really powerful!’ [2]

Yang Qi glanced expressionlessly at the incoming forces, then shifted his attention to the tribulation forming overhead.

This was an eighth order tribulation, which would end with him reaching the Universal Demi-Immortal level. As it formed, heaven and earth transformed and primal-chaos spread. In the blink of an eye, countless planets came into being, all of them immense and incredibly tough.

At first, the planets were bare and devoid of life. But within moments, they sprouted mountains, oceans, spirit energy, and power. They quickly became beautiful fonts of life, places filled with good fortune and the wonder of nature.

Because of the fighting between the fiend-devils and the fiendslave battalion, many surrounding planets had been reduced to rubble. But now that Yang Qi was breaking into the Universal Demi-Immortal level, the tribulation itself was replacing those planets. In fact, there were a hundred times as many planets as before. There were hundreds of billions of them, and after the tribulation passed, they would remain as places that living beings could flourish in.

And they would also become very useful to defend against future enemy invasions.

The descending planets also affected the fiendslave battalion, and many of the soldiers who had been charging toward Yang Qi were crushed out of existence by them.

It was a heavenly tribulation of unprecedented intensity. Massive amounts of lightning spread out, assailing Yang Qi with incredible force. The forces of earth, water, fire, and wind attacked him, and a host of immortals flew toward him in suicide attacks. The dao of heaven shattered, and cosmic rays slammed into him. However, in the end he simply absorbed the power and refined it for his own use.

There were even heaven-devils present, but he assimilated them all.

Yang Qi was stepping into the Universal Demi-Immortal level!

It was an important level, and a bottleneck within the overarching Demi-Immortal level. When ordinary cultivators reached that point, they could pluck stars and snatch moons, perform astral redirections, move planets, set up massive spell formations, create planetary systems, and unleash numerous aspects of the dao of immortals. But considering Yang Qi was breaking through with eight hundred forty million particles and perfect genes, his capabilities could not be described in ordinary terms.

Massive energy flows were currently wrapping him up. Suns, moons, and other heavenly bodies floated around him, and his Blood of the One God surged, advancing to the level of two ten-thousandths. Each advancement of the Blood of the One God required dozens, or even hundreds of times the power and godliness of the previous step.

More deathless transformations occurred in Yang Qi.

Crack. Crunch.

The final one hundred and forty million particles within him became dracomammoths. They were megamammoths, except covered with scales and with curving, draconic horns on their heads. They were like mammoths, but not. They were like dragons, but not. And they pulsed with a godly might that originated in ancient times.

The divine abilities of dracomammoths surpassed those of megamammoths by many times. They could traverse space, move planets, pierce through planes, and consume the void. They were like god-dragons of immense and invincible godly might.

He now had eight hundred forty million dracomammoth particles, all awake.

His Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth was now so incredible that not even immortals could rival it.

Eighteen Hell Portals! Twenty-four Hell Portals. Thirty-six Hell Portals! Come forth, fiend-devil Demolishers!” 


He threw his hands wide and the heavenly tribulation was destroyed.

Then, one Hell Portal after another popped into existence, and fiend-devils poured out of them, armies that vastly surpassed the fiendslave battalion.

The aura spreading out made it seem like hell had come to this mortal plane.

Demolisher fiend-devils of all sorts appeared. Asuras. Giant snakes. Destruction devil-gods. Infernalfolk. Bleachbone devil dictators. As they emerged and formed ranks, they were blessed by primeval god skills, causing them to howl at the tops of their lungs and lunge toward the fiendslave battalion, their eyes burning bright red.

Now that Yang Qi was a Universal Demi-Immortal, he could summon fiend-devil Demolishers, who were true immortals. In a single breath of time, the fighting prowess of the fiendslave battalion was matched. In fact, the hell-born fiend-devils had genes that made them stronger than the heavenly soldiers and commanders.

The battlefield was thrown into chaos.

The two sides slammed into each other, and shockingly fierce fighting broke out. Blood fell like rain, creating a most shocking scene.

The old invasion of the Hell of Euphoria was like nothing compared to this.

Millions and millions of fiend-devils and heavenly soldiers fell, and their corpses went straight into the kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata, where they piled up like mountains. It was actually a terrifying sight—even to Eldest Brother, Second Elder Brother, and the others.

Before long, the fiendslave battalion soldiers were struck with absolute fear.

They were thinking, feeling immortals, unlike the summoned fiend-devils, who literally didn't care if they died and would fight with crazed insanity.

The heavenly soldiers were cursed with halos of damnification, while the fiend-devils were blessed, making them even stronger than normal. How were the soldiers supposed to fight in conditions like that?

The tide of battle had been tipped to the point where one fiend-devil could slaughter ten fiendslave battalion soldiers before falling.

“Begin the counteroffensive!” Yang Qi shouted. Bugle calls echoed out and war drums were beaten. Banners waved and blood surged. It almost seemed like the past, present, and future were trembling from the force of it all.

As the fiend-devils advanced, the heavenly soldiers and commanders were powerless to fight back and began dropping like flies.

It was a major blow to the immortal world, a disaster and an absolute humiliation.

Millions of heavenly soldiers fell, their corpses dropping to the planets below, to the Hell of Mahānata, and even into Yang Qi’s Heaven and Earth Furnace.

He would use their power to both bolster the Sage Monarch planetary system, and make himself stronger.


At long last, the invaders lost all heart.

They fled like bees from a fallen hive, heading not to the immortal world, but in every other direction.

They knew that returning to where they had come from would mean death. Instead, they would find places in the mortal world where they could establish authority and be rulers in their own right. Perhaps they would never achieve cultivation advancement, but at least they wouldn't end up dead.

The immortal world's army had been completely routed.

1. The incident with the black floodwyrm occurred in chapter 111

2. Yang Qi met Gu Fenxian from the Gu Clan in chapter 94, where he easily defeated him. Gu Fenxian used his incomplete Painting of Immortal Immolation in a fight in chapter 119. Later, he was one of the students Yang Qi blackmailed other students into killing in chapter 122. In the end, the leader of the Gu Clan executed everyone from Gu Fenxian’s branch of the clan to appease Yang Qi in chapter 336.

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