Chapter 541: A God Item Appears

Battle raged between the Fiendslave Battalion and the armies of fiend-devils.

The killing aura had already pierced through the entire Dark True Void to the neighboring Megaplexus planetary system, and the shockwaves from the fighting had even destroyed some of the planets there. The cultivators in those parts were fleeing in terror.

Of course, the top experts in the Megaplexus planetary system were aware of what was happening.

Their planetary system was a much more flourishing place than the Titan Emperor planetary system, with as many experts as the sky had clouds. In fact, they had multiple old-timers who had already passed their Demolishing level tribulations.

When the Demolishers realized what was happening in the neighboring planetary system, they flew up in shock to see what was happening. And without fail, they all trembled in fear when they saw the truth.

This was a fight that they definitely couldn’t participate in. Some of them considered that when the sandpiper and the clam fight, the fisherman benefits, but in the end, not even that was an option. This was a battle the likes of which existed only in the epic sagas of the past. When immortal worlds and fiend-devils waged war, ordinary people could only tremble like weak insects.

“Hurry up and lock down the planetary system before we get sucked into this disaster! My god! How could a fight like this even be happening? Is it an invasion from hell?” Some of the experts from the Megaplexus Collegium were even considering evacuating the planetary system as a whole. The nearby fighting was just too intense.

One of the experts who was in the know stepped forward and said, “I think I know what’s going on here, Supreme Rector. A rebel student rose up in the Titan Emperor Collegium, a guy named Yang Qi. He’s a matchless genius who actually overthrew the collegium. However, the immortal world found out and sent down an army to punish him. Neither side is willing to back down, and it’s hard to say how things will turn out in the end.”

“What? That’s crazy! This rebel, Yang Qi, is incredible. He actually destroyed the Titan Emperor Collegium? And now he's fighting with the immortal world above him? How could he have so many fiend-devils on his side? Is he the son of one of the suzerains of hell?” The supreme rector was trembling with astonishment and fear. Although his cultivation base was close to the level of the heavenly soldiers and commanders, he knew that if he were to join the fighting, he wouldn’t even count as cannon fodder.

“In the end, Supreme Rector, it doesn’t matter. We have to report the matter to the immortal world above. The Titan Emperor Heaven has sent one of their fiendslave battalions down, and if they get out of control it could affect our Megaplexus planetary system. Those soldiers would be worse than a swarm of fiend-devil locusts!”

“That's right. Notify the immortal world immediately. Let them come take charge. That stupid Titan Emperor Heaven! They’re too weak right now anyway, and all the immortal worlds look down on them. If they dare to invade our Megaplexus planetary system, it would be an outright provocation of the Megaplexus Heaven. And there’s no way the Megaplexus Heaven will let them run amok.” The Supreme Rector considered the matter, taking into account his good relationship with the immortal world above.

Meanwhile, similar scenes were playing out in other affected planetary systems, such as the Coiling Arc and Highest Clarity planetary systems. All such locations sent notifications to the heavens above them.

In a hidden location in the depths of space, the yellow-garbed young man with the buzz cut looked at the epic battle playing out and said, “Chancellor Demi-Immortal, are you seeing this? The fighting has finally begun. Who would ever have guessed that Yang Qi would be this strong? He’s surpassed me in every way. Ai. After all of my cultivation progress in the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart, I thought that I would be able to take him on. But he progressed even more than I did.”

He knew that if he were involved in the fighting, he would be killed beyond the shadow of a doubt. Compared to the immortal army or the fiend-devils, he was little more than an ant.

Gritting his teeth, Chancellor Demi-Immortal replied, “Damnation. I can’t believe Yang Qi has reached that level. He’s even capable of contending with the immortal world above! That being said, the Titan Emperor Heaven is huge. There’s no way he’ll be able to hold out forever. We’ll still get our chance.”

“No. We're no match for him right now. If we want to kill him, I have to gain complete control of the Myriad Worlds Monarch Chart. And you need to go to the immortal worlds above and look for your chance to inherit the core teachings and doctrines of one of their leaders.”

The young man sighed. “Considering how strong Yang Qi is, I'd say that even if the immortal world continues sending people against him, he’ll still survive. After all, he could always just retreat to the Hell of Mahānata. It’s not like the immortal world will take the fight there. Not even the ruler of the Titan Emperor Heaven would have the guts to do that. Yang Qi is clever, and always leaves a path of retreat open. That kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata is the perfect place to fall back to. Right now, he's basically unbeatable! And the more immortals he kills in battle, the more resources he builds up for his own cultivation. After this fight is over, he's going to be stronger than ever, and we won’t have any hope of catching up to him. Come on, let’s go. We have no chance of gaining anything from this situation!”

“But… but this is such a good opportunity!” Chancellor Demi-Immortal clearly didn’t want to back down.

“No, it’s not. It’s a good way to get killed, that’s all. We don’t have what it takes to handle Yang Qi right now. Let's go, before it's too late.”


Meanwhile, the sound of a bell echoed out on the battlefield, a tolling filled with deathless godliness.

It was a god item!

The fiendslave battalion had suffered casualties of over a million soldiers, and the fiend-devil forces only seemed to be growing more numerous. At this point, the top experts in the battalion finally resorted to a god item in the hopes of killing Yang Qi and seizing victory.

A soldier appeared, a hulking, burly young man in a shining suit of armor. His shoulders seemed broad enough to prop up mountains, and his eyes were like the deepest of seas. In his hand was an enormous copper bell, which was currently quivering after having been struck.

Bell of the Dueling Titan!” the young man shouted. Glaring at Yang Qi, he continued, “Surrender, fiend-devil! Otherwise you’ll regret what's coming next! I'm Titan Firstdragon, imperial clansman and general in this battalion. This god item is designed to crush hordes of wretch-devils. I’ve used it to kill more fiend-devils than you could even count. And you’re next!”

This Titan Firstdragon seemed no weaker than Immortal Officer Fallen Red. He was at least a third stage Thought-Demolisher, whose mere thoughts could be incarnated as worlds.

Thousand Worlds!” He blinked, and worlds shot out of his eyes, interlacing, overlapping, and causing deafening grating noises filled with godliness to echo out. Instantly, he became the focus of the entire battlefield.

Moments ago, Yang Qi had used his primal-chaos elder-snake to consume over a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and commanders, giving him access to an immense conglomeration of power that simply couldn’t be refined and absorbed in any short amount of time.

The power that continued flowing into him allowed him to summon fiend-devils in even greater numbers.

Ten billion. A hundred billion. The fiend-devils poured out of hell and onto the battlefield, creating a force that seemed capable of completely crushing the fiendslave battalion.

Many soldiers in the fiendslave battalion were already trembling in terror, and had lost their will to fight. They wanted to return to the immortal world, but knew they couldn’t. Given the current state of battle, it seemed possible that their entire battalion would end up being wiped out.

When Yang Qi saw Titan Firstdragon and his Bell of the Dueling Titan, a slight smile appeared on his face, and he knew that a critical moment in the fight had begun. 

“Prepare to die!” he said. Then he once again activated the God Legion Seal. “Celestial heaven, terrestrial earth, the universe of yore; the actions of the gods, the fate of the Sovereign Lord….” 

In the blink of an eye, power surged through him and he erupted into flame.

The primal-chaos elder-snake vanished. The Hell Portals disappeared.

No more fiend-devils were summoned.

Yang Qi became a brightly burning fire that spread out to cover an area of several dozen kilometers. Strangely, the fire actually didn’t emanate any heat and looked very much like a flower.

Primordial chaos appeared within it, as well as a sensation of intense hope that filled everyone present with anticipation for the future.

Yang Qi had become a flower that only an ancient god should possess. It was hope embodied as a flower, a flower of fire, a flame of flowers. It was the next manifestation of the Wheel of Fate.

The Flame of Hope.


The fire pierced through the array of worlds, shining with the hope of the ancient legion of gods, filled with radiance and light, as well as the thrum of blessings.

Titan Firstdragon didn’t even have a chance to react. The Flame of Hope stabbed through his defenses and then into his chest. In the blink of an eye, everything about him was removed. His essence, power, heart, lungs, kidneys, intestines, and even his sea of energy. It was all gone, leaving behind only the husk of an immortal body.

Aaaiiiieee!” he screamed, stumbling backward, his eyes shining with disbelief. “How could this be happening? What energy art is that? Only one move pierced through my Thousand Worlds?”


The Flame of Hope shot past him, then circled back around.

His head flew off of his shoulders, and the rest of his body turned into pure power that the Flame of Hope burned away. Then, the Bell of the Dueling Titan fell into the depths of the fire.

“What an incredible god item!” Yang Qi said. The Flame of Hope burned the god item away, consuming a godliness that surpassed the Chiliocosm Mirror and the Golden Wheel of Nirvanic Extinction by several times over.

More deathless godliness poured into Yang Qi.

“Time for a breakthrough! Eighth order: Universal Demi-Immortal! Fiendslave Battalion, your end is nigh! Now get the hell out of the mortal world!”

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