Chapter 540: Going All In

Yang Qi was putting everything on the line, and had even gone so far as to burn that incredibly strong drop of the Blood of the One God that he had just formed.

That blood was so strong that it could push him to a level of fighting prowess ten times normal.

To deal with the Planet Burning God-Pagoda, Yang Qi burned it without hesitation, unleashing the full power of the God Legion Seal. In the blink of an eye, his fighting prowess began to skyrocket.

He took a breath and the Planet-Burning God-Pagoda shattered, transforming into power that he inhaled. As the Heaven and Earth Furnace began burning even more brightly than before, Yang Qi shot into motion, breaking through the walls of the pagoda and appearing out in the open.


The countless nearby members of the fiendslave battalion were hit with a tremendous force, and all of them sustained grievous injuries. Then, Yang Qi began singing the Eternal Heavenly Aria and the enemy forces immediately began to weaken and wither. Power streamed out of the Heaven and Earth Furnace, incinerating countless immortals and sucking them back in to start replenishing the wasted Blood of the One God.


Ten Hell Portals popped into being, and waves of fiend-devils poured out of them.

Yang Qi was preparing to unleash a massacre again!

The weeping of ghosts and wailing of gods drifted out as countless tens of thousands of fiendslave battalion soldiers were mowed down. In the shortest of moments, Yang Qi’s Blood of the One God was restored!

Yang Qi was back, stronger than ever. It was almost as though he were an unkillable god!

“What's going on? Is this guy really impossible to kill? The five god-weapons clearly hit him, and even shattered his incarnation. Then he was crushed by the Planet-Burning God-Pagoda. He should have ended up sealed in the pagoda, unable to get out. But somehow he broke free, and even took some power from the pagoda! What level is he? Don’t tell me we're going to fail to kill him?”

Although these immortals from the fiendslave battalion were fiendish, vicious killers, as of this moment they were terrified. Yang Qi was so strong that it seemed he might be impossible to kill. They were hitting him with power that could destroy planetary systems, yet he came out alive every single time. Worse, he seemed to be getting stronger.

Who wouldn’t feel terrified when facing a person like that in battle?

Suddenly, some of the heavenly soldiers and commanders began backing up.

These were people who were used to treating good people with ferocity, not the other way around! They all thirsted to live, and were not the type who would flock to their own deaths for the sake of the immortal world they came from. In fact, they all hated the immortal world, and would have rebelled against it if they could. Now that they could see firsthand just how deadly and merciless Yang Qi was, why would they put their lives on the line to fight him?

In the shortest of moments, the immortals’ morale collapsed.

The soldiers were thrown into pandemonium, and as they retreated, their overall fighting ability suffered a stunning eighty percent reduction.


The entire force scattered. Yang Qi had just forced a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers into chaos. Moments ago, the soldiers had been working in teams to kill him with the five god-weapons, but now, most of that group was dead. And no one else had the heart to fight.

Of course, troops in chaos were much easier to kill.

Even the fiend-devils could slaughter them.


Yang Qi summoned more and more fiend-devils through the ten Hell Portals. This time, they were all vicious asuras.

Yang Qi had connected to the hell most fully aligned with the martial path: the Hell of Suras.

The asuras immediately began falling into spell formations and releasing terrifyingly destructive force on the enemy.

Each of the asuras was a half-Demolisher, and also blessed by the Eternal Heavenly Aria. They had no regard for personal safety and they charged forth like an enormous chisel, piercing deep into the forces of the fiendslave battalion.

The corpses of immortals began falling like rain.

Whizzing sounds could be heard as a huge vortex opened, which swallowed the corpses midway through their descent. Each corpse would be a fount of resources, thus, the vortex sucked them in and sent them directly to the kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata.

Eldest Brother and the other important people were there to receive the power, and were using the Heaven Bracing Godwood and other unique items to strengthen the kingdom around them.

Therefore, when the immortal corpses arrived they couldn’t have been more delighted. In the blink of an eye, the kingdom’s greyspace grew stronger and thicker.

Eldest Brother sent the thirty-six halls of the Mourn-Parting Heaven-Palace into the kingdom, then produced the seventy-seven imperial snakecharms, which transformed into a primal-chaos elder-snake that flew out to aid Yang Qi.

“Junior Eighteenth Brother, at this point we don’t need the imperial snakecharms to strengthen the kingdom! Take them and use their power to slaughter more of those heavenly soldiers!”

“Excellent, with those seventy-seven added to the one hundred and eight from Chief Beastmaster, I have a total of one hundred and eighty-five. What a terrifying level of power!”

Yang Qi combined all of the imperial snakecharms into one huge primal-chaos elder-snake.

Ordinary people would have trouble wielding the imperial snakecharms, but not Yang Qi, especially since he had taken deathless godliness from god items and godrelics. By now, the snakecharms were pulsing with the will of the original King Heaven-Devourer and were stronger than ever.


Yang Qi stood atop the enormous snake as it devoured immortals this way and that. With each bite, hundreds, or possibly even thousands, were consumed.

“Time to restore the glory of the original King Heaven-Devourer. Talismans, combine with me! Be bolstered by the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth! Primal-Chaos Elder-Snake: Snakes Devour Mammoths!”

Yang Qi suddenly vanished as he fused with the primal-chaos elder-snake, fueling it with the essence of the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth. Instantly, the snake grew even larger and began gobbling up the immortals even more ferociously.

Another group of a hundred thousand soldiers managed to get into a spell formation and unleash another god-weapon. But at this point, would it do them any good?

The primal-chaos elder-snake opened its mouth wide and devoured the weapon and all of the heavenly soldiers and commanders. They were like ants compared to this snake! Yang Qi was absolutely destroying this fiendslave battalion.


Suddenly, another Hell Portal popped into being, giving him a total of eleven. Now, it wasn’t asuras pouring out of them, but the more noble Infernalfolk. They wore dark golden armor, making them look like ancient gods, and they struck fear into the hearts of the immortals.

A moment later, and another hundred thousand heavenly soldiers had been wiped out of existence.

The immortals of the fiendslave battalion continued pouring down from the immortal world, and those who appeared launched attacks at Yang Qi, including god-weapons. Yet they couldn't do anything to the enormous snake.

By this point, the snake had configured itself into a formation. Attack the head, the tail would defend. Attack the tail, the head would defend. Attack the middle, both the head and the tail would defend.

The ancient King Heaven-Devourer had waged war in the form of a primal-chaos elder-snake, and would devour immortal world after immortal world. As for a tiny place like the Titan Emperor Heaven, he could devour ten thousand of them with ease. He had even devoured ancient gods. Of course, Yang Qi didn’t have all of the imperial snakecharms. He only had a bit less than two hundred, with the total possible number being three thousand. However, he had more than enough to deal with a few immortals.

And with the God Legion Seal powering the primal-chaos elder-snake, it could crush these enemies like dry weeds.

In the shortest of moments, it had consumed hundreds of thousands of soldiers, storing their power for later use.

After all, when Yang Qi went for his next breakthrough, he would need a huge amount of power.

Of course, achieving that breakthrough would be easier said than done. To reach the Universal Demi-Immortal level, he would need much more deathless godliness in reserve.

At the moment, he was now able to hold his own against this fiendslave battalion, and was convinced that the immortal world wouldn't continue to just throw its troops away. They would definitely retreat soon.

If they didn’t, he would just keep slaughtering them. And if he couldn't last that long, he would fall back to his kingdom in the Hell of Mahānata. With the corpses he had on hand, he would have enough power to sustain his clan for ten thousand years.

More fiend-devils poured out of the Hell Portals, and more heavenly soldiers and commanders descended from above. Neither side seemed capable of completely tipping the scales. No matter how many immortals Yang Qi’s primal-chaos elder-snake consumed, more would come. And it was the same with the fallen fiend-devils.

The falling corpses of the immortals continued being fed to the Hell of Mahānata, where they made the Yang Clan stronger and stronger. Of course, losses such as this were still within the realm of acceptability to the immortal world.

And the fiend-devils were dying in numbers tens or even hundreds of thousands greater than the heavenly soldiers.


All of a sudden, another portal opened from the immortal world and even more fiendslave battalion soldiers poured out.

Yang Qi could immediately sense that these people had god items; these were obviously crack troops.

His hope of gaining a victory suddenly faded a bit….

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