Chapter 539: Holding the Line

Yang Qi’s energy arts were now so powerful that they could encompass the entire Sage Monarch planetary system, including the Four Wilds and the Central Planetary River.

The godmammoth projection inhaled, its power reaching out to all of the countless ruins out in the void.

In the blink of an eye, everything began rushing toward Yang Qi, including two godrelics whose godliness he didn’t hesitate to absorb. Power erupted within him and another hundred million megamammoths transformed into dracomammoths.

‘Excellent. Godrelics! In the urgency to prepare for this war, I forgot to check what power reserves might be hidden out in the old Yore-Wilds.’

As of this moment, he had a total of seven hundred million dracomammoths!

Unfortunately, that placed him in something of a bottleneck.

Considering the forcefulness with which he was advancing his cultivation, he was already grasping at traces of universal rotations. That meant that a breakthrough to the Universal Demi-Immortal level was approaching.

Yang Qi wasn’t holding anything back. With his armies of fiend-devils bolstered by the Eternal Heavenly Aria, he blasted immortals into dust wherever he went. The experts of this fiendslave battalion were actually unable to take him down, even by mobbing him in great numbers.

Perhaps if Yang Qi had been fighting alone, they would eventually have been able to overwhelm him. But he had his Hell Portals, and there was no way the Titan Emperor Heaven could possibly compare to the Hell of Mahānata.

In a massively large-scale conflict, the Eternal Heavenly Aria was a complete game-changer.

More and more immortals were falling in battle.

Obviously, the forces of this fiendslave battalion were not happy with how the battle was going. Therefore, it came as no surprise when some of the leaders called for their troops to use immortal formations.

“This monster is too strong! Everyone, join forces. We've got to kill him! Use the Heaven-Shattering God-Sword Void-Slicing Immortal Formation! Attack!”


An enormous god-sword appeared, slicing through the void with incredible speed. It even destroyed planets as it headed toward Yang Qi, casting everything into primal-chaos.

Crack! Snap!

Sword energy slashed fiend-devils to bits, killing too many to count and devastating their devil formations.

Then the enormous sword was right in front of Yang Qi, backed by the power of countless tens of thousands of immortals.

“Excellent. Go ahead and hit me with a sword. My body is deathless!”

Yang Qi faced the incoming sword and drew on the power of the Wheel of Fate. Then he threw out the Hand of the One God, imbuing it with yin and yang, the five phases, and the eight trigrams.


Massive amounts of godpower slammed into the dazzling light of the god-sword and a destructive shock wave blasted out in all directions.

“Die, you freakish hellion! The will of the Void-Slicing God-Sword can sever all emptiness!”

Countless tens upon tens of thousands of soldiers from the fiendslave battalion were pooling their true energy to unleash an immortal curse, which poured more power into the massive god-sword. As the magical symbol created by the curse entered the sword, it grew larger than before.

Unexpectedly, Yang Qi was unable to vanquish this sword!

As he stood there holding the sword at bay, countless immortals suffered backlashes and screamed as they were transformed into dust. Meanwhile, endless numbers of fiend-devils exploded, to the extent that not even ten Hell Portals could make up for the losses.

In the blink of an eye, the Sage Monarch planetary system was placed in grave danger.

“Screw this! Void-Slicing God-Sword? Not even immortal sword formations can stand up to me!” As Yang Qi quivered with rage, the Blood of the One God in his forehead stirred and the Infernal Deity Spear appeared in his hand. This time, the spear was stronger than it had ever been.

In fact, it was far larger than the Void-Slicing God-Sword!

Yang Qi was going all in!


As the spear stabbed forth, countless fiend-devils were sucked into it, adding to its power and causing it to burn with infernal flame, the type that could actually injure members of the legion of gods.

When the spear hit, the Void-Slicing God-Sword crumbled like a dried twig!

Then the spear went on to stab deeply into the immortal formation, shattering it and sending infernal flame shooting into the countless immortals who had been powering it. Any immortal touched by the flame was instantly transformed into a monster and sucked into the spear.


Yang Qi advanced like a dragon or tiger, slashing the spear back and forth, slaughtering immortal soldiers everywhere.

Meanwhile, higher up, heavenly soldiers and commanders alike were in the middle of slaughtering fiend-devils when they looked down and saw Yang Qi slaughtering their fellow members of the fiendslave battalion. 

“How dare you, fiend-devil!”

Instantly, some of the troops began carving their way through the fiend-devils to a central position on the battlefield. These were particularly fierce members of the battalion, soldiers with extensive training who were highly adept at working with spell formations. As they formed ranks, they began chanting an ancient hexing curse.


An enormous god-weapon appeared, a lance that was larger than a planet.

Then another massive weapon appeared, an enormous saber.

An axe!

A pitchfork!

A hammer!

Five enormous god-weapons appeared, all of them stronger and larger than the Void-Slicing God-Sword. Furthermore, together they conformed to the five phases.


Yang Qi had just killed a whole group of immortals and was in the middle of bolstering his power reserves. Before he could finish, he was being hit with another powerful attack—five enormous god-weapons that, despite not being corporeal, were each backed by over a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and commanders.

In other words, Yang Qi was being simultaneously struck by five hundred thousand enemy immortals. That was enough power to destroy an entire planetary system.

Even as the five god-weapons were merely closing in on Yang Qi, he was hit with a suffocating gale-force wind.

He couldn’t even rely on the Wheel of Fate. He had to bear the brunt of the blow. If he didn't, the Sage Monarch planetary system would be destroyed, crushed into ash. As for the fiend-devil army, it wasn’t able to bear the force and shattered.

The Sovereign Lord of the gods is paramount and holds the great dao in his hands, and magical law in his heart!” In the shortest of moments, Yang Qi became like an ancient heaven-god with ten thousand heads and ten thousand arms, pulsing with deathless godliness!

Even as he transformed, his two primary hands performed a complex sealing incantation as he shoved them out in front of him. All of the countless hands then went through the nine stances of the Hand of the One God, unleashing the power to connect the mortal world with the immortal world.

As the two attacks collided, the ten Hell Portals shattered and uncountable numbers of fiend-devils were transformed into ashes. They didn’t even have a chance to scream!


Yang Qi coughed up a mouthful of blood filled with chunks of energy from the projected body of pure power he had transformed into. The attack of the five god-weapons had completely vanquished his incarnation!

Those five weapons were so powerful that no one in the mortal world could possibly stand up to them—not even Yang Qi! Just as the old adage explained, two fists are no match for four hands.

Not even the deathless godliness in Yang Qi’s cultivation base was enough to equal five hundred thousand immortals. Perhaps if those five hundred thousand enemies were completely disunited, he might have stood a chance. But instead, they were working together in spell formations.

“Good. We almost killed him. Unfortunately a centipede does not stop wriggling even after being stomped on. Don't give him a chance to catch his breath! Now that he can’t summon any more fiend-devils, let’s join forces and end him!”

Howling battle cries, the soldiers of the fiendslave battalion rushed forward.


This time, the enemy forces summoned an enormous pagoda, large enough to contain over ten thousand planets, and it was clearly far mightier than the five god-weapons.

It was the Planet-Burning God-Pagoda, which was formed by a combination of three hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and commanders! They were going all out in the hopes of killing Yang Qi and being rewarded by the immortal world.

As the Planet-Burning God-Pagoda descended, Yang Qi felt as if the sky were spinning and locking him in place.

‘God Legion Seal, please, unleash your might!’ [1]

Yang Qi was incapable of moving, and the entire Sage Monarch planetary system was in grave danger.

His Blood of the One God stirred and the God Legion Seal erupted with power. The golden imp connected to Yang Qi’s nascent divinity, making him seem as though he was the legion of gods, and the legion of gods was him.

I am the most paramount entity in existence. I control the legion of gods. My breath creates heaven and earth. The snap of my finger brings about the universe. I decree fate. I am pāramitā….”  He allowed himself to be sucked into the pagoda, where he sat down and began glowing with a bright golden light as the power of the God Legion Seal swept through him.

He was staking everything on this one move!

Instantly, all of his injuries and wounds were healed. Next, he opened his mouth and a godmammoth appeared around him, which inhaled deeply.

Crack. Crunch

The immense Planet-Burning God Pagoda suddenly began crumbling, allowing its power to flow into Yang Qi.

1. Chinese has two ways to say “you”. One version is specifically used to offer respect to the person to whom you are talking. I often use “sir” for this, since it’s the closest equivalent in English. In this passage, Yang Qi addresses the God Legion Seal with the formal/respectful version. I think it would be weird to have him call the seal “sir” so instead I'm throwing a “please” in there. To be clear, the word “you” can be used for everything from people, to animals, to inanimate objects, and that counts for the honorific too, so this shouldn’t be taken to be some plot-related development.

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